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Is This March Mainstream or Radical? Read the Numbers.

Associated Press/Ipsos poll conducted by Ipsos-Public Affairs. Sept. 16-18, 2005. N=1,000 adults nationwide.

"As you may know, the U.S. Congress has appropriated 260 billion dollars to fight the war and help rebuild Iraq. What best describes how you feel about federal spending on the rebuilding of Iraq? We are spending too much. We are spending the right amount. We should spend more." Asked of half the sample

Spending Too Much 65%
Spending Right Amount 27%
Should Spend More 6%
Unsure 2%


"How confident are you that the money appropriated to rebuild Iraq is being spent wisely . . . ?" Asked of half the sample

Very 7%
Confident Somewhat 28%
Confident Not Too 31%
Confident Not At All 33%
Confident Unsure 1%


CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll. Sept. 16-18, 2005. N=818 adults nationwide. MoE ± 4.

" Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W. Bush is handling the situation in Iraq? "


Approve Disapprove Unsure
9/16-18/05 32% 67% 1%

5/20-22/05 40% 56% 4%
4/29 - 5/1/05 42 55 3


"In view of the developments since we first sent our troops to Iraq, do you think the United States made a mistake in sending troops to Iraq, or not?"
Made a Mistake 59%
Did Not Make a Mistake 39%
Unsure 2%


"Which comes closest to your view about what the U.S. should now do about the number of U.S. troops in Iraq? The U.S. should send more troops to Iraq. The U.S. should keep the number of troops as it is now. The U.S. should withdraw some troops from Iraq. OR, The U.S. should withdraw all of its troops from Iraq." Options rotated

Send More 8%
Same as Now 26%
Withdraw Some 33 %
Withdraw All 30 %
Unsure 3%

CBS News/New York Times Poll. Sept. 9-13, 2005. N=1,167 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3 (for all adults). RV = registered voters

"So far, do you think that George W. Bush has developed a clear plan for getting American troops out of Iraq, or hasn't he developed one yet?"

Has a Clear Plan 21%
Does Not 75%
Unsure 4%


"From what you have seen or heard about the situation in Iraq, what should the United States do now? Should the U.S. increase the number of U.S. troops in Iraq, keep the same number of U.S. troops in Iraq as there are now, or decrease the number of U.S. troops in Iraq, or remove all its troops from Iraq?"

ALL adults Republicans Democrats Independents
Increase 10% 12 8 10
Keep the Same 26% 41 15 27
Decrease 27% 29 29 24
Remove All 32% 11 34 34
Unsure 5% 7 5 5

"Should the United States troops stay in Iraq as long as it takes to make sure Iraq is a stable democracy, even if it takes a long time, or should U.S. troops leave Iraq as soon as possible, even if Iraq is not completely stable?"
Prior to 6/04: "Should the United States troops stay in Iraq as long as it takes to make sure Iraq is a stable democracy, even if that takes a long time, or should U.S. troops turn over control to Iraqis as soon as possible, even if Iraq is not completely stable?"


9/9-13/05 2/24-28/05
Stay as Long as It Takes 42% 55
Leave ASAP 52% 40
Unsure 6% 5

"In order to pay for the war with Iraq, would you approve or disapprove of the United States cutting spending on domestic programs, like education and health care?"

Approve 7%
Disapprove 90%
Unsure 3%

"In order to pay for the war with Iraq, would you approve or disapprove of eliminating the recent tax cuts?"

Approve 36%
Disapprove 55%
Unsure 9%


"Would you be willing or not willing to pay more in taxes in order to pay for the war with Iraq?"

Approve 20%
Disapprove 77%
Unsure 3%


"As a result of the United States' military action against Iraq, do you think the United States is more safe from terrorism, less safe from terrorism, or hasn't it made any difference?"

More Safe 30%
Less Safe 23%
No Difference 46%
Unsure 1%

"How concerned are you that the war in Iraq is costing money and resources that are needed in the U.S. instead: very concerned, somewhat concerned, not too concerned, or not at all concerned?"

Very Concerned 53%
Somewhat Concerned 30%
Not Too Concerned 11%
Not At All Concerned 5%
Unsure 1%

"How much longer do you think the United States troops will have to remain in Iraq for less than a year, one to two years, two to five years, or will U.S. troops have to stay in Iraq for longer than five years?"

Less Than A Year 6%
1-2 Years 20%
2-5 Years 38%
Longer Than 5 Years 28%
Unsure 8%


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There is a strong implication that Americans (at least most of them) are perfectly content to countenance illegal and immoral wars against others so long as they are cheap and successful for American interests.

You don't even count the casualties on the other side. And your polls certainly don't ask whether your "shock and awe" invasions and occupations have made them more or less safe and whether they approve of how it's all being handled.

Try taking a worldwide poll. Maybe then you'd begin to have some slight understanding about how you're seen by others.

Don't be fooled by what some other national governments may say because they're concerned about their own self-preservation. It's not just Arabs and Muslims who hate you and your country. You and your evil empire are despised by more and more people every day all over the world.

You may not care about that, but you sure as hell should care very much. What goes around comes around.

It's certainly not a success for your own interests when you prove to the world that your worst enemies were right in their condemnations of your country's imperialist aims.

