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If you have been watching mainstream news coverage of the war, you are being deceived!

The media isn't reporting the truth about the war. Instead, they are more interested in comparing the war effort to Vietnam and focusing their cameras on anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan.

They are ignoring the despicable, anti-American agenda of groups like and the radical group Code Pink's so-called vigil at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center...

But our partners in the Demand the Media "Tell the Truth!" campaign, The Media Research Center (MRC) caught it all.

In fact, they were the only news organization that had cameras rolling as this group viciously marched and chanted outside the hospital with flag-draped coffins!

Even though The MRC's story reached 50 million people, the mainstream media STILL refused to report the truth about this shocking and despicable anti-war protest!

We cannot sit idly by and allow the media to mislead our nation and our troops about the war.

That is why Grassfire and The MRC are taking our Demand the Media "Tell the Truth!" message to the media once again--demanding they report the REAL truth about the war and the true nature of the anti-war movement.

You can stand with us simply by clicking here:

+ + Grassfire wants to represent you!


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I went to their website and it was really annoying, mainly because it has so many banner popups and you cannot even navigate it. Also it has virtually NOTHING to say, no case to make against the war. Uh, I mean, occupation.
Why would anybody favor more killing? The presence of our troops escalates the conflict and unifies otherwise disparate groups behind the hard-core "terrorists". The world is more dangerous, not safer, because of it, and most Iraqis would like a withdrawal ASAP. After withdrawal of troops, reparations and compensations must be paid; these will be far less costly than the astronomical price of the occupation.
Support the troops, yes: The soldiers in this country are not out of a job when there is no war, and they might live a heck of a lot longer and even collect their pensions! They can come back to their families. And they can leave innocent families alone in Iraq, leave more towns and cities standing. We have no business being there and no one is benefitting from it outside of a tiny handful of already VERY RICH MEN (and Condi, of course).

It is certainly that, but it is very well organized misinformation. And it is aimed squarely at influencing media coverage of key issues and events.

In general, from where I sit, it appears that the right wing has been doing (and continues to do) a much better job in this area than those who oppose their agenda. They are helped, of course, by inescapable inclinations of today's concentrated media owenership. But better support from and coordination with the leadership of their party is also a key factor. Any similar support from the Democrat leadership is sadly lacking and creates a major obstacle in itself for all efforts to spread the truth about the anti-war movement and other progressive messages.

IMO, it would not be unwarranted to conclude that the Democrat leadership, no more than their Republican counterparts, really does not want the truth to get out. If so, they're certainly doing a brilliant job in that respect.

Is this blather a joke?

If not, one can only admire this organization's capacity for collective self-delusion, led by that AWOL, addled-brained, alcohol soaked maniac sleeping while on duty in WH.

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