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George Bush in Hell

George Bush in Hell
by David Michael Green

You would not want to be George W. Bush right now.

Not that you ever would anyhow, but especially not now. Indeed, there are indications that not even George W. Bush wants to be George W. Bush right now.

That second term in office, the one that just a year or two ago seemed so precious that he was willing to launch a war just to obtain it, now feels like a life sentence. Plans for four years spending political capital now look a lot more like endless months of capital punishment.

The Bush Administration has nowhere to go but down, and that is precisely where it is headed. Poll data show that even members of his solid-to-the-point-of-twelve-step-eligibility base are now deserting him as his job approval ratings plunge like so much Enron stock, lately crashing southward through the forty percent threshold. With almost his entire second term still in front of him, Bush is poised to set new records for presidential unpopularity. That scraping noise you hear? It's the sound of sheepish voters creeping out to the garage late at night, furtively removing "Bush-Cheney 2004" bumperstickers from the back of their SUVs when no one is looking.

Meanwhile, as the scales fall from the eyes of the hoi polloi, even the one constituency which could plausibly make the claim that Bush has been good for America (read: their wallets), is speaking the unspeakable as well. Robert Novak, of all people, wrote a column last week chronicling his experience watching rich Republicans at an Aspen retreat bash the idiocy of Bush administration policies on Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, stem-cell research and more. Perhaps these folks realized when they saw Trent Lott's house go under that Mother Nature doesn't care whether you're rich and well-connected any more than does al Qaeda. You may be on Karl Rove's Rolodex, but now Bush is taking you down and your yacht too, not just forgotten kids from the ghetto who enlisted in the Army as the only alternative to a life of poverty.

Even conservative columnists like David Brooks (though not Novak) are writing articles nowadays accurately describing the changed mood of the American public. Where those powerful currents are heading is unclear, but given the radical right experiment of the present as their point of departure, there would seem to be only two choices. We can either go completely off the deep-end and finally constitute the Fascist Republic of Cheney, or we can turn to the left, toward some semblance of rational policymaking. The latter seems far more likely, especially as America increasingly regains its senses after a long bout of temporary insanity. These are bad bits of news for poor George, but worse yet is that they are only the first signs of the coming apocalypse. The real fun stuff is just around the corner. I'll confess to more than a little schadenfreude as I contemplate the ugly situation staring Republicans officeholders in the face right now. They are tethered to a sinking ship, and have only two lousy options to choose from as November 2006 approaches. One is to stay the course and drown. The other is to start renouncing Bush and his policies, appear to voters as the complete hypocrites and political whores many will prove to be, and then still drown anyhow. Nobody could be more deserving of such a fate, with the possible exception of Democrats like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry who have been even more hypocritical yet in facilitating many of the president's disastrous policies.

Watching these GOP opportunists jump ship will certainly be fun, but the greatest fun awaits the president himself. Bush has now lost everything that once sustained him. That includes 9/11, now safely in the rearview mirror for most Americans. That includes his wartime rally-around-the-flag free pass, as he has failed to capture America's real enemy, while lying about bogus ones to justify an invasion pinning our defense forces down in an endless quagmire. That includes, post-Katrina, the ridiculous frame of Bush as competent leader, and the former reality of the press as frightened presidential waterboys.

And that's the good news for W. The bad news is all the chickens coming home to roost. The economy is anemic and fragile, and yet Bush has played the one card in his deck ostensibly (but never really) intended to remedy the country's economic woes. (Remember during the 2000 campaign when times were flush and tax cuts were the prescription? Remember in 2001 when the economy was in a recession and tax cuts were still the prescription?). In any case, Bush's one-note economic symphony has succeeded in producing precisely the cacophony of disaster that progressive commentators have predicted all along: massive deficits, little or no economic boost, a hemorrhaging of jobs overseas, and a vastly more polarized America of rich, poor and a disappearing middle class.

Another angry chicken, of course, is coming home in the form of devastating storms and a grossly incompetent administration to deal with them. Bush is not entirely responsible for Hurricanes Katrina or Rita, of course, but he is partially responsible for them by his willful ignorance of the global warming issue. And he is more than a little responsible for the carnage and damage done, because of his budget-slashing on preventative structural projects, because of his deployment of needed-at-home Guard forces to Iraq, because of his staffing of the government with completely incompetent crony hacks, and because of his and their astonishingly lame performance in responding to a known crisis. Where I come from, a president who remains on vacation during possibly the worst natural disaster to hit this country, praises his FEMA chief for doing a "heckuva job" when the guy doesn't know what any American with a TV set has known for 24 hours about New Orleans, and then later fires him for poor performance, is a president who should be impeached for those reasons alone.

