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Passionate Protests in DC Over Iraq War

Passionate Protests in DC Over Iraq War
By Malini Bawa
Washington, DC
27 September 2005

Three days of passionate demonstrations, both for and against the war in Iraq, culminated Monday with the arrest of protesters at the White House--among them, a prominent anti-war activist.

Demanding that U.S. troops be brought home from Iraq, dozens of protesters engaged in what they called mass civil disobedience at the White House Monday.

Among those arrested, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed fighting in Iraq. She gained national attention when she spent days camped outside President Bush's Texas ranch in August, demanding a second meeting with him.

Janet McCann
Janet McCann is with the protest group United for Peace and Justice. "I think she is a really brave woman, who is doing this because this war is wrong. It's illegal. It's immoral,

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To say that anti-war people are traitors, dishonoring the troops and giving comfort to the enemy is to be nothing more than a good little Bush lackey, blindly parroting the nonsensical talking points and spreading a pathetically flawed ideology.

If you want to know who is truly dishonoring the troops, look no further than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and the address of every other person who belives we should honor the dead troops by letting more of them die for the president's lie. George W. Bush is the biggest traitor of all.

If you try to make your pro-Bush/pro-war argument by saying things like "Casey Sheehan knew the risks", "enlisted of his own free will", and "should have understood there was a chance he could get killed", you ignore the much larger point:

The Commander in Chief must not commit his troops to war unless it is absolutely necessary, precisely because they're putting their lives on the line every time they step out into the field of battle.

If Saddam Hussein represented such an imminent threat to the United States, if there was such a clear and present danger facing our homeland that there was no other choice than to go and invade Iraq, why is it that none of his immediate neighbors were worried about him?

Did we hear any of the same pre-war "mushroom cloud" hysteria the the Bushies were spewing coming from Iran?


Saudi Arabia?




The marionette in the White House doesn't give a rat's ass about anybody he has put in harm's way with this illegal, unconstitutional, immoral corporate controlled war.

If he did, troops wouldn't be "armoring" their humvees with plywood and sand bags for extra protection (which, by the way, still leaves the underside vulnerable to the roadside bombs that have killed so many).

If he did, families would not be having to spend their own money to buy critical communications equpiment for their loved ones in the field that the military has not issued.

If he did, he would make goddamn sure that every soldier in the field had every last thing they needed to fight his bullshit war.

If he did, he would put a stop to the use of depleted uranium in weapons our troops are using, because it's making them permenently sick and causing their babies to be born with horrifying birth defects, not to mention permanently polluting the Iraqi landscape.

If he did, he would not be cutting veterans' funding here at home.

If he did, he would show his appreciation by attending funerals for the brave ones who gave their lives believing they were fighting for a just cause, instead of just getting some families together in the occasional condescending hotel cattle call so he can shake a few hands and say "Sorry for your loss. You can rest assured that your son/daughter died for a noble cause."

If he did, he would explain the noble cause.

Scott McClellan says "the president strongly believes that withdrawing from Iraq and the Middle East would make us less safe and make the world more dangerous."

The problem with that is that the "president" has given us not one reason to trust his judgement.

Bush was wrong about his charge of an Iraq connection to 9/11, wrong about weapons of mass destruction, wrong about Saddam being able to launch a chemical or biological attack within 45 minutes of the order, wrong about "mission accomplished", wrong about how Iraqis would greet us when we invaded their country, wrong when he denied saying that he was not concerned about Osama Bin Laden six months after he said he wanted him dead or alive, and wrong when he says that this war is making us all safer.

Four years after 9/11:

Cargo still goes on airplanes unscreened.

Our borders are still wide open.

More than 90 percent of the shipping containers that go through our ports are not inspected.

Do you really feel safer?

There were no weapons of mass destruction. Saddam presented no threat to us whatsoever. There were no car bombs or IED's going off, no RPG's flying around and no suicide bombers in Iraq befoer we got there.


But hey, we are building 14 permanent military bases and the largest American Embassy in the world in Iraq. And Dubya has admitted (in yet another excuse for lying us into war) that we need to protect the oil wells.

Suddenly the reason we have heard no exit strategy is becoming clear: Dubya doesn't plan for us to ever leave.

I hope all you pro-war idiots are happy.

John Perry

If the Bush administration do not release my sister so that she can contact me soon, our Mother will be very angry.

Nemesis allowed Hurricane Rita to weaken, to give Bush and chance to find humility, yet see how the people fled in shock and awe.

Bush has arrested my sister, and both I, and our Mother are becoming increasingly angry.

Prepare to feel the power of Nemesis, the Goddess of Divine Retribution, once more.

Nemesis has spoken. Harken unto Her words.

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