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A Democrat Speaks Up

Democratic congressman says conspiracy trial ironic; Sees Bush conspiracy to attack and occupy Iraq

New York congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) delivered a fiery critique of the Bush Administration's drive to war in Iraq, labeling the push part of a "conspiracy" to deceive Congress and occupy the country.

The speech, made Sept. 19 outside the District Courthouse in Binghamton, New York before the federal trial of the St. Patrick’s Four, was transcribed by RAW STORY's Jennifer Van Bergen.

Speaking of the four protesters who spilled their own blood at a military recruiting center, Hinchey said "what they were protesting was the conspiracy of the Administration of George W. Bush to bring about an attack and then an occupation of the country of Iraq, and as a result making the world a much more dangerous and difficult place than it was prior to those actions."

"It is that conspiracy," he added, "that conspiracy which has now been documented by among other things official British documents called the Downing Street Memo which are communications between the highest ranking officials of the British government – the head of the British Intelligence, the foreign officer, the prime minister himself."

Hinchley's remarks break ranks with most Democrats in Congress, who have been critical of the leadup and operations surrounding the Iraq war, but who have been loath to deliver stinging perorations. The New York Democrat said he saw the trial as somewhat Orwellian -- a move towards curtailing speech.

"We do not want to see an end to this democratic republic," Hinchey quipped. "We want it to be strengthened. We want it to go on forever. We don’t want it to be ended by people who are telling us, or who would like to tell us, what we can do and say and even think. But that’s what this Administration is engaged in."

The full speech follows. The four protesters were acquitted Monday of conspiracy, but face months in jail on other charges.

The circumstances that bring you here today are critically important to the future of our country. We are engaged as a nation now in a very tragic circumstance in the Middle East. Our country was attacked on September 11, 2001. Unfortunately and tragically, the Administration of George W. Bush twisted and manipulated and distorted information, facts and intelligence to attempt to justify an attack on a country that had absolutely nothing to do with the attack on the United States on September 11, 2001.

The Bush Administration wanted to attack Iraq not because the United States was injured but for their own private, personal and political reasons and for nothing else.

As a result of that, they have caused an enormous amount of distress for our country. They have placed us in a very awkward situation with regard to other people around the world, other nations. They have cost us an enormous amount of money – now more than 200 billion dollars and increasing a more than five billion dollars a month. But much more important than that, they have cost the lives of innocent people.

Among these innocent people are men and women who wear the uniforms of the American military – who never should have been placed in those circumstances in the first place.

They were placed there unjustly, dishonestly and as a result now, nearly 2,000 of them, American men and women, have lost their lives. Approximately 45,000 have been wounded and injured – many very, very seriously, in ways that will impede their actions for the rest of their lives, that will impact negatively on their entire future. And also as many as 100,000 Iraqis have been killed and probably about half that number were civilians – mostly women and children.

So, the circumstances in Iraq are deeply, deeply tragic.

I mention our servicemen and women because I want it to be clear to everyone that we support the troops. We support the troops more than this Administration does, more than the leadership at the Pentagon does, more that the leadership to the Congress does, more than any of them do – we support our men and women in uniform and we are determined to bring the United States of America back to the place where it can once again be viewed as an honest, decent country by the rest of the world.

The trial that is going on here is symbolic of all of the things I’ve just said and much more. It is itself a tragic circumstance and it comes about as a result of thoughtlessness and carelessness.

One of the most important aspects of citizenship in this country is the right and responsibility to stand up to our government when we believe it is doing the wrong thing.

This government, this present Administration, and the leadership in the congress of the United States would like most if not all Americans to forget about that. But we need to make sure it is not forgotten. Because if it is, that means the end of our country as it always has been and should always be in the future.

We do not want to see an end to this democratic republic. We want it to be strengthened. We want it to go on forever. We don’t want it to be ended by people who are telling us, or who would like to tell us, what we can do and say and even think. But that’s what this Administration is engaged in.

So the protest that these four people advanced was entirely in keeping with some of the best traditions of American society from the very beginning.