The other demons awaiting George W. Bush just around the bend are multiple and grim. One of these days (right?), Patrick Fitzgerald is actually going to move on the Treasongate story, and signs suggest that multiple heads will roll within the White House. The political damage will be even worse than the legal, though, as Bush's clean and patriotic image will be smashed beyond repair, as no one will believe that he himself didn't know all along who committed treason by outing an American spy, and as he will likely lose the key magicians who have kept him afloat for five years and more. Oh well. W's loss will be Leavenworth's gain.

And there is more. The Jack Abramoff investigation has now been tied to the White House. There are also presumably an infinite number of other scandals waiting to explode (can you say 'Halliburton'?) should the Democrats capture either branch of Congress next year, not least of which being those concerning the Downing Street Memo revelations. Gas prices are off the charts and home heating bills are supposed to soar this winter. Jobs are disappearing, along with pensions and healthcare coverage, inflation is likely to rise, and voters are surly already.

But, of course, the biggest cross for Bush to bear is the one he built for himself, and thus the most richly deserved. In Iraq, simply put, there are no good options. None for America, that is, but even fewer for George W. Bush.

What can he do?

He can't win. America (or, more accurately, America's oligarchy) is clearly losing the war as it is. It is a fantasy to imagine that, at this late date, more troops could pacify the resistance. But even if that were so the political consequences to Bush, especially given his promise of no draft on his watch, would be devastating and rapid. American public opinion has already turned decisively against the war. Imagine if there were a draft and all the bumper-sticker patriots across the land had to actually make a sacrifice for their president's transparent lies. All hell would break loose, and the Republican Party would be dead for a generation.

He can't lose. The major downside to wrapping yourself in the flag, landing on aircraft carriers, labeling yourself a "war president", and being marketed in an election campaign as the reliable national security choice is that you had better deliver. Egged on by the likes of Cheney, Wolfowitz and Perle, Bush no doubt thought Iraq would be a fine little walk in the park from which he would benefit politically for the rest of his presidency. (Nor, assuming this president possesses anything resembling a conscience, need he have concerned himself with resulting deaths, since he told Pat Robertson "we're not going to have any casualties", and he may have even believed it.) Unfortunately for all concerned - most especially the Iraqis and American soldiers - Bush's presidency would be one very real casualty indeed should he decide to pick up his marbles and leave the arena, and so he will not, no matter the carnage or the futility. Doing so would be effectively admitting that there was no legitimate reason for the war in the first place. Everyone now knows that, of course, but were Bush ever to even hint at it, he would be committing instant political suicide. He can't draw. One option is to find some - any - kind of stability, declare victory and go home, saying we got Saddam, we brought democracy, yada, yada, yada. But how many Americans are now going to be fooled by calling an Iraq ruled by militants of one stripe or another a victory, after all the hooey about fighting for democracy in the Middle East? How many think replacing Saddam with a brutal dictator of another name is worth the price of 2,000 American troops and two or three hundred billion dollars? How many will be convinced that Iraqi women having fewer rights than they did under Saddam Hussein, of all regimes, represents a win for the home team? How many will still be unschooled enough to look at a Iranian-dominated theocracy in Iraq and call that a triumph? Moreover, even these total disasters presume a stability of some sort which may be little short of fantasy at this point. When the Saudi foreign minister goes public with his concerns that Iraq is careening toward civil war, you know you're in deep, and no amount inanities sanctimoniously uttered by Scotty McClellan can keep the truth at bay.

He can't get help. Now there's a good one. Maybe the French have finally seen the light and realized what a mistake they made by not bringing something to the party in 2003, eh? No doubt there's a long queue of countries behind them wanting to commit forces to the farces that are decomposing in the Cradle of Civilization. Luckily for George Bush you can still thumb your nose at the rest of the world and have them come to your rescue afterwards. Just think of what a pickle he would be in if that weren't the case...

He can't divert attention. Time was, a government in trouble at home could throw a little war in some hell-hole abroad and divert public attention away from their domestic or other foreign failures. Kinda like Reagan in Grenada, or the Argentinians in the Malvinas, or Thatcher in the Falklands. Yet, while the American public has managed to massively and repeatedly disappoint still sane observers in recent years, it doesn't appear to be in any mood for more of Mr. Bush's Fun With Foreign Policy antics. Not that the country any longer has the available military force to pull it off anyhow, but it hardly seems that an invasion of Iran right now would have much effect diverting attention from Iraq, even if it could somehow successfully be done, another fantasy in its own right.

