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Below is what we recommend asking members of each house of Congress to do with regard to the occupation of Iraq. We need only succeed in one house or the other in order to block the funding of the occupation.


1. Commit to publicly and privately urging House leadership not to bring up any more bills to fund the occupation of Iraq.

2. Commit publicly to voting No on any bill that funds the occupation of Iraq.
(Some congress members may want to attach an exception to this for any bill that only funds withdrawal, and that should not be a problem, but there's no reason for us to encourage it. Such a bill would be vetoed.)

3. Commit publicly to voting No on any procedural vote to bring funding of the occupation of Iraq up for a vote.
(If our representatives want to seriously represent us, they need to commit to not playing any sort of games with the lives of Iraqis and our loved ones.)

4. Commit to publicly and privately whipping colleagues to do the same.


1. Commit to publicly and privately urging Senate leadership not to bring up any more bills to fund the occupation of Iraq.

2. Commit publicly to filibustering any bill that funds the occupation of Iraq.
(Some senators may want to attach an exception to this for any bill that only funds withdrawal, and that should not be a problem, but there's no reason for us to encourage it. Such a bill would be vetoed. A commitment to filibuster would follow the model of what Senator Chris Dodd did with telecom immunity. Filibustering cannot be done by one person alone and does not involve giving long speeches. It is a commitment to vote no on "cloture." A cloture vote is a procedural vote to bring a bill to a vote and requires 60 votes to pass, which means that 41 senators voting No or not showing up blocks the bill. Our goal, therefore is to find 41 senators who commit to filibustering, which is easier than finding 51 to vote No, or 60 to vote Yes on a good bill, or 67 to override a veto. We will never find 41 unless the first brave few lead the way.)

3. Commit publicly to voting No on any bill that funds the occupation of Iraq.
(If any such bill makes it past cloture, we want our senators to vote No on it.)

4. Commit to publicly and privately whipping colleagues to do the same.

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Let us be careful of the CIA efforts to gin up for another war in South America. They have all the needed pieces for their plan. Lots of oil, a dictator boogie man, and a pretence of a legal excuse, and the American election season "War Fever Advantage" that the Republicans need to win the Presidency.

I doubt very much that the Columbian attack on the FARC in Equador was inspired by the CIA. The people stirring the pot in South America are the international financiers operating out of the City of London (the UK's version of Wall Street) They are threatened by the Bank of the South, a proposal supported by several South American governments to have a bank that supports and respects the sovereignty of South American nations and is independent of the World Bank. I agree, however, with your warning to be cautious, republicans feast on war and it almost guarentees their winning the 2008 election if there is the threat of one. About half the voters in America fall for this one absolutely every time!

AF unit on Curacao can bomb Caracas in less than 5 minutes
Army units in northeastern Colombia can hit oil targets in Lago
Maracaibo in under 10 minutes.
There is a new base in Ecuador that is still under partial construction.
Plus untold CIA operatives all over the place.
Bush has a huge 40,000 acre estancia in Paraguay with 42,000 Special Forces hidden there not far from the northern gas fields shared with eastern Bolivia.

Colombia is merely the trigger for the next

Is there no end to this? Are there any limits?

Yo, you might want to check these things so you don't look like an idiot.

Columbia is in South Carolina. Colombia is in South America.

Here is the problem as it seems to me. When congress votes on a bill and it passes and is signed by Bush, Bush issues a signing statement. He did it with the bill that was supposed to stop building permanent bases in Iraq. What about Blackwater. they are expanding their bases in the US. Why or how does our government allow this army to exist? I want to know why Obama and HIllary are in favor of continued use of this private army? Perhaps we can get the congress to vote as you say but until Bush is gone he will simply veto or issue a signing statement. What he is doing is eliminating one branch of our government in the decisions we the people want to put through.This is what we must stop and in addition, ask hard questions of the candidates about the war, foriegn policy and how they intend tostop the impearlist actions of this country and the continued agression against the Middle east. Once we disrupt teh control more countries in the Middle east the Middle east will implode and be in the hands of the Taliban. Will they persue political agreements?