They were brought to trial in Tompkins County because it was in Lansing where they made their beliefs known. They were brought to trial in Tompkins County and as a result of that trial, three-fourths of the jury wanted to release them. Seventy-five percent of the jury said the charges should be dropped. Nine out of the twelve jurors believed that they should not be tried or prosecuted any further.

At that moment, a responsible district attorney recognizing the events, the facts and circumstances, probably would have agreed with them and that would have been the end to it.

So, the District Attorney could have done that or could have brought a new trial in Tompkins County. But instead, he did something different. He referred the responsibility to the federal government.

Why that was done is at this moment a mystery. But it is a question that really should be on everyone’s mind.

Why, why was this case given to the federal government? It should not have been.

Now we have four people who are being charged with conspiracy. They are being charged with a conspiracy to impede the actions of a federal officer. That officer was a military recruiter in Lansing.

The idea that they are being tried for conspiracy is replete with irony. Deeply, deeply ironic.

Because what they were protesting was the conspiracy of the Administration of George W. Bush to bring about an attack and then an occupation of the country of Iraq, and as a result making the world a much more dangerous and difficult place than it was prior to those actions.

But it is that conspiracy, that conspiracy which has now been documented by among other things official British documents called the Downing Street Memo which are communications between the highest ranking officials of the British government – the head of the British Intelligence, the foreign officer, the prime minister himself.

We know that this Administration conspired to deceive the Congress of the United States and the American people to bring this country at war and to cost the lives of all those people that I mentioned just a few moments ago.

We as Americans cannot tolerate that and the four that are being tried today understood that. They understood it very early on and so they engaged in their protest.

And they did so, once again, in the best traditions of American citizenship and responsibility.

So I am here today with you to lend my support to every ongoing effort – and I pledge to you that I began it early myself. I began it very, very early myself, long before that resolution came before the Congress.

I began to opposed this Administration on this issue and I’m here today to thank you for all the time and energy and effort that you’re putting into this and to pledge to you that I am devoting every bit of energy and time that I have to stop the aggression of this country in a way that has brought shame and dishonor and deep, deep danger to our nation. Let us make sure that we continue until we get our country back on the right track.


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as long as you agree with the administrations' policies. They should probably change it to 'The Bill of Right-Wings'.

Thank God for the internet!

THE ONES THAT CONTINUE TO SUPPORT BUSH AND HIS POLICIES SHOULD BE VOTED OUT IN "06". The country is watching.....the people will vote accordingly. I start now by saying I will do all I can to vote out Congressman Charlie Bass, Senators Greeg and Sanunu, all from New Hampshire who have been aiding and abetting Goerge W Bush and his corrupt administration.

Does anyone have any info on how to recall a Congressman? I have emailed that fat-ass Buck McKeon,CA. who is a big time Neocon supported of Dubya Moron Bush. HE NEEDS TO GO!! He has no respect for his constituents, stonewalls, and sends back a "canned" message asking for money for a flag from him. How do we get a recall on these murder mongers? Does anyone know?

In the old days people would assemble outside his house with shotguns and farm implements. Or burn down his house. That's illegal now.

The legal route entails researching the California Constitution and/Statutes, which are online. Be prepared for a slow, expensive, and corrupt process.

The old way was more effective.

We need to get these Republican senators out. Santorum is probably the worst in the Senate and Spector disappointingly voted for Roberts to become chief justice. Their total disregard for the wishes of the people is reprehensible. The state of Pennsylvania needs some forward thinking and honest senators like Hinchy of New York. I understand the need for diplomacy but this administration is totally out of control and needs to be brought to accountancy for their blatant misuse of power.

It's good that a few of "the people's representatives" are finally able to see a "Bush conspiracy to attack and occupy Iraq". Unfortunately, even so, they remain several years behind actual implementation of the AIPAC-PNAC plot.

"Armed with fresh international backing for bringing Iran before the U.N. Security Council for its nuclear activities, the White House on Monday [today] warned Tehran it has just one chance left to avoid referral for possible economic sanctions."

Does this sound familiar to anyone? More here.