In short, George W. Bush is toast, as is the whole regressive conservative movement of which he is but the most egregious exemplar. Not even another 9/11 would be likely to help him, as the security president who fails to provide security is the nothing (but simply failed) president. The demise of the right is now likely be true even if Democrats continue hurtling down their current path toward breaking all world records for political cowardice by a major party. Indeed, the worst of the Democrats may now also be in trouble amongst the base - as well they should be - for their cozy associations with the right, enabling its destructive march to the sea these last years.

It is thus too bad, as we emerge from the nightmare of the last quarter-century, that so many of us lefties are atheists, agnostics or otherwise debauched secular humanists. Not only have we had to suffer the reign of Bad King George here on Earth, we can't even have the satisfaction of knowing that he'll be spending the rest of eternity rotting in Hell.

The good news, though, is that he's already there, and the flames are only beginning to warm him up. Perhaps that is why Time describes the dry heaves of a young staffer who had to breach the fantasy bubble and tell this "cold and snappish" president the unhappy truth about an issue, or the National Enquirer's report that Bush, who according to a family member is "falling apart", is back to drinking.

Thus does a new possible ending to the Bush administration suddenly emerge as a real possibility. Previously, I had assumed that our long national nightmare would be over in one of three ways, either with Bush somehow managing to finish his term, with him being impeached, convicted and run out of Washington, or with him being impeached, convicted and then refusing to leave, precipitating a constitutional crisis and even, possibly, a civil war. Now I see a fourth very real possibility.

It was all fun and games when everybody loved him. When the guy who had failed at everything in life except having the right last name all of a sudden was showing those elitist snobs who was tops after all. When the man with a Texas size inferiority complex got to be adored by millions as if he were some kind of religious icon.

But what if that all changes? What if Diminutive George, just like LBJ before him, can't leave the completely scripted bubble his staff manufactures, just as such set-pieces become increasingly difficult to sustain? What if the Peevish President can't escape - even by going to Crawford or Camp David - the mothers of dead children, the baby-killer taunts, the stinging-because-they're-so-accurate chickenhawk accusations, the calls for his own daughters to go to Iraq, the possibility that everyone was right about him all along when they dismissed him as the family clown? What if all of a sudden, it sucks being president? Why bother, then?

It is clear now that one way the Bush administration might end would be with the president's resignation, in order for him to duck into more tranquil quarters. Who knows, maybe he could spend his days getting tanked in Crawford, not writing another book, or going into exile, perhaps in the south of France.

Of course, a pardon deal would have to be prearranged with Cheney, if they haven't convicted him yet, or with Hastert if they have. And, equally certainly, the resignation would be put down to "the president wanting to spend more time with his family", or some such ludicrous McClellanism, no more or less plausible than the rest of his daily fare. But the truth would be plain for all to see. The frat-boy party-time president who condemns kids less than half his age to the hell of futile battle in support of his lies would himself be deserting as commander-in-chief when the fun part ended. Kinda like he did last time he wore a uniform.

History, it would seem, all too rarely delivers justice. The privileged few go out of this life richer than they came into it, while the poor often leave even poorer, not to mention sooner. Those who commit unspeakable crimes sometimes become presidents or prime ministers, while those who dare speak truthfully of those deeds are crushed owing to the threat posed by their honesty.

Even more rare yet are the cases in which history delivers justice with a deliciously deserved irony. But George Bush has provided us with just such a case. And the very delicious irony is that he is now being undone by a cynical choice he himself made to go to war in Iraq with other people's blood and other people's treasure, for the purpose of enhancing his tenuous self-esteem and the power of his presidency.

Goodbye, George. May you know precisely the rest and precisely the peace someone who would do such a thing deserves.



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Good ridance! He thinks he is god almighty but his kingdom is about to go to hell in a hand basket with him at the helm! I have been noticing his speach is very slurred lately and I thought he must be back on the bottle!

When he is asking Americans to conserve fuel, stay home and such, he has done nothing but jet around doing photo-ops and damage control, think about how much fuel "airforce one" is using up. He would do well to stay on the gulf coast, roll up his sleeves and get his lily white hands dirty for a change helping the clean up after Katrina and Rita.