As a Korean war veteran as well as 19 years on Submarines during the Cold War, I beg you to not fund any more money to Bushies Debacle in Iraq.

Use the money to bring the troops home. On March 19, We will have been in Iraq for five years. ENOUGH, Let them stand on their own two feet.

To say "We have to fight them there, So we do not have to fight them here" Is nothing more than scare tactics.

As my Represenitive, You are not in Congress to vote Politically, You are there to vote the conscience of your constituents!!!

Your comments are my thoughts exactly. I've been thinking these but never have I seen them so well condensed.

Thank you,

Do you believe there is a difference between the two parties or the use of Blackwater as an army.
They us Blackwater army to blow their way through the Iraqi streets when they are being protected then when they are over there.

If all democrats were behind pull our army from the war in Iraq the army would not be there in full force today...

I believe the military is behind the use of a private army, so they can do as they d... well please without any input from our citizens.

What ended the Vietnam war wasn't protest demonstrations or procedural maneuvering in Congress. That war ended ONLY when Congress refused to provide further funding for it. The will of the American people is more than clear: CUT OFF FUNDS TODAY AND GET THIS THING OVER WITH!

does anyhone seriously think that the Democrats will defund the occupation of iraq? they have caved in to bush on virtually everything. It is time to face the fact that it is a waste of time to try to get this congress to do its duty and stand up to Bush. I am giving up on wasting energy trying to lobby congress to defund the war. It is time for Direct action. sit in the Democrats offices. Join the direct actions in DC and localities. Vote for Nader if you live in a safe state (such as new york)

I was talking with a Viet-nam war vet and he told me the reason for the withdrawal of our boys was because they were in danger from the Red Chinese. In fact they stood at the Gengis River and dared our boys to fight them. Our boys were vastly outnumbered by them, although I had no other facts from my friend.

I'm reading an excellent book I found at a Habitat for Humanity (ironic,huh?) called "SUPERPOWER America" - How the Military Industrial Complex Defeated the American People. The author is Hugh Fincher, about 90 yrs old, wrote this book in 2003 after invasion of Iraq. He was a WWII veteran and served as USAID worker in Vietnam and has a first hand account of the history and how we are all being snowed by this "terrorist" excuse in order to manufacture weapons, bombs, etc. for continuous war just for the profit of a few. Excellent book. He had trouble getting it published, they didn't want the truth to be told. Our congress is spending more on war than on ALL other government programs combined! IT'S OUR MONEY AND THE CONGRESS WORKS FOR US!!! Read the Constitution -we the people, are the FINAL rule of law in this country! We need to MAKE them do what we want or FIRE them, Impeach them, kick them out, re-call them. Whatever it takes. WE MUST DEMAND OUR VOICES BE HEARD AND OUR WISHES FOLLOWED. By the way there are 2/3 more people voting Democrat this year than Republican, so watch out for the Republicans fixing the election for McCain and more war!

Enough is enough, bring our boys and girls home! This is a unjust war going on from day one>>>>

I also sigh. Just remember who voted to give the head White-house troll the funds to continue. It wasn't Sen Obama!

The fact is that Obama, despite his anti-war posturing, has voted to continue to fund the war, and has introduced no legislation nor taken any action as a Senator, to de-fund or stop the war. All he did was give a speech. Probably a really nice speech. But, as a Senator, what has he done to stop the war?

I agree that the occupation of Iraq must be de-funded, but caution would pick a better time. Wait until the democrats have the White House and a solid majority in Congress before acting on this one.

how many lives you just brushed aside?

Any servicemember who goes to Iraq knows that his/her life may come to be at risk. They choose to take this risk and accept responsibility for it. Who are you to tell them how to live and give their lives? If they want to go why should you try to stop them? If this war was really so unjust than why are so many of the people who have experienced it first-hand still supportive and still choose to go back? Why is there not a large percentage of combat veterans and servicemembers simply refusing to go? It is because there is a huge opportunity to make a difference in the lives and well-being of the Iraqy people. If we have the power to make life better for those people than it is our responsibility to do so, and we are nothing but a nation of stuck-up, selfish a**holes if we do not. The only problem is that our troops are not in enough of the suffering countries around the world. I think that it is worth a few lives, even my own.