What is this about? --"We do not want to see an end to this democratic republic," Hinchey quipped. --
Quipped? Was Hinchey joking? Why this implication? Hinchey is dead serious. Our democratic republic is on the rocks. "Quipped" sounds like the vocabulary the Boston Metro tabloid uses when it wants to imply that people who criticize the regime don't really mean it, aren't serious, these are loyal Americans of course.

I believe that hinchey knows exactly where this path will lead this once honorable nation. Thats a place I really do NOT want to go.This administration needs to be brought up on charges.I really would love to see Bush and his croneys impeached, for the danger they have put every one of us in. Not to mention bankrupting our country to further his own personal cause.Impeach is the right answer!!!!!!!

Amen. I too believe that we have a good case for impeachment mentioned by James Fais.

Is this a white male speaking? I have not heard such courage out of a white male congressman in ages. We stand with you Congressman Hinchey! We want to remove all those bad-ass neo-cons so that we can live in peace!

Thank You Congressman for restoring my faith! You need to get together with Curt Weldon (a Republican) and another very brave and true American and get as many on board as you can before we lose our Country forever! We live in frightening times! We need to see all of these people brought to justice ASAP. Yes, nearly 2000 brave men and women have lost their lives in Bush's war but also many lives were lost in 9/11! Our elections are rigged, Americans are in denial and most are buying into the lies. Terrorists my ass. We create terrorists here in the US! We graduated over 60,000 South Americans from Ft. Benning's SOA or WHINSEC...taught in terrorism and torture and used by the US all over the world ! I want to feel good about being an American again. Thank you for this glimmer of hope!

Inspired and truthful. Lincolnesque. Mr. Hinchley sows the seeds of statesmanship in his rhetoric, attitudes and message. We need more fiery Democrats to speak up as well.!!!!! I want to like the Democrats again because I have no where to go -- a vote for the Green party or Independents is a vote for Bush. And that is unthinkable.

The war in Iraq is not the only symptom of our march toward a Orwellian police state. We should also direct some attention to the criminal justice system, which is intentionally creating violent criminals instead of making our country safer. The beneficiaries are the prison / industrial complex (AKA the military / industrial complex) which invests big money in presidential and congressional elections. Everyone should read The Criminal Injustice Industry at The ebook is presently available at no charge.

As I have not had occasion to say, especially to a Democrat, in a very very long time, RIGHT ON! If only Dems weren't so feeble and pusillanimous. Congressman, why aren't you running for Senator instead of Hilary? Although even Hilary managed to stand up against the Roberts nomination, finally. But when your time comes, rest assured your courage and eloquence on this occasion will be remembered. Thanks and congratulations on being a Democrat with cojones!

Thank you Congressman Hinchey. Thank you for speaking out. Please try to get your peers who share your views to speak out too. We need as many people on board as possible; what better people to have on board than our Congressman. This administration scares me to death. We all need to do something legally to put a stop to them before it's too late (actually, it's too late already). I hate to think of how much worse things can get, but I'm sure Bush will find a way. This administration must be stopped!!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Rep. Hinchey! I could hardly believe my eyes to see not only SOME real truth speaking, from the heart, but so MUCH of it, all in one place at one time and having been spoken in public by a Congressperson! We The People have a terrible need for significant public truth speaking of this kind, in multiples! With a complicit corporate media goading this administration along because of the profits its policies will provide to them, we no longer have Freedom of the press, an essential cornerstone of Democracy. There is extreme need to get around this problem by other means. Thank goodness for the internet, but we need much MORE than that! (And, for how much longer will we have freedom of the net???) We need much more of significant public truth speaking and meaningful town hall forums in towns, cities and universities all over the country. We need immediate and effective protection for local public access to cable TV as well as for community broadband for the public to have at least THIS bit of alternative access to the "public airwaves", the previously understood version of which having clearly been usurped by commercial enterprise since the onset of BushCo.