What a great comentary. I have been predicting that bush would be impeached for awhile now and I can see this happening. I doubt whether bush would ever step down. He's not smart enough to realize the benefits and he has a huge ego. This time in our history has been so damaging to our country in so many ways, but I hope it will be over soon and we can forget the libs and the cons and concentrate on what is good for America and its people.

The Bush cascade to the bottom must continue until we see him, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfewitz, et al. in a "perp-walk".

No pardons this time!

Absolutely brilliant piece of writing. Reading this makes me long for an English word for 'Schadenfreude'.



Great article. ! concur 100%
Also, the MSM needs to lay the hell off of Cindy Sheehan. i was watching Fix (er, I mean Fox!) news t'other day, and some lame old republikkkan fart was lambasting Cindy, the Anti-war protest (which they DID NOT cover) , and using distorted and out-of-context quotes against her. This woman is a bonafide hero to MILLIONS of people,a nd attacking her is just going to blow up in their faces.
I can tell good from evil when I see it, and El Presidente and crew are, most definately, stinking of sulphur


Anon Pop

Great article, how can I email it to a friend?

You are correct in everything. Great article. But there is one glaring omission: Bushy's complete subservice to his neo-con Zionist buddies in Israel and domestically.
D. Wilhelm

...another so-called American who hasn't done his politiacal homework! We got to this place because there are so many of YOU!

What you're talking about is just an offshoot of the original plan which goes back long before your time. Yes, REALLY!

Mr. Green

I love what you have written, but I am afraid Bush will go into Iran anyway, fully knowing what a debacle it would become. And I believe he and his cabal will ultimately attempt to convert his junta into a full-blown dictatorship, and attempt to cancel the 2008 elections. "We're in Iran now, you understand, so we cannot change administrations. We must stay the course until we ultimately achieve victory." I sincerely fear some version of this sort of scenario to play out. And your suggestion of the possibility of civil war in the U.S. is unfortunately feasible as well.


Doug Shaw
Mechanicsburg, PA, U.S.A.

A superb article. When W first ran for governer of Texas I thought,
no way are Texans dumb enough to vote for this fool as governer, They did. When he ran for president, same thought, so he stole it.
W has been a cruel joke on all of us since he was born. One of the first lessons we learn in life is a solid truth, what goes around comes around. Not trying to gloat, but it seemed for a while that W would make us reconsider thinking the goes around comes around concept. It's coming back around now. My only hope is that it doesn't take our country falling any lower before more Americans wake up.

Excellent article, a real pleasure reading it.

At last, we have hope.

Love the inspiring and uplifting enthusism of your article BUT as you pointed out the arch criminals seldom pay the price. The country easily functions without the titular head- the pupet masters design- as was evidenced by the second term of the brain dead Reagan. This current soul dead imposter and real "C grade" actor, with the flight jacket and genital projecting parachute, will no doubt mumble on for another three years unless he is stricken by some some sudden and "unantcipated" illness. But what good would it do to put the bionic heart patient Cheney in his place? Those white knights under their Demmocrat costumes are utterly indistinguishable from their neo-con counterparts(what substantial law,appointment or or act have they not rubberstamped?) Face it, the system is broken and not fixable without a "new" candidate selection process and election funding reform. This two party charade and "winner take all" democracy is self consuming through corruptability.

Thanks for the uplifting words though. CES

I just wanted to concur that we as americans really could use another party system, that would even have a snowballs chance in $#@& at being considered for the office of president of the United States of America. At this time all of the ruling elite neocons & neolibs are able to make it only a republican or democratic choice. It is all so corrupt. Oh, I did my american duty and did place my vote on the petition to "IMPEACH BUSH".org I am an independant conservative. At this time I don't believe I have a representative that I could even consider voting for in the next election. Certainly not Hilary and certainly not schrubs fraternal brother Kerry. You see no matter which one either bush/kerry the neocons would have been quite happy with either!


And the sadness of it all is, where are the Democrats?

We the People don't even have one out of 280,000,000, with the balls.

After two rigged elections, that We know of, might you perhaps think that there is something very strange going in our Country? Watch out for another big one. Just like the Republicans could have done, clean house of corruption, the Democrats will do the same thing. And, Nothing happened.

Stand behind Cindy Sheehan, regardless of Party, if you want to do something for your Country, before We all lose it very shortly, if not sooner.

Courtesy of a Vietnam Veteran


'Loved this article. Very comprehensive and unflinching is its appraisal of current and future events.