I AM HIS MAMA, and I did not bring him into this world to engage in Genocide for the benefit of rich stockholders.

dear representatives,

how long will you contribute, even promote the actions of anarchist George Bush? how many tiems does the public, and the state of rhe economy have to tell you, America is coming unglued and terrorists will find it even easier to dupe us with a dope in the house. How many times do we demand Impeachemnt of him and cheney? act now!!!!

There is no way anyone can get the war in Iraq stopped. In 60' or 70's Henry Kissinger brokered a deal with all of Middle East countries that have oil. Everyone signed EXCEPT Iraq and Iran. The World Bank and IMF is controlling all the funding and gets a cut off each barrel.They make $50 billion yearly. How do you think debts of third world countries were forgiven. With the money we have been paying for energy and other items. Poppa Bush told Saddam it was fine to re-take Kuwait (originally part of Iraq). When he did, then we attacked Iraq when we had Desert Storm. Then we had Clinton for 8 years. Then Shrub Bush and Cheney got into power and we were in for it as Americans. By using WMD's as an excuse to attack Iraq and only guard the Oil of Ministry while allowing all the looting of banks and other government places. This whole war is about OIL. Iran is the third largest producer. Their plans are to flood the market in the future with oil BUT will charge for it in EUROS, not dollars. We all know how our own dollar is devalued now. In the 60's crude oil was chosen as a way to control the world. In Prudhoe Bay Alaska is enough oil to supply America for 200 years. But because of this deal when Kissinger was Secretary of State they can't drill in Alaska. Would cost $3.00 a barrel to get it out of the ground in Alaska and now costs $5.00 a barrel for the Saudi's to get it out. The oil countries us oil money to buy the US National debt. Read the book 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' by John Perkins. As a country this is a way to make us a third world type of country and to definitely separate the HAVES and HAVE-NOTS and eliminate the middle class in America. We are sunk and might be compared to when Hitler took over German in the 30's. It was done slowly and then the people couldn't do anything about it. We are in the same boat loosing paddles. Just think, doesn't seem any way to get Congress to do anything or Shrub just ignores it. That is a violation of our Constitution but they don't care. Reseach what happened to all the men who signed the Constitution. Wasn't nice.

Mrs Speaker madam person and Mr. Conyers,

You have both failed so miserably in your jobs i find it hard to write without resorting to lines of nothing but profanity. For now i will control myself if no no other reason to tell you the following:
You dear people are now as complicite and guilty of war crimes as the president and his coven of incompent morons he has surrounded himself with the last seven years.
You mrs speaker person who chose as her first opening words, declared that "impeachement was off the table". And have stood behind that statement to this very day. To say that I as well as 270 million rational thinking non bush worshiping butt kissing followers thought to ourselves "this broad has botoxed herself into a stupor" is just plain nuts. Yet you have stood by your statement and let this insanity go on. And you Mr conyers, a person i once respected, found time in your busy schedule to inform the entire world the mr. mcguire once stained his pants backside after receiving a shot maybe/possibly we are not quite sure from what yet, rather than instigating proceedures and protocals for more than warrenteed impeachements of both of these fools, shows the entire country how blindly you serve not "Justice" as you have sworn, but the apron strings attached to the woman behind the curtain.
I guess i am slow on the uptake, but it was not until the missing torture tapes that i finally realized just how entrenched in all of the shenanigans, misdeeds, lies, deceptions, let's just call it what it has been outright BS from these alleged leader of both houses.
You see fellow readers the leaders of both houses in their vaulted position and the minority heads as well their "assistants" plus the heads of all intellegince committee's all belong to a long forgotten little "clic" known in Washington as the GANG of 8.
If you think back to each and every time the idiot who calls 1600 his home has been forced to admit yet another feux pas, he had always "prefaced" it with the words "senior members of government have known." Well, guess who the senior government leaders were???????
Correctomundo.......they knew he was spying on us prior to 9/11....they sat and watched the torure tapes and contrary to their oath to support and defend, you know, that piece of god dammed paper, kept it secret all of these years. In the interests of "national security" of course. How much and what/where they knew, i For one cannot say for sure.
But i will say this much, this crap that it is an election year or it will distract the country, or whatever lame excuses they have come up up until now are OFF of the table.
last night i downloaded and read the 81 page document the illustrious attorney now a proffessor of all things at Berkeley, a Mr. Choo or Yoo, whatever the hell his name is wrote for the occupant at 1600 covering his/their butts to allow people to torture others however they chose.
where that i was reading a novel or some twisted piece of trash, neither could have prepared me for the cold hearted manipulation of words and thoughts that this persons twisted logic used to give his lord and masters the powers they so craved.
My point to this entire tirad, and i appologize for its length, is a very simple point:
Now Madam speaker person and chairman of the House Judiciary committee you now have your smoking gun, use it or find yourself, substituted and replaced in the forthcoming elections.

