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Photos of PDA Grassroots Conference Sept 25 in DC


And here.

And here for photo's of the sessions:

  • Building PDA at the Precint, City, and National Level
  • Building the Progrssive Wing of the Democratic Party.
  • Building a PDA Media Response Team" sessions.

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What is a "progressive democrat" and do they belong to the same Democratic Party out of whose vast congressional pressence, only three incumbents had the guts to show up at the recent anti-war protests?

Just as the Democrat party is one of two alternate faces of America's political dupoply, the "progressive democrats" are an alternate face for the Dem party to show when it suits their vote-getting purposes amongst the peasantry.

In both cases, the facade is intented to perpetuate the illusion that you actually live in a "free and democratic" society with some real choices. The reality, however, always becomes apparent between elections when the entire duopoly is called upon to follow the actual instructions of its corporate sponsors and lobbyists like AIPAC-PNAC.

... I am not suggesting that all "progressive democrats" are insincere in their own individual intentions and efforts.

I'm just saying that the country's actual political power system simply uses and abuses the group for its own purposes. The self-contradictary pro-war/anti-war pretences of the Democrats' "anyone but Bush" campaign for Kerry's presidency is just one recent example.

Nice answer. The behavior of the Democrats is easier to understand when you realize that the majority of their money comes from corporate sources. Then you realize that when you thought they were being spineless, they were really following the wishes of the corporations that finance them.

They go through the motions of being a opposition party to make working people they're represented by the Democrats. But on the crucial issues, they provide the margin the Republicans need to win: NAFTA, CAFTA, the bankruptcy bill, the PATRIOT Act, and now they refuse to filibuster to prevent the Supreme Court being stacked with a right-wing chief justice, with un-American, anti-constitutional views.

I think the Democrats need some competition, as an incentive to start representing the people they expect to vote for them. I think the Green Party does a good job of representing the ideals the Democratic Party just pretends to.

Seems to me that what you're saying is that there's not a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. And if there were a dime's worth of difference, it would be a corporate dime.

Progressive and Democrat are unfortunately opposites. The official Democratic Party is trying to come at the Republicans from the right.

Trying to change the Democratic party to a more left wing party is totally hopeless. It would be best if the Democrat Party be allowed to die and be replaced by a PROGRESSIVE PARTY. THE GREEN PARTY DOES SEEM TO HAVE POTENTIAL.

I never thought I would agree with this premise, but I am getting more and more disillusioned with the Democratic party. I will not vote for any democrat that does not try to correct our faulty elections or do not have the guts to stand on the left. There is to much compromising and therefore the far right thinking has become the center. They stir us on and then vote right to center especially on judges. I will not contribute another cent until I see action and not just rhetoric!

The problem is that you can't "fix" anything if you can't get elected. I think that the Dems have been going at this all wrong by trying to dance to the middle. If we try to be Republican-lite, why should Democrats vote for us. I think we need to start to concentrate on articulating our message and energizing our base, and move this party to the left, so that the country has a CHOICE.

I really agree with this. I also believe that if we are going to get anyplace in this chaos that has been created by all, in a way, then we need to be totally honest and up front in all of our discussions, no hold backs, no cover ups, no dressing up a article to make it look good, or making a person appear to be something they are not, researching everything all the way and willing to open it up for all to view, after all we the people are in truth the government and have a need to know if we are going to vote in all honesty with integrity. Our country is slowly slipping into the abyss that a few have so diligently pushed our country down. Time for all to stand up and take a stand, do not allow BIG BUSINESS to dictate anymore, and further more allow the people the opportunity to get out there and put forth the effort I know they have, but just not allowed by BIG BUSINESS which really is a dirty word anymore - we need opportunity in our country for OUR PEOPLE to work, as it once was, read your history. Thanks for letting me share.

I think the discussion is a good one but all the effort will be in vain if we don't insist on clean elections. The '04 elections were as fraudulant as you can get. The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team in their National Cyber Alert System lists Diebold, Gems Central Tabulator has "A vulnerability exists due to an undocumented backdoor account, which local or remote authenticated malicious user modify votes." "No workaround or patch at time of publishing" This was published before elections. Since the owner of Diebold and his brother own two of the e-voting machines that have 98%of the business. (Not sure of the statistics of the last statement, as I read this sometime ago). The info from the US Comp.Emerg. Readiness Team I got from their website. Since then it has been proven to election officials, to Howard Dean and others that the system can easily be hacked and votes changed. Howard Dean experienced this himself, changing the simulated vote from one column to the other without a trace. Think about it.

