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Some Good Journalism Over at MSNBC

Four days ago, MSNBC posted an article about Microsoft being "under fire" for banning the words 'freedom' and 'democracy' in China, at the government's request, despite the fact that the newsmedia is owned by Microsoft.

Today, MSNBC ran the Downing Street Memo on their front page, with millions of MSNBC viewers and Hotmail users recieving notice:

Being daring enough to challenge the President and even the corporation that owns them, yes, there is certainly some good journalism going on at MSNBC.


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Now we have a better understanding of why Bush is so intent on sealing up all Presidential Records so they can't be accessed by the Freedom of Information Act.

Think about it.

Suni, you hit the nail on the head. His dad’s records may have things in it that would have exposed his dastardly plans so he sealed them far past the time when they should have been made a part of the public record. I don't even know if that is a legal maneuver or not but no one has called him on it, or anything else he has done since in office. This is the strangest time. I wonder what history will say about it.

Posting the coverage of the DS memos, the hearing, etc., on web sites is akin to preaching to the choir. ABC News' web site had it as their lead international headline last night, but it wasn't even mentioned on the evening news. WE believe, and are strongly in favor of a formal investigation. HOWEVER the commercial media and major television network news is where the coverage needs to be, and it is not. "The Average American" gets the majority of his or her national news from the 4 major networks' 6 PM evening news shows. Not newspapers, not PBS, not NPR not BBC, ITN or CBC, not even cable news channels. Though some of us get our news from a variety of sources, it has become painfully obvious that the majority of Americans rely on a single source: network TV.

So write the networks demanding coverage. We can't wait for another Deep Throat to catch the public imagination, people are dying. Why is it that the networks were drooling buckets over a dress and a cigar, but have put their collective heads in the sand now?

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