how i wish this nightmare would end..........alan1111

To All Senate And House Members:

I support House Resolution # 799 calling for the impeachment of Vice President Richard Cheney. I also support the impeachment of George W. Bush. As your constituent, I am writing to insist that you and the rest of the House of Representatives carry out your constitutional duties to defend the Constitution of the United States. It is unconscionable that the House has obstructed an open discussion of the activities of the President and Vice-President. This administration has taken this country into a criminal war, is threatening to start a new war, and has violated the constitutional rights of the American people. It is time for the House to fulfill its constitutional obligations in response to these impeachable offenses.

Please support Rep Kucinich and HR # 799. It's the right and necessary thing to do.

I watched the T.V. News Mar. 19 on the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq looking forward to seeing the Impeach Bush crowds give both Bush and Cheney hell! Few News stations, Network or Cable, covered much about the demonstrations. Although I did hear all about Paris Hilton's latest ordeal, Brittany's comeback, the latest episode of American Idol....
This administration has committed so many Impeachable offenses (Defying the Geneva Conventions, Torturing detainees, Guantanamo Bay, The suspension of Habeas Corpus, The Military Commissions Act, NSA warrant less spying on innocent Americans.... yet our leadership in the Congress and Senate completely fail in their duty to uphold and defend our Constitution, and Impeach.

Take Atty Gen Gonzales... He thought the Geneva Conventions were quaint, supported torture, supported spying on innocent Americans, politicized and corrupted the Department of Justice. He was supposed to be our Nations highest figure of the law, yet he broke the law and violated our Constitution with regularity. He was a complete disgrace as Atty Gen. Gonzales even tried to coerce then Atty Gen Ashcroft to sign off on his illegal NSA program. Even a heavily sedated Ashcroft refused from his hospital bed. In the Federal Prosecutor firings he lied to Congress under oath numerous times, smirked and refused to answer questions claiming he couldn't recall seventy four times! His memory was so bad concerning conversations so important and recent.

Yet Congress and the Senate refused to defend our Constitution and IMPEACH him! Thankfully, for the sake of future DOJ credibility, he finally resigned. Unfortunately, his replacement (Atty Gen MuKasey) doesn't fare much better. MuKasey says he's not sure water boarding detainees is torture? The U.S. has prosecuted people in the past for water boarding. It also states quite clearly in the Military Handbook Code Of Justice that water boarding is not only torture and illegal, but also a War Crime. We need to look hard at all the law breaking and Constitutional violations that have occurred over the past seven years. Then Congress needs to do its duty and IMPEACH the entire Bush administration.