Except for the die-hard koolaid addicts, "the public" is much more ready now to begin to hear about the realities of Iraq, they MUST now begin to receive, quickly, consistently and repetitively, the information that has been hidden while the BushCo Dark Fantasy Production has been substituted at every turn. Please see today's article by Marjorie Cohn for a very comprehensive and concise rendition of factuality concerning the historical background information of US involvement in the Middle East as related to Iraq and Iran. It is a very good piece for informing the public with deep enough understanding of the roots, motives and greed behind the war upon Iraq, that it would be hard to forget or ignore, or be misled again, no matter what Orwellian/Rovian/LuntzSpeak manipulations might be used to try to cover it all up again with their Dark Fantasy world. With each passing day more people are killed, maimed, tortured, degraded and displaced by BushCo's action. Each day passing is too much for too long for too many! This must STOP! ( well as all the other large scale and criminally destructive, endangering, deadly, greedy and depleting plans, policies and actions of BushCo........!)
Marjorie Cohn | Bush's Twin Masters

Thank you again!

G Achin

Hurrah for a fine example of true FREE SPEECH. Many others in Cogress should follow his example of let truth ring out loud and clearly.
Thank you Congressman Hinchey.

A new name for the "Neoconservatives" who brought us the Iraq War: "Assholes of Evil"


I'm sending this link to groups Online; friends; relatives -- and most importantly to Senators and Representatives. Anyone else inclined to e-mail this link to your Senators and Reps -- to others' Senators and Reps?!


I have never believed a single word that that illegal adminstration has spoken! I still have a hard time believing that supposedly intelligent american's support the bush and his cronies!

He wasn't elected by the people the first time around and I have serious doubts about the legitimacy of this last election.

The bush by definition is a war criminal and mass murderer!!! He's dragged America down a long dark path that I don't know if we'll ever get out of!!!

He has not done one positive thing for America so what's all the swaggering about!!!

He's screwed up medicare and trying the same with social security and nobody has put a stop to mad george??? Why is that???

I say it's time to throw the slime ball out! Impeach the son of a bitch and throw his ass in jail with the rest of the criminals!!!

He claims to be a christian but I haven't seen one christian act from him! It says in revelations that many will claim to be a christian but that few are. The bible also states that many will unknowingly follow the beast or the bush. One in the same???

I believe in the bible and what it claims is going to happen. There is only one revelation that hasn't come to pass...yet. The second coming of Jesus Christ!

I've thought about where the best place for the beast to make it's final stand against God's creation would be. I think leading? the most powerful nation on earth is the only choice! Where else???

Why hasn't there been any religious leaders making the same claims I am?

If you have any religious experience at all and believe in the true God you have to at least suspect something is amiss

I don't hear anything about what I suspect from anywhere and that in itself is disturbing! Has America become so immune to the Truth that it doesn't exist for them?

"I say it's time to throw the slime ball out! Impeach the son of a bitch and throw his ass in jail with the rest of the criminals!!!"

He is perfectly SAFE as long as there is CHENEY...and he knows it! Ol Dubyah is the dumbest puppet we've ever's who's BEHIND him that scares the sh__ out of me!

Now, folks...for some real horror:

Read it's bone-chilling!

Since the election of 2004 I have said wherever I can that this President should be impeached. Two Sundays ago a common word from the pundits on the news programs beginning with MEET THE PRESS was "INCOMPETENCE" referring to GWB. The President did not admit to anything until almost a week later after making 4 trips to Louisiana. Today he is making his 7th trip. He doesn't read and he certainly didn't watch television when Katrina was two days away and destined by all reports to be a Cat 5 storm. He was bicycling in Crawford.

A point of information to all interested. This President's IQ is 90 and his father's is 91. Does this surprise you? The father manipulated himself into the role as CIA head and when the Presidency was open, the Republicans swallowed all and decided that a "nice man" rather someone with some Intelligence could be President of the United States.

This will give you a laugh do a google search for the word "failure" and see what comes up first!!!!

The two who write this page sound like certifiable loons. Is there NOTHING we won't believe in, just because it shows up on some Web site? Crikey!

I have seen films on this subject in school. The films demonstrated that we have the technology to "seed" clouds to create rain. This technology can be abused, as Oppenheimer's "toy" was. Believe it.

Pure hootie! Check out the guy's weather "credentials".

