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A Grassroots Media Strategy

Remarks from David Swanson's presentation at the Sept. 25 Progressive Democrats of America Strategy Day conference panel, "Building a PDA Media Response Team":

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I hope that the American people can understand that we are not stuck with Bush. I hope they understand that if they really want him out, all they have to do is vote in November, 2006, for Democrats to the U.S. House to get the impeachment of Bush started in 2007. It would also be good if they would vote for Democrats to the U.S. Senate in 2006 if their states have U.S. Senate elections in 2006.

I hope they understand that the Republicans will never introduce articles of impeachment against Bush let alone remove him from office. The Republicans lack the integrity to do so. I hope they understand that Bush will never resign from office. He doesn't have integrity either.

Stokesdale, North Carolina

You are absolutely right.

Curt Weldon is a Republican...Clinton, a Democrat...there are Dems and Rebublicans in office who are corrupt and there are those who are not. We need to vote for Integrity and for the Brave Americans who will speak up for truth and defend our Constitution...not party! We also need to be aware that voting is rigged. The current voting machines do not give us the true vote count! 3 of the largest companies are owned by Republicans. Check it out. The only way we can have a true count is to go back to a paper ballot and trust the people who count them! How do we do this? I am sick of the games, cover ups and lies. There is a great web site that counters PNAC. It is PONC...Project for the OLD AMERICAN CENTURY. The corruption is so ingrained and in every level in our nation! Even our Intelligence is in the corruption game...what can we do? Integrity is in the minority...lies and corruption rules. I wish I knew. I wish I believed that my vote counted! To be an American and say this is a tragic thing. We need to Unite on all levels somehow from grassroots citizens on up yet I fear that as we do, the Neo-cons will revoke our Constitution and create a way to silence us and since killing without conscience is what they do so well, they may not have any qualms in doing so to any American voice who stands in their corrupt way! In the very least they will plan another 9/11 to distract everyone to support their projects! In Nazi Germany dissidents were tagged and eliminated ! The very people who were Good Citizens! We need truth and we need justice and we need our Country Back ASAP! Bush's closed door personal agenda quest is destroying everything that America stands for ! YIKES!

You are right. We will never have a majority as long as the Radical Right controls the outcome of America's elections. I don't care how many ads we buy, we can't win. Our first priority should be to bring back integrity, transparency, and trust to our election system. They already stole 2 elections, we can't afford another!!!

I believe this is the most important issue. Until we can havehonest elections, and can hopefully persuade non-voters that they CAN make a difference, I fear for the survival of our "democracy." And we talk about making other countries "just like us" ???

I agree that just the fact that a politician is a democrat does not mean that they are also not bought. There are only a few who are truly dedicated to the well-being of the people and the future of our planet.

Lance, with all due respect I have to say that I have reached a point that I no longer have any faith whatsoever that the national elections are legit. After reading the literature from the neocons, observing the war strategy and the last two elections I honestly have to say that the election machine is fixed, totally fraudulant and a waste of the people's money and time. The first time they inserted Bushco into the WH they had to cheat in a clumsy and clearly illegal manner, but thanks to the support system they had been creating in the courts and with the key men in key states the second election went much smoother and even looked mostly like a real election. They are improving the show each time and the results will be the same: they get their people where they want them. I also reached the conclusion that most of the top Democrats have been bought off or are Republicans registered as Democrats, otherwise they're simply morons in bad suits. The only hope I see is that, like the Nazis before them, the Republicrats like to document their actions carefully, so the evidence of this regime is available if we can just find the people with the balls to look for it and blast it all over the web. Our only hope is the internet. They can't control it and through it we can show the world what is happening to our government. Maybe the world will someday bail us out of this mess, but don't count on the elections They are just for show.

I agree that the elections are are rigged, but I don't agree that there is nothing we can do about it. There are some bills up to regulate the voting and we need to rally around this effort. Check out the work of "Common Cause" in this regard.

Is this the will I know?

From a bumper sticker: Clinton Lied - People Sighed --- Bush Lied - People Died. Should read Bush Lied - THOUSANDS DIED. Granted: Clinton had problems with his zipper and lied. Bush is in step with PNAC who give him "marching" orders. After over 1900 American deaths - plus - plus, where is Ken Starr when he is really needed?

If we plan to elect progressive and humanitarian people in 2006, we had better make sure that the voting is not made crooked with the voting computers as it was in the last two elections. This is high priority.

