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Conyers' Phone Rings Steadily for Two Days

By David Swanson

Call John Conyers at 202-225-5126, 202-224-3121, 202-225-3951, 313-961-5670, or 734-675-4084. Fax 202-225-0072.

There's a new rule on Capitol Hill: the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee can remove impeachment from the Constitution, but cannot also use telephones, Email, or fax machines, because the flood of pro-impeachment communications from outraged citizens is overwhelming each of those devices. Don't believe me? Try phoning, Emailing, or faxing John Conyers' office.

Congressman John Conyers' telephone, by many reports, rang endlessly on Monday, approximately 60 times per minute, or as fast as people could get through. The same thing appears to be happening today (Tuesday).

If you try to get through at 202-225-5126, chances are you'll hear a busy signal. Other times it will simply ring forever until a recorded voice tells you "Your party is not answering, please try your call later." Some people have had better luck by calling the Capitol Hill switchboard at 202-224-3121 or through one of the toll-free numbers that activist groups use, and asking to be connected to John Conyers' office. Others have just run into busy signals that way too.

If you are lucky, you will get through to a staffer, and by all reports they are very, very cheerful staffers glad that you called, no matter where in the country you live.

Emailing the Congressman is out, because he has stopped accepting Emails, at least at this address I could tell you some of his staff members' Email addresses, but then they wouldn't be able to work for a week.

Faxing the Congressman is very much in, but you have to set your fax machine to repeatedly redial until it gets through. The fax number is 202-225-0072.

You can also try these alternatives. Call Conyers' Judiciary Committee office at 202-225-3951. Or call his Detroit, Mich., office at 313-961-5670 or his Trenton, Mich., office at 734-675-4084.

If you do get through, be prepared to hear that impeachment hearings are not happening, but hearings into impeachable offenses are. Even though these non-impeachment hearings will not make it onto television, and Conyers is not even announcing them ahead of time, and even though witnesses will refuse to show up, Conyers' staffers will try to tell you that hearings of the sort they've done for the past 13 months are all that's needed.

Hmm. If that were true, would the phone be ringing the way it is?

Over 20 people are refusing to eat until Conyers begins impeachment hearings for Dick Cheney:

Nine members of the Judiciary Committee and dozens of members of Congress agree with the public that Conyers should perform his constitutional duty and begin impeachment hearings. On Friday Congressman and Committee Member Robert Wexler will deliver a sign-on letter to Conyers urging him to begin Cheney impeachment hearings.

Tuesday evening Conyers has agreed to meet with Leslie Angeline to discuss the possibility. Angeline is a member of Code Pink. Her father was a rider on the original Freedom Ride bus that was fire bombed in Alabama in 1961. She is fasting for impeachment. For her sake, if nothing else, set your phone on redial and have faith that you will get through. Consider making it a daily routine.

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I just called the Congressman a few seconds ago and I did not get any type of answer - the phone just went blank - no sounds whatsoever.

I called on Tuesday and got through to a live person in Conyer's office by going through the switchboard. The phone DID ring quite a number of times, but someone picked up on the tenth ring or so. He asked for my name and zip code. I called prior to reading this blog and knew that A LOT of people must be calling because before I could say anything, he asked me, "Is this concerning Impeachment?" I was THRILLED!

and staffer was cheerful and seemed happy to get call.

It seems that maybe we should expand this effort to every phone and email line available in Washington. If we shut down business, they might get the message that we demand that impeachment hearings begin.

Recently someone (I don't remember his name) began biking across the country with some ping-pong balls, with the intent of delivering some balls to congress. I think we should all begin mailing ping pong balls to congress. They all need balls.

Imagine what it would look like - big rig trucks full of ping-pong balls because congress needs them.

Couldn't imagine having to listen to my cell ringtones go off all day like that. I suppose you get what you deserve...

Please post more below. Are you getting through?

When any government lies they cease to be legitimate. When a government lies 935 times they are domestic terrorists. Period.