"I don't hear anything about what I suspect from anywhere and that in itself is disturbing! Has America become so immune to the Truth that it doesn't exist for them?"

Unfortunately, I believe there are 2 camps. 1, people aren't getting the truth (via main stream media), because they don't have time to go onto sites like this to find it, and 2, the other is a deep deep denial of the facts, if they do have them. They are in denial with this whole administration. If you go to the white house web site, you would think we were the most together people in the world. If you just buy into the white house BS, if you were one who "believes" because you "trust," I think herein might lie the answer to the question you ponder about American's. Or perhaps I just don't have the heart to believe we have become so callous, and inhumane. The truth seekeers are out there, we're just not united on a large scale.
It's gonna be a long road home.

bush aligns himself with pat robertson, the televangelist who advocated the assination of hugo chavez. Immediately after katrina, chavez offered the us millions of gallons of fuel to ease the suffering. fidel castro, another favorite whipping boy of bush, offered to send 1000 doctors along with medical supplies to the gulf coast. if pat, hugo and fidel were put on trial for being a christian, who would be convicted?

the good book says beware of wolfs in sheeps clothing,thats Bu$h a dam wolf,Bu$h and his party care nothing of hard honest working people ,the carnage in Iraq continues and we have lost hundreds of young americans lives;we have religious zealot and terrorists killings innocent people daily,we have lost our position of respect in the world;we have millions of Americans with no health insurance ;our balance of paymentsis totally out of whack; the national debt isalating out of control;the religious right is trying to change our laws to suit their myopic interpretation of the bible ;and by the way what ever happen to Ken Lay; BU$h good old buddy and Enron????

I am 76 yrs old and have been saying and believing just what you have written. I cannot see how people don't see this. I do believe he is the Anti-Christ and have said it over and over to no avail. Even the Catholic Pope said it according to a reporter for the Washington Post but no one is believing it. This man Bush is evil. You can look in his eyes and see it.
Have you ever read the Left Behind series about the end of time? The Anti Christ in the book is identical to G.W. Bush Everyone Read it. Even the Authors haven't made the connection though. They praise Bush. Just glad to hear someone else made the connection.

If you read religious prophecy books, most of them indicate that the United States does not seem to appear in the Bible in any context. The general opinion is that our country will not have any power and/or will not participate in the end time war. The consensus is that the US will no longer be the "superpower" and with the situation that we are in now, Bush and his administration have guaranteed the Bible's prophecy! He is not the Anti-Christ but rather one of the predecessors to the end times...for practicing Christians, that is good news! For many others, it becomes hell on earth! Consequently, if you believe the Bible, there is nothing that can be done to change the path that our country is will be interesting to watch!

Thanx Rep. Hinchey, Finally some one in congress has found a way to get their head's out of the sand. Please don't stop there speak out about Bush's planed attack on the American Poor people and the
abuse of our enviroment through Bush's scortched earth policy.
Work to stop this, his (Bush's) ruling class initiative at the cost of all mankind and the earth that we all call home.
Thanx again for speaking out as we all can and do write letters
to editors but your very public speach spoke volumes, Bob O.

Thank you very much for your candor and leadership. I appreciate it greatly as do many others.
we need to get bu$h out of the u$. They are all about $$ so follow the money. It's just that they're are so many leads you'll need an army to find all the money wrappers!

Another place to look for the money-grabbing,undermining, racist pigs is in the RED CRO$$. I cannot believe no one is watching them and reporting what they do. It is criminal that they collect so much money in the name of the people and then they don't give any to the people. Please look at them.

thank you

Finally an elected official speaking the unvarnished truth!
It would not go unnoticed by his peers to see his war chest
begin to fill. They all follow the money and Rep. Hinchey
has earned our support more than any of the others.

Hey, folks, I think this person is right. Others will notice if people send him money after this. If you can't send money, at least send a note of support... ESPECIALLY if you are in his constituency, as I am. You can email him here:

Well, I tried to post this once before but apparently it didn't go through. I agree, send Hinchey money. If you can't send money, send him an email:
This is especially important if you are in his constituency.