Bush et al are craven and insane. But how did the White House get all this power? People became sheep and didn't prevent the power from accumulating there. That can only be prevented by people knowing a little history. Read some essays at for an eye opener. I was raised a Democrat and still regularly share my dwindling resources. Basic decency and morals, gotta be spiritually intact. People who were born poor tend to do that. Unfortunately, we Democratic voters were gullible and uneducated. The moment personal resources are communalized, it becomes a sin to "not share". And who decides who "didn't share"? Various administrative departments, a "court of law". And then you have a System, a bureaucracy. And no one will be able to do anything when it eats you, perhaps to the benefit of careerist administrators and attorneys. Since there's nothing your "fellow Americans" can do about it they'll just shrug and say, "Well, he should have stayed out of trouble.". "Democracy" is a crock of shit. I hate it. It's a license to not keep your hands to yourself, and to raise generations of children who don't even know they're supposed to. Socialism is a hideous mental disease in which assaulting people is legitimized. "The People" get to have their own Debtors' Prison? Jesus.

wow powerfull i am in total agreement..bye bye george see ya conservatives later

A well written article that is a possibility, but something else is a possibility and that is that He will orchestrate a crisis (like 9-11) to declare martial law and perpetuate himself in office indefinately. He could declare that in such a crises elections would be too dangerous and time consuming and he must protect the homeland. All civil liberties will be suspended (temporarily of course) and he would announce that God has told him to prosecute and expand his wars to end terrorism and protect our freedoms (the people will not notice the duplicity of that statement and support him enthusiasticaly). The country will rally around him and all who oppose him will be systematically eliminated under the Homeland Security clauses as threats to national security. Hail Bush.

I couldn't sleep tonight as it was - now I read this and whoa!

Just the thought makes my skin crawl.

Like Nixon, the last few days will be hell on earth. Bedridden, sedated, medicated and attached to all the best medical gadgets and tubes money can buy, one still knows the end is near. It is about that time when the hard reality of a possible after life sets home. The dark clouds of conscience must embrace from deep inside, from a place you never knew existed. At times you probably hear the voices of those you killed, when you want to scream you can't, a gurgling mumble is all you can muster. That is when they have you, they massage your conscience in ways that are not human because they are not human, they are spirits, spirits out for a delicate taste of this world. They mean no harm, it is the recipient's senses that are worn raw, raw and thin... same as they always were, even back then.
Near the end, hell is just what it is... you hear a baby screaming in pain and the smell of your own urine is the last thing you...
Glad I'm not G.W., no wonder he's drinking again.

If the preznit is really heading for a fall, it would be wonderful. There's still a fly in the ointment, though -- electronic voting machines and corrupt politicians in charge of voting precincts in Ohio, Florida and elsewhere. Even if everyone and his brother hates the GOP and the neocons, it won't matter. The bastards will still "win" the next election.

Another possible way the Bush Presidency could end: with a guantlet of Pentagon brass marching into the white house one fine sunny morning accompanied by armed guards and arresting his ass.

would that it were so easy. there's more to the pic than an analyst can tell.

Wow! What a great article. It saids exactly what I feel in my heart. Can't wait to see George Bush go down. Too bad I'm such a nice person, I will feel sorry for the doufous. But I shouldn't because it is more sympathy than he will ever feel for those he has killed and maimed by his actions.

Beware the Rise of the Fourth Reich

I am almost beyond speech..I, an attorney, an activist, a former Air Force Officer who served in Desert Storm, a veteran who waited more than 10 years for her VA claim, a a champion of the underdog and tireless fighter, am almost without words, and I am afraid....

I do not fear for myself, though perhaps well I ought to...but I have real and palpable fear for this country, for what is left of Democracy, for the future of my children and, for the rest of the world.

I watch as everything I was educated to believe in crumbles around me. I watch as there are secret detention, secret trials, disappeared, people held with no charges and no evidence, searched without judicial review and without their knowledge, a homeland security office that last spoke of round ups of "disgruntled" and people from 33 nationalities. At the same time, our unused military bases are being turned into concentration camps. And, this is just the start, the time before the sunset provisions of the Patriot Act or being eliminated either through the Hatch bill or by the Domestic Security Act...

I watch and I am afraid...

I watch the Zionist JINSA Cabal carry out its arrogant and racist Program for a New American Century as it ignores international law and international will, as it commits war crimes with no shame, and guts benefits to the elderly, to the veterans, to health care and education, while subsidizing all of those programs inside Israel.