Considering this repulsive track record of nefarious lies, how could anyone know if Osama Bin Forgotten ever had anything to do with 911? It is clear however that Bush has exploited the event for his malicious political capital at unfathomable costs to so many. Incredibly, despite Chickenhawk Cheney's self enrichments and exploitations of our soldier's blood for "political capital", fear driven lemmings continue to believe everything the Zionist/Corporate media says. These elements are still using religion as a shield for the moral turpitudes of invading/occupying soverign nations, torture, rape, plunder, mass murder and radioactive contamination. Latest independent estimates indicate that over one million human beings have been killed as a direct result of Bush's criminal oil enterprise. This is not "collateral damage". These were children, parents, grandparents and friends who only asked to be left alone. These are war crimes. Sheeple cannot even find these countries on a global map but they still want more. Now the sheeple want to see Bush invade Iran based upon more bogus evidence. One wonders what such stupid wingnuts would do if they knew how much hatred the Zionist Israelis harbor for Christians? What kind of a nation has America devolved into?

Now let me get this straight. We are to supposed to beg Mr. Conyers to honor his oath to protect and defend our Constitutional Republic from all enemies, foreign and domestic to the best of his ability? Has he not thumbed his nose at America by reneging on this sacred oath by obstructing justice? Has he not made it clear that like Pelosi he protects war criminals, fears Zionists and harbors disdain for America's survival? This man has dishonored himself and is no longer worthy of respect.

This is insidious congressional treason. They provide comfort, aid and money to the most vile, corrupted administration and our most devastating enemy in US history at our expense. These people are not legitimate. Therefore, I call upon a National Congressional Recall Commitee to investigate congressional treason.

935 Documented Lies

Just called ( again) number 202-225-5126 rang a couple of times then went blank. Then I called the 202-224-3121 and was able to speak to someone ( a very nice young woman). After I gave her my message to Conyers I asked her if she was getting lots of calls on this matter, she said not many, but yes, she just got one before mine. For what it's worth, please peaople CALL!

David I got through to a very nice staffer, did not ask for John, through the Capitol Hill Switchboard Line, rang several times, before pick up however. He took all of my info after I told him I had dinner with John Last summer etc. But think he would have taken it anyway. Cindy A.

i think we should all send members of congress hand wipes like you get at restaurants. Barrage their offices with them!!

Got through yesterday and expressed my deep concern that We have
crossed the line once and for all and after the testimony of the
AG and his refusal to enforce the will of the people (i.e. Congress) it is clear to anyone who is paying attention that the executive branch (that is if Cheney is really a member of that branch! Ha!)is telling the other branchs of Government (Suprise, Suprise...Thanks Feinstein!) that they are accountable to NO ONE!,
not even the Judiciary Committee! Well take notice people...if they
don't start Impeachment hearings ASAP..we will cease to exist as
anything even close to a so-called Democracy.
His staff did seem to listen and then asked for my number...???
Hope that is a good thing...I did give it to them.

Please Mr. have the backing of the American People
and many members (Wexler, etc.) on your Committee!

Just Do It!!!


Just got through to Conyers' office. They put me on the comment line, so I commented as a concerned citizen and a hungry friend of Leslie Angeline (and Ellen Taylor, Manijeh Sada, Jodie Evans, Gael Murphy, and at least 20 others) for Impeachment on the table with all the trimmings. Best thing I've done all day.

My call went through 202-225 5126 but the young lady just took my name and number and hung up?

if you're having trouble getting through on the voice line. I sent two faxes yesterday and one today. All three attempts went though on the first try!

She's the cowardly creep who pressured Pete Stark into backing down and apologizing for telling the truth about t3h Chimperor, and rumour (unsubstantiated) has it that she is now putting pressure on Kucinich to back down on impeachment. She needs to hear from people! I am so ashamed of her.

Isn't Pelosi the one who told everyone impeachment was off the table? Why isn't she being pressured this way?

I sent a fax yesterday and one this morning. The one this morning first received a busy signal then went through on the second attempt.