As constituents of Congressman Hinchey, we very much appreciate the fact that he represents us, as very few in Washington do. By the way, many are misspelling his name. It isn't Hinkley, or other misspellings we've seen.


As constituants let us not forget who let this war in Iraq happen. Our Congressmen and reps. are also responsible. These republican politicians and some democrats seem like they are in lock step to destory the instatutions that have made this country great ( social security for one )and they also voted for the war in Iraq. Bush lied to congress about why we had to go to war with a thrid world country and now there is proof. The Downing Street Memo shows that Bush and Blair twisted the facts and lied to everyone to get his war. What I don't understand is why are the polititions letting him get by with all his criminal acts? Wake up America,we need a good house cleaning.

I suggest to everyone who reads the following words, start mailing, emailing and calling your senators and representatives ... NOW! Act vigorously and with passion. Take care of immediate needs for yourself and your family, and then remain focused on letting Congress know your feelings about our present national and world-wide calamity cause by George W. Bush and his administration. We can't let up! We have to do everything we possibly can to either get this president impeached or at least shake up Congress so they'll turn against him. Now!

i look at our country ,and the shape that Bush has got us into .What is wrong with the american people and Congress,??
when Clinton was in Office our Country was in Great shape,now look what Bush and his Hinchmen have done ,its time to remove all of them,How can we sit here and let him ruin america ,Michael Moore told the truth about Bu$h and his party, WAKE UP America,

I did exactly as you suggested. I sent a letter to ALL my Senators and Representatives and attached a copy of the article referencing Congressman Hinchey's speech. My PERSONAL comment was that Hinchey's words should be used as an example to Congress of what a representative OF THE PEOPLE sounds like!

Bush is a criminal. The war in Iraq was motivated solely by revenge to get even with Sadam after his administration had attempted an assination of the elder Bush while traveling in Quait during the Clinton years.

Foreign countries, China tops the list, are financing our governments excesses by buying US securities. Because of this our economy has suffered little and the populace actually feels that Bush must be doing something right. If those governments stopped purchasing the notes our economy would slow and the populace would soon realize the folly of supporting this administration. Bush is hiding behind the abortion, teaching of religion as 'science' in public schools, and the McCarthy era fear. Back then it was communists, now it is people of the Muslim faith. If the American people halted purchases of Chinese products to motivate China to invoke 'economic sanctions' on the USA the world would be a better and safer place.

Finally we can not blame anyone but ourselves for selling our vote in 2000 to the 'dark side' in exchange for a few hundred dollars of trickle down tax refund which has more than been taken back by the insurance, drug and energy companies.

Hell we had a surplus we could have fixed a lot of problems right then and there but instead they gave it all to the rich people.Give it back you bass turds.We could have fixed Medicare or Social Security we didn't have to worry about the deficit, there was none.Run every one of the parties responsible for the fiasco, no this disaster,no the catastrophe.I just can't find a word for my disgust of the last six years.I have a premonitory feeling of ennui when I see or hear about the bush administration and majority of congress.

It's about time an elected official took the gloves off. The only way integrity is going to be restored to our government is if the tyrants are exposed.

If more Democrats in Congress had Hinckey's courage, we wouldn't be in this mess. The Facist element in the Republican party (yes, you read right, if it looks like a snake, slithers like a snake, deceives like a snake, and eats up innocents like a snake, then it's a snake!)
---the fascists were determined to impeach Clinton for a private indiscretion that was nobody's business but his and Hilary's, it's time somebody called the Bush fascists to account for actions they have and are taking which are the business of every American.
I'm an old lady, but I'd be proud to march in a protest demanding the accountability of these facists.

I have only the profoundest respect for Congressman Hinckley and anybody who calls it like it is, including yourself. Our "Go along to get along" Congress is increasingly complicit in this fascist takeover of our republic by Bush, Cheney, How do we light a fire under them?

Hit them in the pocket book. That's exactly what got your attention isn't it? We become elephants and "don't forget" on voting day. If they have interest in some business, boycot it, protest there actions at every turn that you can reasonably do so, just don't let them forget who they work for....

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