The loss of Civil Liberties for Americans under Bush has turned this great Country of ours into what now looks more like the old U.S.S.R. History will record and look back at this current period as one of the darkest America has ever been through. Back during Watergate the Republicans in the House and Senate understood the importance of loyalty to your Country over loyalty to your party. They were prepared to Impeach Nixon. He resigned instead to avoid himself the embarrassment. No matter what misdeeds and criminality is revealed, these Republicans of today will blindly defend the Bush administration. No illegality or Constitution shredding will ever trump loyalty to the party. History should record them accurately as accomplices to the White House law breaking. The enablers for whom without, none of this would have been possible. They are nothing more than cheerleaders for the worst Presidential administration ever. Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, Rove.....These guys make Nixon's crew look like choir boys by comparison!

It's also important to remember that Watergate was about a burglary to gather dirt on a political opponent and a subsequent cover up attempt. Nobody died from Watergate. This White House twisted and manipulated intelligence to lie us into an unnecessary war that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent people, all of which were unnecessary. There is no comparing the two. Nixon didn't violate our Constitution anywhere near the degree that the Bush White House has. But still no Impeachment?

If you still want even more grounds for Impeachment of the entire administration, consider this also. We illegally, and without necessity, invaded Iraq. This is defined by the Geneva Conventions as an act of aggression. An act of unjustified aggression against another Country is a War Crime. The U.S. did indeed violate the Geneva Conventions and commit a War Crime with it's illegal invasion of Iraq. Destroying a Nation and People who had nothing to do with 9-11, and never posed any real threat to the U.S. Intelligence was manipulated and cherry picked to deceive Congress and the American people into going along with the invasion. We have unnecessarily killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and wasted over 4000 young Americans for this lie. But still nobody is held accountable? This is why the entire World hates us so much today. Now we are hearing the same rhetoric, and the War drums are beating again regarding Iran. First you demonize the leader, then you exaggerate any threat.

This administration has learned nothing from their first disastrous mistake when they "Decidered" to invade Iraq. They continue to listen to nobody but themselves. Is a strike against Iran part two of the "Grand Neo-Con Scheme"? Will it be the next chapter of the Neo-Con attempt at re-shaping the Middle East? Congress MUST now grow a backbone and stop them before they have the entire World on the brink of World War Three! What troops are left for a fight with Iran? Our Military is already stretched to the breaking point. Does Bu$hCo plan on sending our Boy Scouts next?

Our President can't go anywhere in the World where he isn't met with rocks, bottles, and riots. His Foreign Policies, and his invasion of Iraq, have done incalculable damage to our reputation and our image throughout the World. Because of his policies, the World views him and the U.S. as the biggest threat to Global Security and Global Stability in the World today. Bush's Nation Building by force experiment has been bearing it's bitter fruit for some time now. We are going to have to deal with the unforeseen consequences of this disastrous misadventure in Iraq for some time to come. If Congress and the Senate continue to fail at their jobs, and continue to lack the courage to remove the worst, most criminal, corrupt, incompetent Presidential administration ever, then "We The People" really do need to take to the streets in large numbers and take our once great Country and Democracy back ourselves.

If the new Dem Congress would get behind Impeachment, they would see their dismal approval ratings rise quickly. Why can't the Dems see this? They could force McCain and all the Republican accomplices to have to defend this administrations illegal, immoral actions. This would all but guarantee the Dems to pick up more seats in both the House and Senate come election time. By trying to play it so politically safe, the Dems just might manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Nov 08! Hey Rep Conyers and House Speaker Pelosi, PLEASE re-set the Impeachment Table! Thank You.

Jeff Morris- Saugerties, NY- DeJaVu57


A very curious thing has happened to an outfit called "" When I tried to get on their site, my server said, "CANNOT COMMUNICATE WITH IMPEACHFORPEACE.ORG." I then tried other sites to make sure I was still on-line..... of course I was. I've already sent my vote in for impeachment, now the site "cannot communicate" with me. This' extremely suspicious and I think the Admin. is doing everything it can to thwart such action.

I urge everybody to dig their heels in further against these two and see them out of office early, before they leave office. To set this precedent, now, is essential, otherwise it'll be commonplace.

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