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Write to CNN and Complain, Won't You?

By Cynthia Bogard, Sheehanista

I just watched CNN "cover" our protest on Saturday in DC. I admit--I was out on the streets of Washington, DC for most of the past few days so maybe I missed something. But all I've seen on CNN so far were several sentences in the crawl line. On TV, CNN misrepresented what went on in DC and they need to be told.

I don't pretend I can count how many people attended the anti-war protest on Saturday but as a veteran of many such marches over the years, it surely was the largest anti-war protest since the war on Iraq began on March 19, 2003. There were certainly at least twice the 100,000 folks that some news outlets, including, were reporting.

I CAN count up to 200 though and that was the maximum number of people in attendance at the beginning of the pro-Iraq rally-- including the organizers. I and about twenty fellow peace activists attended the opening prayer and Star Spangled Banner from the sidelines and also yelled our support for Cindy Sheehan when she was verbally bashed by one of the opening speakers.
When one of the pro-war folks yelled, "Why don't you all move to Canada?" a dove-flag toting anti-war veteran retorted, "We don't have to--we live in a blue state!" I think it was the right-wing "Protest Warriors" group who on Saturday labeled us "Sheehanistas." Why don't we just proudly adopt that moniker and make it our own?

The CNN crawlers gave each of our events "equal" crawler space. Though they did use the word "huge" in speaking of our protest, they failed to give ANY indication of how absolutely tiny the other side's event was, which to me is misreporting by omission. They also led with the pro-war event, adding to its prominence. The web versions of each story were much more accurate (maybe the "crowd" did swell to 400 - I couldn't stay for the whole pro-war event) but let's remember - most Americans get their news from television.

Tell CNN that their broadcasts
1) need to give better coverage to a protest the message of which is supported by a majority of Americans
2) accurately report on the relative size of both sides

Here's the address to write to:


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Saturday night I got home from my waitress job about 10:00 CDT. I turned on my TV, and I confess, I often have CNN droning in the background. It really irritated me when I saw the 'glorious' footage of Bush grandstanding as Commander in Chief, there's a war to fight photo-opportunity, his work shirt sleeves rolled up, pretending to be the weatherman and looking to protect all that precious oil in Texas.(Don't let them sell you the idea that the ONLY ONE that can handle American disasters is the military because that simply is not true!) I found the image so repulsive, I immediately e-mailed my son to say seeing Bush made me want to vomit. Anyway, Aaron Brown spent the entire hour on Rita and when he did the "Tomorrow's Headlines" he mentioned CNN had many calls complaining about the lack of coverage on the DC protest, but he assured us, the viewers, that there was no conspiracy. I felt my blood pressure shoot up to a dangerously high level, typed CCN on the keyboard and sent off an e-mail to let CNN know exactly what I thought about that statement. Utter failure! I let my anger chose the words and I don't think it was pretty!

Earlier in the day, I watched the rally on CSPAN, but they only broadcasted the speeches. I flipped to CNN Headlines, and all I saw there was the same images being aired by CSPAN, and that was after most the people had already left for the march.

Just my observations from watching C-Span while getting phone reports from my sister who was at the rally/march in DC. The rally speakers need to be more succinct and within their alotted speaking time. Perhaps the camera would have gone along to cover the march if the rally speakers would quit droning on so, and get marching! Instead the camera stays on the rally scene, with only a paltry few dozen people hanging around (which projects poorly on TV as a small turnout for anyone just tuning in).

Come on -- look on TV like the kick-butt 250,000 strong that you are. Do not look like the 400 or so ranks of the pro-War/BushGet it together. Less blah, blah, blah -- more march, march, march!

I watched with pride all the excellent speakers on Saturday and wished the whole time that I was there. The fact that some may have gone a little long didn't bother me anywhere near as much as the fact that CSPAN didn't see fit to get any meaningful video of the march, showing the massive turnout. It's hard to imagine anyone having only a casual interest in this issue, but I'm sure there were many who just tuned in to see how big it was and got a woefully inaccurate representation.

Any of you righty trolls still belive in that liberal media myth?

Wake up, dumbasses. You're in the minority.

John Perry

We are the media if we stop buying into it, we have the power. The republicans have done this for years. Advertisers will become fearfull of sponsering shows like O'REILLY IF THE PUBLIC IS PISSED.We really can change the way media reports. The republicans had a pro war rally yesterday and it was given attention while the anti war rally was ignored. BOYCOTT A NON INFORMATIVE MEDIA AND KICK THEM IN THE F***** BUTT.