Last year, Members tried to bring impeachment proceedings to the House floor, and Majority Leader Hoyer and Speaker Pelosi wouldn't allow the debate. We should be calling their offices too!

Pressuring Conyers isn't going to do much if there isn't an agreement in Congress that impeachment is worth pursuing. We instead should focus on censure, which is a strong, humiliating rebuke of their actions. That is much more likely to happen. Also, calling a Congressman doesn't do much good if there isn't much action on the ground. We need massive protests. We need marches on Washington. We need to dog Bush wherever he goes, and we need to force the media to take notice of the movement. Otherwise, we accomplish little.

Cheney too. And anyone who harbors these terrorists , like Pelosi!

This is awesome news! I called around noon-time today and did manage to get through the first time. I say we keep this calling campaign up for the rest of the week. For that matter, let's just continue calling Conyers' office and our own Congressional representatives until impeachment happens!

I got through and a very friendly young (I assume) man took my message. I voted for Obama. I'm ready for a CHANGE. I'm ready to see justice done for the people of the world who have suffered under the Bush/Clinton/Bush years of tyranny.

If you think November's election will actually transpire, or if it does, that a new president will actually be allowed to be sworn in, you're fooling yourself.

Have you not been paying attention for the last eight years? This team is not going ANYWHERE! What in heaven's name makes you think they will willingly and peacefully relinquish power? No way. That's why all their focus on breaking down all the protection agencies for the Constitution.

We lost the FISA fight in the Senate tonight, and only the House stands between us and a full-fledged police state.

We are safe to bet that there will be "An Event," an ATTACK, per chance? -- that will make the current regime claim that they need to protect us by not doing anything messy, like handing over power.

George said if there was ever a dictatorship, he wanted to be the dictator. He may look and sound like a dope, but he is to be listened to carefully. Soon, he'll get to be that dictator.

So, get used to these (rich, white) guys. They're not going anywhere.

Only a coward would make such a statement.Bush is a puppet for Cheney,and they are fearmongers. Awaken from your slumber caused by propaganda/brainwashing. We are taking OUR liberties and country back!

other ideas
Fax, email, call, all major news networks everyday. Flood them till they can't get unimportant bs info they give us. email ALL sites on their website eg Jack cafferty, Lou dobbs, wolf blitzer, bill oreilly, Hannity and colmes. Email everyone of them. Call them so much that their lines are shut down!!!!!! Do the same with your local stations , do this every day. Help freinds that agree do it. Post all numbers and emails on a "Shut Down Government and News Networks for Impeachment Site. Our democracy is worth 1 hour of our time everyday!!! Bush. Cheney.and others should be tried as war criminals, for treason at least. They are LIARS!!!! I believe they should be hung for their hideous crimes!!!! Wake up Amerika

Nazi-playbook, written by rove, is working as planned. Well, the Bush REGIME is behind two years, as they planned on 'Martial Law in USA' by now, with Evangelical's getting "police powers" and 'Blackwater completing Concentration Camps on U.S. Soil for those who just won't kneel to the 'child king' and 'idiot moron' in the Oval Office! Then let's not forget 'WORLD DOMINATION' and ALL that entails, killing 50 Million innocents, above and beyond the 1.2 million killed on the streets in Iraq! The total destruction of Iran, syria, turkey, and others 'who have OIL' and 'Other Resources' we feel we need (neocons need), and then China and Russia have to be dealt with, thus not signing 'no lasers and missiles in SPACE, shit, This Regime needs that 'last WMD'. We Export more weapons than any nation on earth, think that will ever end??? Peace? Yeah, right!

The man who answered Representative Conyer's phone in DC yesterday when I called at 9:30 a.m. or so their time was very nice, and apparently had been receiving many calls like mine. I also faxed his office an article about impeachment, a copy of a flier from Rep. Wexler's website, and a nifty quote by Thomas Jefferson about maintaining the balance of power and watching out for men like Cheney.

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