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Condoleezza Lies and Lies and Lies

Also: read Wexler's blog.

Secretary Rice Falsely Testified She Never Saw Intelligence Disputing Administration Claims that Iraq Possessed WMDs

From Congressman Robert Wexler

(Washington, DC) Today, in reponse to questioning by Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) , Chairman of the Subcommittee on Europe and a senior member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice falsely claimed she never saw intelligence casting doubt on Administration claims that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of destruction. Numerous sources including the 2006 Senate Intelligence Report, a January 2004 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace report, as well as former CIA agents including Tyler Drumheller have pointed out that there was contrary intelligence to the information provided to the Bush Administration in the lead up to the Iraq war.

Congressman Wexler further questioned Secretary Rice on the over 900 false statements made by White House officials leading up to the war as recently reported by the Center for Public Integrity.

Congressman Wexler is Chairman of the Europe Subcommittee, a senior member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the House Judiciary Committee, and he also sits on the Financial Services Committee.


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To "spend more time with his family". Too bad Condi can't use that lie!

and Colin is a body part.

She’s fierce on the stand like a trial lawyer browbeating a witness (Good way to use up time).
Whatever the record shows in those 945 lies, she's certainly on record now categorically refuting them! (Sorry I didn’t read the stack of lies…)

Was a goal of this exchange not only to register opposition from at least somewhere in the room, but mostly to get her to go on record, perjure herself? Otherwise I wonder where the specific rebuttal was, or is (or will be).

I scanned through the comments so far on Daily Kos, Only things mentioned at a glance are Plame and the Tubes.

Forgive my naiveté:
Is it correct to assume a rebuttal is now to be assembled, and evidence compiled and presented, and the resulting confrontation between her statements here and the lies results in a massive conflagration in which the entire administration goes down in flames with her?

Next question I have is about immunity:

A: It seems like everyone gets either immunity or pardoned (Libby, Blackwater, Telecoms, Gonzales

B: Anyone questioning anything is shut out and dismissed by both parties (Plame, McKinney, Kucinich, Wexler, Etc).

C: Former enemies of the admin. who might have impeached are rendered suddenly silent and complicit (Conyers). The vast majority of the remainder of the opposition party is mum, syas and does nothing, even seems to defend and deflect (Pelosi).

D: Anyone who is put on the stand and investigated, flatly refuses to cooperate (Mukasey), or cannot recall (Worked for Ollie North, so why not for Gonzales), etc.

Is not then the following scenario likely:

McCain gets in (or even if not), the entire Admin. gets immunity and/or pardons (apparently uncontestable?). The clock is run out on impeachment. In the final days Botch immunizes everyone, and/or McCain pardons anyone, should be any impeachment or investigations commence, as per Nixon with Ford. International law is some how skirted (something technical with the bush doctrine and the Geneva Accords not counting for the USA), so no trials in the Hague.

If Kissinger is still walking around free, is this not a plausible scenario?

Where are the Constitutional Scholars and lawyers on this, Where is Bruce Fein?? Why is he sequestered in Ron Paul’s militia bunker with that old filing cabinet in the vid above, and not recruited to defend this constitution which he feels is so endangered?

Final question: where is Dennis Kucinich’s 90-count indictment of Bush?


Could the Bush Crime Family have anticipated these scenarios? The Complicitous, duplicitous actions are innumerable...7 years of good luck - or is there some thought behind 'Good work Brownie' and 'i can't recall Gonzales' How does a storm of flagrant and vile ambition, caprecious as sub-dieties come work out a weather pattern to scrub the US Constitution like this; for 7 years, and they're still ruling the roost over blue dogs and more. Is this being orchastrated like ENRON?
It's just so hard to believe that this scenario is upon us. I predict the history books will view these last 7 years as the Cowardly Dems melt down down down.

Viet Nam drafted Combat Veteran WIA '68
Co-State Coordinator PDA Montana
Billings Peace Seeker, member
MPFI, partner
PDA Fair Trade & Impeachment Teams

This internet will be taken away from us and this era of history will be about Heath (the gay cowboy who overdosed).

Condoleezza Rice: Liar, Secretary of State, War Criminal pt3



VIDEO: Condoleezza Rice: Liar, Secretary of State, War Criminal Part 1

Wexler asks Rice, isn't it true that you had intelligence that cast doubt on your repeated claims that Iraq did have WMD. It is worse than even how Wexler characterizes it. SEE PROOF, that the Bush Administration was committing fraud in order to fool the public into thinking Iraq had WMD. Spread the word. Send this link to others:

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