Writing CNN or any other mainstream media outlet expecting them to change, is about the dumbest thing you could do! Don't you understand that they are under the control of forces loyal to the Bush/Cheney regime? By their willingness to lie for the Bush/Cheney regime, CNN and the rest of the "mainstream media" have declared themselves enemies of the public! They've dumped the American people, so its high time that we dump them in return! For those who just don't get it, go ahead write and complain to these news networks all you want, it will do you absolutely no good in the end! It would be much wiser to stop watching them altogether, stop purchasing from their advertizers, and most important of all understand that the American people are on their own! The sooner you grasp this fact, the sooner we'll break the spell the media has on our minds! We are sorely in need of freedom from the media's mind-control, if we're going to combat the Neo-cons!

In reality, we are the only ones in favor of the Constitution and accountability in government. The mainstream media along with the major political parties is doing all that they can to see that these things are destroyed! The American people must learn what time it is before its too late! We've been extremely stupid in this country over the last five years. We've stood idly by while our country has been literally hijacked right from under our noses! We don't need the mainstream media and its relentless lies, we need the truth! The internet and alternative media is doing a more than adequate job of disseminating the truth! The problem with most Americans is that they are like robots, unable to think for themselves and deal with reality! If we keep doing the same old stupid things we've done all these years we'll find yourself living in a replica of the Soviet Union soon enough! This is not a game or a joke, the destiny of our nation depends upon as many of us as possible waking up righ here, and now! Continue to be stupid and you will blow the whole thing! We are now in "sudden death" overtime!

I agree with the above post, and offer my two cents:

America's addiction to the mainstream media has taken a tremendous toll. Instead of a well informed modern society, we now have a society that ranks among the most misinformed and politically backward on earth! American's blissful ignorance about what's going on at home, and abroad, is mindboggling, until one examines routine broadcasts by our mainstream media! Facts are rare and outright lies the norm. Important news is intentionally omitted or spun in favor of the party line. Its therefore no surprise that mainstream America has been so oblivious these last five years!

Routinely relying upon such a censored source for news is not only guaranteed to make one ignorant, but is sure to make one blind as well! I'm certain the common denominator for all of us who've been standing idly by for the past five years is that we rely heavily upon the mainstream media for our daily news and information! Its extremely important that we understand the critical role the mainstream media's relentless pro-Bush propaganda has played in paralyzing mainstream America these past five years. The media willfully aided, and abetted, Bush's hijacking of the country! Continued support of the mainstream media is tantamount to supporting Bush!

He mentioned the 100,000 quote going around from the AP, and showed a clip of Cindy's speech. A lot of mainstreamers saw those numbers on Meet the Press yesterday on Sunday!

Let us set up a day or a week boycott against CNN and other pro Buch stations. It will be nearly as important as a Washingtongton DC Demonstration but much easier to do. The boycott will say that we do not accept the pro Bush propaganda. CNN have to understand that they should tell the Truth, or at least do not manipulate the Truth so blatantly if they want to be watched.

O.K. people, here we go: Call up the sponsers and advertisers who patronize the neocon news media, CNN, CBS, FOX,MSN,ABC, etc. Tell them we are circulating their names and products now on the internet to boycott all their products for their support of nonfair practices against the American people via the media. STICK TO IT!! DON'T BUY THEIR PRODUCTS! East Coast people, you take sponsers A thru G, Mid West take H - O and West Coast O -Z. I will begin now......

One of the best ideas I have ever heard, but will anyone do it?

I will if you will.

I'm all for saying no as a consumer, but there is one huge problem...
How can we boycott bombs? Both Boeing and Lockheed Martin (Forgive the spelling) are frequent advertisers. They put out big campaign ads to tell us what good companies they are and then there is the ads for Corporate Investment Banking and many other products that we viewers don't buy anyway. I don't have a solution other than we raid our piggy banks and put out counter-ads that addresses the harm these companies are actually doing.

Let us set up a day or a week boycott against CNN and other pro Buch stations. It will be nearly as important as a Washingtongton DC Demonstration but much easier to do. The boycott will say that we do not accept the pro Bush propaganda. CNN have to understand that they should tell the Truth, or at least do not manipulate the Truth so blatantly if they want to be watched.

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