We are witnessing the Disaster President destroy the Constitution before our eyes and doing nothing about it. The rules have all left us. That is the Political strategy of the Neocons as professed by Karl Rove and this Radical Republican resurgence. We promote War to secure our corporations, and major supporters. We promote class and racial hatred to divert attention from failings. We commit Treason in time of War, outing an Intelligence asset in the same region, for political gain at home. We violate individual Freedoms of people for a Radical Religious, specifically Evangelical Christian, agenda. We interfere and distort Science and Knowledge for the sake of immediate political gain to the detriment of future generations of Americans who will fall behind the rest of the world blissfully living with a MiddleAges mentality. This is not the America envisioned by George Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, or any of the other thoughtful, well read, men who formed our approach to the world. Washington had men shot for less than this group of traitors has done to our Constitution. After we get done trying the crimes that these traitors have committed in the United States, we need to turn them over to the International Court for the prosecution of the Crimes against Humanity that they have unflinchingly promoted, disguised in colorful language.

Why not concentrate on positive, pocketbook and personal issues that were once the bedrock beliefs of the Democratic Party before Bill Clinton moved us so far to the right. Health care, the war, the looming crisis caused by the deficits and the Bush tax policy, the dangers we face from global warming, the need to set up a crash program to reduce our reliance on Middle East oil, the dangers to our environment -- and let's put an end to our marginalization as the party that is so obsessed about abortion and gay rights to the detriment of everything else. The American people are hurting and we should be their advocate. We need a positive affirmation of our beliefs.

We MUST NOT lose another election by letting the Repugs use hot-button social issues like gay marriage to beat us to death with. I personally don't care if gays can get married or not, and if the gays cared about this country - they would put this on a back burner until we get rid rid the Bushco and get this country back on track.

This is exactly correct. The gay issues are completely secondary to the issues mentioned here of the environment, war, changing our reliance on oil, global warming, health care, and global cooperation for the future of all human beings and all countries.


I am a liberal Democrat. I've also grown up enough to understand what the power of our vote means. This said, it is one thing to complain about things. We need direction and an agenda. You all must remember...the media is now predominantly controlled by the rich Republicans. We need to make sure every living voting American can rattle off our agenda. What is our agenda?

First off: We support the economic values of the middle class. Middle-class America drives the economic engine of this great country. We desire minimum wage to be $7.50 per hour. There is no excuse to pay hard-working Americans in rough menial labor jobs any less. Pay a worker a somewhat-reasonable wage. Ask a 33-year old woman if $5.15 (a bit higher in other states) per hour pays her mortgage payment. I don't mind paying an extra 50 cents to one dollar for my goods (food or whatever) if it means the worker does the job right because they are a bit more content to be there.

Second off: We support holding all corporations accountable! Look, Bush was involved with Enron...funny how you don't hear about that much anymore. We need to create an independent agency which has legal rights installed by Congress to monitor corporate greed and activity. This agency has a bedrock principle. Protection against conflict-of-interest. All politicians and their family members (in-laws count) are forbidden to own stock in any major publicly-traded organization while the politician is in office. Zero tolerance. Also, there will be no grandfather clause. Mr. Cheney would be forced by this commission to sell off all of his Haliburton stock or resign from office. Another principle is protection from retailiation and thwarting conflict-of-interest. Mr. Cheney would not only have to sell his stock, but he is forbidden from speaking with anyone with Haliburton, and also anyone who owns Haliburton stock until they leave office. This will prevent someone like Mr. Cheney from selling the stock to a buddy and then buying it back...until he leaves office.

Third off: We support wholesome and positive Christian/Religious Values. What does this mean? This means we will not allow our religion to cloud our judgment over running our government. They are separate for a reason. Our beliefs are important, but one has to ask oneself: Do I really need to control my neighbor's life because I must at all costs know what he does at all times because I feel I am right? See, the bad word in there is "I". It is about community..."WE"...I am religious, but I don't need my neighbor dictating religious agenda that I find intrusive. My neighbor needs to mind their own business and focus on their own life. This is a quality of a respectful neighbor and a neighbor that has true grounded beliefs and values.

So, we are about: Raising the minimum wage, holding corporations accountable, and positive Christian values. I've only scratched the surface. We need to get an agenda solidified and THEN we are ready to defeat the Republicans.

Feel free to write me at:

Jerry G

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