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A direct request to Congressman John Conyers from B Robert Franza MD

Good evening Congressman Conyers,

I have posted the following at DU and hope you will discuss with your colleagues and family and consider taking the proposed action:


"The one Democratic leader who requires no spin, and who likely never will, is Congressman Conyers.

The Nation needs for him to step forward and assume leadership.

So, everyone, how about a concerted effort to convince Congressman Conyers to declare that if Bush and Cheney are not either forced to resign or are impeached before Nov 2006, then after he leads the Democrats to capturing the majority in both the House and the Senate in 2006 - based on a campaign laser focused on the vast criminality of Bush administration and the Republican 109th Congress -- he will lead the effort to impeach them in the House and assist his colleagues in the Senate to convict both of them.

He will urge his colleagues in the 110th US Congress, to elect him Speaker of the House of Representatives, so he can lead the impeachment effort.

We need action and we need it now.

Congressman Conyers is the person who can rally the Nation.

I hope everyone does all they can to convince Congressman Conyers to assume his rightful and much deserved place at the helm.


Thank you for all you are already doing.

The crisis in our Nation is so extensive and critical that I hope you will step forward and rally our fellow citizens.

Not since the days just prior to the Civil War, has America been so threatened.




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I agree, Conyers is the only one in Congress to take a stand for the American people and not special interests. We have to support him with our donations...maybe other congress members will take notice...they don't need the special interests to run for office.

In order to save our paralyzed democracy we need trusted leaders to begin publicly truthtelling on many subjects to inform American citizens. The US Media has a blackout on many topics. I agree Congressman Conyers, our hero, and a handful of our other courageous leaders could begin regular townhall meetings and/or regularly televised truth-telling sessions for Americans. There are 3 main areas they could focus on-

*1 They could begin by reading articles/quotes/investigations by reliable news sources--like the British Times articles on the 8 Downing Street Documents; the BBC News & Harper's Investigation revealing US secret plans in 2001 for Iraq Oil/War by Bush, the Pentagon, the State Dept, and Big Oil. BBC has insider quotes and uncovered a secret 323pg document. (read/videos BBC News investigative journalist at

*2They could have guest speakers--invite the unprecedented number of whistleblowers from federal government agencies & the Bush Admin, plus other truthtellers from a variety of fields. A focus could be on the Bush/GOP abuse of power,violating the Rule of Law, being vindictive to truthtellers,plus any subject/policy matter that Americans need to know.

*3(From months of collecting/studying nonpartisan & experts data on our US Election System & Election 2004. We need drastic Election Reform immediately to save our democracy. Our US Election System violates International Standards for democracies,in many areas-especially in areas of conflict-of-interest & partisanship. EX: Our Voter Exit Polls are owned by a media consortium,our Vote Machines are owned by private & partisan companies--so We The People have no access to verify the accuracy our votes & elections. Conyers & others could have experts give in-depth exposure about our US Election System. They could have computer experts talk about our nationwide electronic vote machines that are not secure, easily hacked, and NOT considered safe for Elections--by 95% of the oldest Computer Industry ( and others.

The truth is shocking--from Voters' reporting Election Day problems to nonpartisan groups at Voter Info in the nation/states/county show many types of problems, under "Machine Problems" I saw with my own eyes nationwide massive reports of machines broken, plus in 22 STATES (Ohio Florida New Mexico Georgia Pennsylvania Texas Tennessee Kansas Kentucky Illinois Maryland Massachusetts Montana New York Virginia West Virginia New Jersey Wisconsin California ) Voters said vote machines switched their votes. Nationwide approx 90% switched to Bush or Republicans. And these reports are just the tip of the iceberg. Paper trails are not safe enough, we need to outlaw these machines nationwide.

Read the scientific analysis reports by prominent mathematicians & statisticians at on the 2004 Election Day Voter Exit Polls--which showed Kerry Won. They are deeply concerned about the machine vote count, that massive mistabulation may have occurred in 2004, and that massive vote embezzlement can happen in future elections. They urge an investigation. For future elections they urge paper ballots and hand-counting. They've created a system to be able to independently verify the winning candidates and will even testify in court so that no future winning candidate concedes. Also a group has created vote machines that are secure, reliable, and open source at

We must inpeach G. Bush before this country will fall apart.

Congressman Conyers is a man who tells the truth, thinks clearly, works hard and cares about America. There are only a few politicians like this in DC. He has my vote.

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