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Even if the Downing Street Memos never came to light or turn out to be fake (although I don't believe they are because if they were Bush and Blair would come out IMMEDIATELY and deny their validaty)the fact that Bush sent us to war on the BASIS that HE SAID HE KNEW they had WMD and now WE ALL KNOW for CERTAIN that
THEY DIDN'T HAVE WMD is JUST CAUSE for an INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION into WHY we did go to war and WHO should be held ACCOUNTABLE for getting us involved in an UNNECCESARY WAR!

This puppet of the Neocons who was remade in the image of a caring individual had this to say about his foreign policy in a debate to get elected the first time.

BUSH: Well, obviously we wouldn't use the Russians if they didn't agree with our answer, Mr. Vice President.

GORE: Well, they don't.

BUSH: But let me say this to you: I wouldn't use force. I wouldn't use force.

LEHRER: You wouldn't use force?


LEHRER: Why not?

BUSH: Because it's not in our national interest to use force in this case. I would keep pressure. I would use diplomacy.

LEHRER: New question.

How would you go about, as president, deciding when it was in the national interest to use U.S. force? Generally.

BUSH: Well, if it's in our vital national interests. And that means whether or not our territory -- our territory is threatened, our people could be harmed, whether or not our alliances -- our defense alliances are threatened, whether or not our friends in the Middle East are threatened. That would be a time to seriously consider the use of force.

Secondly, whether or not the mission was clear, whether or not it was a clear understanding as to what the mission would be.

Thirdly, whether or not we were prepared and trained to win, whether or not our forces were of high morale and high standing and well-equipped.

And finally, whether or not there was an exit strategy.

I would take the use of force very seriously. I would be guarded in my approach. I don't think we can be all things to all people in the world. I think we've got to be very careful when we commit our troops.

The vice president and I have a disagreement about the use of troops. He believes in nation-building. I would be very careful about using our troops as nation builders.

BUSH: I believe the role of the military is to fight and win war and, therefore, prevent war from happening in the first place.

And so I take my responsibility seriously. And it starts with making sure we rebuild our military power.

The other day, I was honored to be flanked by Colin Powell and General Norman Schwarzkopf, who stood by my side and agreed with me.

BUSH: They said we could, even though we're the strongest military, that if we don't do something quickly, we don't have a clearer vision of the military, if we don't stop extending our troops all around the world in nation-building missions, then we're going to have a serious problem coming down the road. And I'm going to prevent that. I'm going to rebuild our military power. It's one of the major priorities of my administration.

BUSH: Well, I think — it’s hard to tell. I think that, you know, I would hope to be able to convince people I could handle the Iraqi situation better. I mean, we don’t …

LEHRER: Saddam Hussein, you mean?

BUSH: Yes.

LEHRER: You could get him out of there?

BUSH: I’d like to, of course. And I presume this administration would as well. But we don’t know. There’s no inspectors now in Iraq. The coalition that was in place isn’t as strong as it used to be.

He is a danger.

We don’t want him fishing in troubled waters in the Middle East. And it’s going to be hard to — it’s going to be important to rebuild that coalition to keep the pressure on him.

LEHRER: Do you feel that is a failure of the Clinton administration?

BUSH: I do.

It’s important to be friends with people when you don’t need each other so that when you do, there’s a strong bond of friendship. And that’s going to be particularly important in dealing not only with situations such as now occurring in Israel, but with Saddam Hussein.

The coalition against Saddam has fallen apart or it’s unraveling, let’s put it that way. The sanctions are being violated. We don’t know whether he’s developing weapons of mass destruction. He’d better not be or there’s going to be a consequence, should I be the president.

But it’s important to have credibility and credibility is formed by being strong with your friends and resoluting your determination. It’s one of the reasons why I think it’s important for this nation to develop an anti-ballistic missile system that we can share with our allies in the Middle East, if need be, to keep the peace; to be able to say to the Saddam Husseins of the world or the Iranians, "Don’t dare threaten our friends."

It’s also important to keep strong ties in the Middle East, credible ties, because of the energy crisis we’re now in. After all, a lot of the energy is produced from the Middle East.

Bush keeps lying troops keep dying.

(A 20 year US Army Veteran).

George W. Bush et al are an oil and gas exploration and developement consortium from Texas, Saudi Arabia, and Washington D.C., cloaked in deception, wrapped in politics, and housed in an enigma of political spin. Under cover of war, the revolving doors of subversion are the entrance to this Bush Administration, Iran/Contra style.

Continued subversion of US democratic institutions and the politicizing of command of the US military in war, murder, and mayhem, are the results of this Bush Administration.

The obfuscation, the complicit obstruction of justice regarding the investigations of the events of September 11, 2001, the very possible complicit obstruction of civil air defense mechanisms, from within this Administration, the continued silence regarding Downing Street Memo's, the blur of accountability emanating from within the Oval Office, must be addressed.

Ethical Responsibility: The Evidence Against the Administration's War & Ongoing Policies

Dear Governmental and Media Representatives;

I want to thank those of you who have recently taken courageous stands to examine the horribly misguided and/or possibly illegal activities of the current administration. These policies have led to the deaths of our American military, thousands of wounded and many, many more left with significant mental health disorders and many Iraqi losses including women and children.
It has been clearly documented that this administration had intended to invade Iraq well before 9/11. Please see the Wolfowitz Plan as reported by the Project for the New American Century in 1998, and in 1997 the Weekly Standard published “Saddam Must Go: A How-To Guide.

It does seem compelling to look at the "Wolfowitz" plan from 1998 and wonder how anyone can doubt that these articles with the"Downing Street" memos support that deception was and is still being used by the current administration as recent as in the Presidents recent TV address.
What more is needed?
Where is the media? Where is the outcry and the investigations?
What about American and our representatives ethics?
Before more die or a new outrageous justice is selected, let's get the lies out and the military home. Bring them back gradually. Have International advisors monitor the withdrawal and assist with security. We broke Iraq and need to pay for its repair but not by killing them or our military.

Dear Sir:

You are a journalist and you have a duty before us. If you avoid or put off getting involved in looking for the truth behind the Downing Street memos, each life wasted in this war will be on your conscience.

Expecting your answer,

Alfredo M. Bravo de Rueda E.

Please ask yourself why you became a journalist. Was it to make money or hold prestige? Did you become a journalist for the sex appeal? Or did you become a journalist to inform the public, knowing it is a BIG cornerstone of a lasting democracy. Perhaps at one time you can recall, I don’t know a civics lesson or something, where it is written that an informed public is absolutely essential to a healthy Democracy. Don’t you think its time to open up this monumental story for all the public to judge? I beg you for the Nation’s sake to do more to give the public a truer, purer news product starting (and not ending) with a complete breakdown and expose of the Downing Street Memo’s.

If I am any indicator of trends, then my complete refusal for almost a year now to watch or read or listen to any “mainstream

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