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I Got Mail

Blumenauer’s Propaganda Piece of Junk!

I received this slick piece of mail and thought is was a campaign request for money, it was a “Special Medicare Alert” from the Earlman and we paid for the mailing. I will give it back on Thursday the 28th of February at high noon with the words,“No Accountability, No Support---Impeach!”

The Democratic Leadership Conference, (DLC) would be proud of this guy who claims to represent us, you must read this article to understand who this guy Earl Blumenauer really represents:

The first paragraph, in this mailer, announces the threat to Medicare by the bad people. “Last week President Bush unveiled his budget for 2009, proposing over $600 Billion in cuts to Medicare over the next ten years.” Fear mongering at its worst! Be afraid, be very afraid. “Vote for the democrats and all will be well;” this is BS and we now know it congressman. The dems will do only what we, the people, demand they do in the coming months and years--you and your elitist friends have fooled us for the last time, Enough!

The Earlman talks about “Regular Town Hall meetings” Did I miss a few? The last time I was informed of a town hall meeting, the Earlman sat on his throne and dictated what would be said and refused to comment on anything we, the eople, were proposing. No response until Bonnie Tinker called to the 300-400 people to stand up if they wanted impeachment of the criminals in the White House.

Impeachment is not mentioned in this slick piece of junk mail. I want my honor back as an American citizen, not a new converter box to watch more propaganda on the tube, (second big item in the mailer). Rep. Blumenauer has the audacity to say he wants to hear from us--is he blind, deaf and dumb? Hey, Mr. DLC, all you have to do is come out of hiding in your office any Thursday and you can meet your constituents, they have been protesting outside your office for the last six months. What a putz this man is, we must stop sending these DLCers and trade scoundrels to Washington.

We will return this Thursday because we must stand as witnesses for all who will die in the coming weeks and months/years. This occupation goes on and on because of the weak opportunists like our congressman in the 3rd District---this must end!

For Justice and Peace,
Joe Walsh--Lone Vet
Portland, Oregon


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