I watch, and I am afraid.

I watch this country accept willingly the loss of all that the founding father's proclaimed to be important, the destruction of separation of powers, checks and balances, due process and free speech, the right to privacy, the targeting of people based on religion and ethnic origins. These are things men fought and died for and they are now given up willingly.

I watch and I am afraid...

I watch as the rape of the American taxpayer finances the million dollar a year payola to Cheney from Haliberton, the dealings of Perle, and the declarations of Woosley that there is a World War IV and it is against Islam. These Zionist members of JINSA, who will be running a "free" Iraq, as they are about to declare war on Syria...

I watch, and I am afraid.

I am afraid because this is the rise of the Fourth Reich...the rise of racist and immoral power hungry men that rationalize crimes against humanity and criminalize all dissent.

I am afraid, and I have run out of words, or, rather, it would seem words have had no effect, have done nothing at all to stop the rise of evil and ruthless men to eviscerate all that once made this Nation great.

I am afraid, and I will become one of the disappeared. I will either be taken away, or I will leave this place, this country that I no longer know and now fear.

Beware the rise of the Fourth is upon us.

You are an attorney?...the first thing in your studies that should have given you a 'clue' to search further, was that our sovereign law was replaced by maritime law, and devoid of a peoples vote.

Further searching would have told you, for example, that 'they' tried to get Ritilin into the School Districts since 1935 (is this a 'clue'?), etc (sooo much more).

If you went into 'legal work', and have not done your 'homework', this is EXACTLY HOW 'THEY' have succeeded in bringing their plans up to date. Americans exactly like yourself who think no further than their nose.

You have reason to be helped create it with your arrogance. Too righteous and too 'smart' to do your HOMEwork!!!

How fitting, indeed, that the chickens are finally coming home to roost. The "Neocons" and their idiotic dupe of a president are final-ly reaping what they've sowed throughout the years. The American public has awakened at last from its slumber, and is poised to dis-pense poetic justice to this nest of vipers and kick them out of the nation's capital, sending them into the hinterlands with their tail between their legs.

The damage to the great American republic has now been done.i am wondering how this once great nation will pull itself back from the brink once Bush has gone from power.

For the most part Green's article about Bush is right on target. The W is a discredited imbecile in a growing number of people's eyes and certainly deserves impeachment and a long prison sentence. But he was much too wordy and could have said what needed to be said in about a third of the space. Not everyone has the time to waste on these endlessly long rants.

Seeing the bastard we all know as king george bush swimming in the sewage he created is beyond joy. This sick bastard that we call president is doomed to become america's most hated president. This man feels that human life is far less sacred than keeping iraq's and iran's oil out of the hands of the chinese instead of moving our country towards alternative fuels and energy independence. This is what happens when leaders are allowed to accept donations(bribes) from big business in the way of campaign contributions and this is what happens when politicians are allowed to invest in the companies that contribute to their campaigns. (Dick cheney and halliburton). Its time to take america back from these thieving bastards we call republicans and democrats. And we need to throw their asses out into the street face first. What do ya say america? You gonna coninue to sit back and pretend to be ignorant? There are plenty of third party choices out there. LIBERTARIANS, GREENS.????? Wake up america, yer sleeping just like the germans did when hitler came to power.

I agree with virtually everything Sussel said, but one more point needs to be made. He calls himself a "leftie" or some such, and this brings up an important point. The "left" is almost solely responsible for giving the federal government the enormous powers that now threaten our very freedom and prosperity in this country today. True conservatives in the 50's, 60's, and 70's tried to raise the alarm as to what would eventually happen by giving the federal government the power to redistribute wealth and dictate every aspect of our personal lives, in the name of so-called "equality". Now you see why the politicians were so happy to do so. Because the same (updated) "big-stick" that was used to give the left what they wanted, is now being used to pound us all into subservient submission. We TRUE conservatives (nothing like the fakers of today), warned of this for decades, and cringed as we watched the left fall for the bait. In days gone by, true conservatives were against foreign entanglements, high taxes, federal power, and all the rest of the things that make up the federal monster today. We were for personal choices, age-old family values, and state and local power – NOT Federal mandated force, in any form. Much of the the Federal monster we now face was created molecule by molecule (over decades), in response to "leftist" demands. These so-called "conservatives" of today are mostly neoCons who are extreme leftists in sheeps' clothing. Both parties now basically dance to the same beat, and feed at the same Zionist/NWO/Corporate trough, as does the House and Senate ..... ad naseum. The wolves are watching the sheep, and they are armed to the teeth! The rest has been said over and over. Lets hope that the "left" has finally seen that the communistic Federal programs of the last 50 years are pure poison to any free Republic (the USA is [was] a Republic). If the country manages to rise from the grave after a century of such lunacy, it needs to first and foremost put the hideous Federal Beast back into the steel cage that the constitution wisely provided, and stop using the Federal beast to brow-beat social change and wealth redistribution over our citizens. The old idiom applies: "Fool me once, shame on you - fool me TWICE, shame on ME!".
Don't be fooled again.............