The GOP seems to very adept at using these systems to steal elections. Since newly appointed Dem chairman Howard Dean is fully aware of this problem, is anyone aware of any efforts by Dean to remove this menace from our electoral process? For that matter, is anyone aware of any efforts by these so-called "progressive dems" to fix this very serious menace?

America is supposed to be about justice and is far from it. Even the Supreme court does not do much justice. They use words like conservative and legal and radical and rarely is justice done. I made that the purpose of my life years ago and so I live it every day, Our reality is based on justice just as selflessness is.

We must agree on goals like putting an end to racism, poverty, sexism, and live those in our everyday life. And encourage true education in our community. Education is the indispensable foundation for all human excellence and the purpose is to master the art of living a life that benefits all creatures on earth, including the animals, trees and our Earth.
The huge gap between the rich and poor is economic injustice as is corporate America. MLK, Jr. said "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and the most inhumane." As a holistic health professional, I agree!

Thanx for all you are doing. I'm convinced that the progressive movement is what will get a true democracy in America instead of the plutocracy that now exists.

We dont need to go too far left and appear to be just spending spending spending again--that is why John Edwards said ``Hey, maybe we learned something!``-when accused of being a big spender.
There are many logical issues on which the GOP can and should be defeated ie-They are appearing now to be against scientific method itself rather than upset some of there right wing ideology and their religious fruitcakes.!!!!

Its obvious that most of these comments were being paid for by the Repub-
licans. there is too much bullshit being flung around by the republican
party, No WMD, stating that Iraq was a threat to the USA, The Fact that
OIL was the major motivation for Our invasion of Iraq ( this actually
goes against the very bases of our Constitution. I could go on and on
but it really doesn't matter because we don't actually have a democracy
in America today. Open your eyes America.




The reason the dems and reps are twins is because like all whores,and the white house,they go to the highest BIDDER-they are all owned by the same gang of Pimps---compare them to the real hookers-same M.O. BiG Business=Pimptown USA!

I am thankful to see fellow truthseekers looking beyond the labels. I came to the party after watching W. Bush and everyone around him lie every time their mouths moved. As a Christian, it disgusts me to see war mongers, New World Order perverts, Israel First - Zionists, "chicken hawks", and criminals claim to be christians while running the world into the ground.

The more I have studied history from the 20th century, the more corruption and organized crime seem to be the standard operating procedures for fascists eventually corrupting every aspect of the "American/Hollywood" life where the most dishonorable are made to appear honorable and the US Constitution has no standing.

The Bible said that "the love of money is the root of all evil", and it was never truer as you look into the death of JFK, RFK, and JFK, Jr. These were probably the last Americans willing and able to extracate us from the Zionist/Globalist spider web of the international banking cartel profiting off the misfortunes of debt and wars they created.

May the blood of all the people cheated out of life because of the greed of a few hundred maniacs haunt them until Judgement day.

I think the politicians are living in another era because they actually think that they will get away it. The rape and ruin of our country. They seem to be enamered with all the corruption of the Russian government and of course the British! The difference between the Russians and us is that we are the people who revolted and left and came to America to get away from these types and we will revolt again. It is not worth it to put up with these anticuated types of people who want to be worshiped and adored by the people they destroy. I have realized they are stupid and not worthy of my respect. I find it very hard to respect evil, and I think in the end the church will lose members and lots and lots of money, which is the only thing they care about!

I have been concerned for some time over voter fraud! Why hasn't Governor Dean done something about the fraud now! Our country won't survive another year with these people in power. New Orleans was a prime example of this. I felt so sorry for the Mayor who stood helpless as the Bush Family held his people in contempt. Do we really need these kinds of people in power? No! I think not! If it weren't for voter fraud we would have an administration that actually cares about the people of America. We would have made progress somewhere. If Bush continues to rule our country we will be back in the depression. We need our votes to count! Do something dems! Now! Bring back paper ballots and lets get rid of these PHONY CROOKS WHO RAPED OUR COUNTRY!

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