I am afraid, first of all, that this article is premature. As much as I would love to think of the Bush era as having entered its dying days, there seems way too much wish fulfilment involved. Does what people in general think matter in politics any more?

I am afraid, second, that if Bush were to resign, it would be only so that something worse could take its place (President Cheney).

Finally, I am afraid that Bush's departure would represent a meaningless shifting of deckchairs on the national Titanic. Are there any alternative politics on the horizon? Well, no, there aren't. So where would a Bush resignation get us, exactly?

D M G, That wuz the greatest 'send-off' to 'amerika's 'WORST-EVER 'supreme court -elected' president?>>> I have ever read,all-be-it Mark Morford's piece,which also compares to your brilliantly done piece. I will send this to my starving senior democrat friends, who are mad as hell and fighting to remove this 'tyrant' and his guilty-as hell- subordinates; cheny ,rumsfield,ashcroft-rice, rove ,libby, etc.

quoting your article: .... "Those who commit unspeakable crimes sometimes become presidents or prime ministers, while those who dare speak truthfully of those deeds are crushed owing to the threat posed by their honesty."

Remember the saying "The Good die young"? Ever since I was a little kid, some fifty years ago, I wondered how and why that was!
For decades I then continued to look for the truth, fairness and justice in that statement and working on to understand how and why God would do such a thing as kill the Good Ones and give all the people who to me seemed nothing but EVIL all the perks and favors etc... There seemed to be now real equality in Society, anymore than Justice in Life.
Now, since my Mothertongue is Swedish, I learned this cliche in Swedish ( Den Gudarna älskar, dör ung .), there's an interesting semantic twist to this statement in the Swedish language, containing a double meaning, with the very same words, only emphasizing them differently, that the ones, loved by GOD (will) die young, implying Him killing them to get them to Him , to Heaven (probably to play that proverbial harp! ).
The other thing this cliche contains by linguistic "default" in Swedish is: Those who love God will die young!.... implying that if you want to live, you better not love God! that is; not side with God/Good -as i.e. by obiding to good ethics: Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Them Do Unto You"; The GOLDEN RULE of Life (Itself )!
And you know what; a thousand times I witnessed this; "how" the Good Ones in the Society were killed, or had unexplainable fatal accidents, while the EVIL Ones just went on humming their way with all their evil deeds, like "Nobody's Business"!!!
Georgie Boy, can look forward to a Loooooong HAPPY life -regardless how his "presidency" will end! (... short of assasination by someone God and Good-loving, who's been forced to eat a bit too much of Bushy's you-know- what!) Because -and this is what I finally, after fifty years of seaching for the truth and Logic and observing life in general, came to understand: that this is how the Game was rigged in the Cradle of Civilization already some 5-6000 thousand years ago!... Still Going. Still Going.

Oh, you optimist you! Do you really believe that this gang will accept the Democrats inheriting the same powers they have gathered unless the Democrats are answerable to the same interest group(s)?
Sure, Bush goes and s replacd by some new puppet.

Very TURE and well written!

When George Bush said "You are either with us or against us" he spent too much time listening to those who worship a "jealous male god" when everybody knows that jealousy is a classic sign of immaturity, and needing to be worshipped is a sign of insecurity.

See how America fled in shock and awe at the power of Nemesis, and I can assure you that Nemesis is protecting both Cindy Sheehan, and my sister who is fighting for the St Patricks Four in Binghampton. She also protects my brother George Galloway.

Nemesis is flying over America and She will bring Truth, Justice, and Peace to the whole world, and America will feel yet more shock and awe at Her Power.

Nemesis has spoken and I am Her Messenger.

Nemesis, winged balancer of life,
dark-faced Goddess, daughter of Justice,
You who restrain with adamantine bridles
the frivolous insolences of mortals,
and spurning the destructive violence of mankind
drive out black envy!

Beneath Your unceasing, traceless orbit
is spun the grey fortune of man
and unnoticed You walk in his tracks,
you bend the neck that is proud.
Beneath Your arm You ever measure out life
and ever do You lower Your eye to Your bosom
as You control the scales in Your hand.

Be gracious, blessed dealer of justice,
Nemesis, winged balancer of life.
Nemesis the deathless Goddess we sing,
Victory with slender wings, all-powerful
infallible, and the assistant to Justice,
You who in displeasure at the pride of men
carry it down into Tartarus.

Impeccable commentary!
I cannot fathom the rational behind supporting this President and the current administration, especially now. How bad does it have to get for us all to see the truth?

What am sure of (and afraid of) is that the worst is yet to come. THEY (occupiers of the white house) are going down fast and will attempt 'one last hurrah' to ensure the maintain the power they possess. Their averice is unending....

From your computer to God's eyes! I am ready for all your choices.

What is scary to me, is that they are playing a zero sum game, in their minds they cannot lose, will not lose. The most dangerous of beasts is one that is cornered. God only knows what they will be willing to do to stay in power.

Many thanks for a truly superb essay.
As a professional writer of 40 years, I found it smart, sassy, and lucid to the point of brilliance. These compliments don't come often from my hardened soul.
William Bowles is on the same level, writing out of the UK at his website,

Again, many thanks for your thoughts and words.
With every best wish, Joseph

George has options. He can further bankrupt the nation in pursuit of other mens dreams - or he can attempt to salvage his chapter in the history books - wherein the very men who plucked him for fame will savage his memory.

Those who dine with the devil never have a long enough spoon.

Any man who makes Clinton look presidential deserves no quarter with angels of mercy.

George has options. He can further bankrupt the nation in pursuit of other mens dreams - or he can attempt to salvage his chapter in the history books - wherein the very men who plucked him for fame will savage his memory.

Those who dine with the devil never have a long enough spoon.

Any man who makes Clinton look presidential deserves no quarter with angels of mercy.

we can only hope this will all happen to the King and his court Jesters

Citizenspook pointed out that Plame and Wilson are willing victims who are in cahoots with Bush. Citizenspook says there is a much more severe law Wilson should be citing, but isn't, for the outing of Plame, with penalties of life in prison or death, a law much easier to convict for breaking. The real reason is to shut down Plame's WMD detection program. Plame allegedly played along and helped herself be outed, to shut down her network of superspies. This is so that Israel can get its hands on Soviet suitcase bombs to use on US soil so Bush can destroy a major US city and claim it is 'enemies'. Then Bush can crush all political resistance to himself and impose martial law and permanently do away with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. How close is Bush to doing this? Citizenspook's web site is at

First of all: Pretty decent job of channeling Hunter Thompson. Good to see the lightbulbs going off over so many heads these days.
I've got a fifth, & much more disturbing option for Dubya's exit: Assasination. As in, "Grassy Knoll" type assasination. George's martyrdom might be the only thing left to haul the GOP's considerable fat from the fire. These people are, & have always been, political cannibals. They would not hesitate for an eye-blink to throw their own sainted mothers under the bus for any reason they deemed important to retaining power. I'm just glad we all made it out of September without a major US city being vaporized under a mushroom cloud. Reaction!

bush bush burn

You can almost feel sorry for the guy. It's obvious that he was in over his head, which allowed truly nasty individuals to take advantage of him. Seems to me that his parents should have warned him about playing with the big boys. To put your child in a position to fail on such a large scale, doesn't say much for any love they might have for their boy.

I can't disagree with anything you said but I can't help feeling you missed the point. That man doesn't give a brass monkeys about his reputation, place in history or any thing else. The richest President the country has ever seen forced through tax cuts for the rich. People just like him. He's allowed the oil cartels to profiteer from Katrina and Rita and his business is, oil. Halliburton has a contract for everything from Iraq to wiping his ass. Enron collapsed, profiting those involved and his involvement is never mentioned. He couldn't give a toss about any of the things you've said (although the rest of us should) and he will retire as a much richer alcoholic junkie than he ever was before. Why should he care? He can't get a third term anyway and the only thing he cares about is him and his money. Shame the old wives tale about Presidential assainations isn't true, cos he'd be next. Good riddance to the dozy evil shit. I hope he has another pretzel.

Don't forget, Bush is just a figurehead. The Zionists running the
government are the real criminals.

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