Other than that, exactly what has the AIPAC-PNAC so-called "war on terrorisn" achieved? It sure as hell hasn't reduced the number of real terrorists who regard the U.S. "great satan" and its Israeli co-conspirators as their primary targets. If anything, it has given them far greater worldwide credility and more sympathetic support than they could have hoped for in their wildest dreams.

Bravo America! It's not just the cover of one CIA agent that has been blown in this fiasco. It's the entire American "freedom and democracy" facade.

If you were paying any attention to the presidential election results, you might remember that only half of the Americans that voted, voted for GWB. Let's not call all the apples in the basket rotten.

I've been paying very close attention. I know, for example, that most of the other half voted for another presidential candidate who proposed sending even more troops. And I know that the leaders of the so-called "opposition" party supported the war from the outset and continue to support it even now.

Neither of your two major political parties bothered to ask for the voting records or anything else about the innocent children of Iraq before they both condemned many thousands of them to starvation, death and worse. In the eyes of the world, you deserve no more merciful judgement than your country gave them.

It's not just the apples. It's the basket itself. You can squirm and wiggle all you want. But you're in the rotten mess up to your sorry ass and you'll get no absolution from me.

Folks, go to There is an alternative to the Republicrat-Demoplican Party there! THANK GOD!!

I am sad that the American people allowed this war to begin. Europe was against it. There was no legal reason. This is a belief that the USA has the right to control the lives and thoughts of the world. That our democracy is the way. I feel like I have been watching a war created for the benefit of oil-men. No one cared about the government of Iraq until Saddam was set as the reason. This type of repressive government is visible around the world. We won't do anything about those other governments until it bothers our pocketbook. We are only in Iraq to make sure the oil is pumped. That's the only reason. George W. Bush has gone through three corporations (Oil Corps)in his oil career. What has he done for the American people?

Don't you be fooled. More than 50% of Americans didn't want this war and voted against George W. Bush.

The number of Americans opposed to George W. Bush and his policies is climbing daily.

America suffered a coup d'etat in 2000. The majority of us are trying to turn that around.

Anyone who's seriously watching America these days knows that the government does not represent the will of the American people. It is a rogue government.

Only the dictates of a "rogue government" were to blame for the slaughters of innocents. You were all just poor, misinformed and misled innocents, completely blind to what was obvious to the most of the world.

Seems to me I've heard that line somewhere before too.

NO, HELL, IT'S NOT OK!!! We Americans gave it our all in the voting booths of this country in November, 2004. At least, those of us who somehow were allowed to vote did! Talk about "shock and awe"! We were "shocked and awed" watching the election returns that night!!! I can still see the look on my minister's face when I showed up early for Prayer Meeting and Bible Study the following night. He was flabbergasted at the "news" that "Bush won." He knew just as well as I did that Bush did not "win" - Bush stole the election - AGAIN. I tried to start a civil war or revolution right after the election, but nobody would come. Guess I never got my emails to you people, did I? And as for you, "Oh, well, then that's ok", WHAT WOULD YOU SUGGEST WE DO? I, personally, am ready to fight for my country right here at home, where it's needed, but I don't hear anybody else who is. I must make a disclaimer here: since it is illegal to foment revolution, I am not fomenting revolution. I might be mentioning it as an idea, but I am not fomenting it. Got it? ;)

First of all, let me say I am an expat. I left to teach overseas because I wanted to see life from another perspective. It never was planned as a permanent move but one thing led to another and here I am. Not only far from home but living and working in a moderately poor, developing, non-oil producing Moslem country. I watched the WTC come down on CNN that horrible day and I knew that it was 'the end' of life as I remembered it back there. I am shocked by the lack of decent, strong leadership from EITHER political party. My country has become a stranger to me.

As far as the rest of the world 'HATING' the US, no, I must disagree. The people that I come in contact with all the time here don't 'hate' the US...they are sadly, bitterly disappointed as I am at what this
administration is doing to the world!!

The American people are still loved and welcomed and treated with the utmost respect here. But there's growing resentment and it's well-founded.

I do see that the time is coming, very soon, where the US is going to totally lose its grip and will slip out of 'first place' economically.
China and India are growing economically stronger and the balance is tipping toward them.

Bush and his ilk haven't done anything to protect my country. They have lined the pockets of a few and subjegated the citizens, brain-washing them into going along with some of the most rediculous programs I ever heard of...

Living over here has given me a very different perspective. I've had the BEST of both worlds, having lived outside the US for more than 20 years over all and maybe I see things a bit different than my friends.
But I don't HATE my country at all. I am extremely sad at its decline.

When and why did the world "LIBERAL" become such a dirty word? Please America...wake up...throw the SOBs out and bring in the thinkers who can look beyond making a buck...people who are there to help US grow and thrive without destroying the planet.

The Peace rally this weekend in DC is just the start - KEEP THE BALL ROLLING - PLEASE!!

I am also an expat. And, what is more, I presently live in a traditonnally "neutral" country: Switzerland.
The most recent polls here have shown that more than 82% of all the Swiss dislike Americans. Only 3% have not changed their minds about them.
I cannot share your experience and optimism. Here in Switzerland, I have to be apologetic of my country's policies - and I am! - otherwise I would never get accepted. Never.
I would definitely say that anti-Americanism is running high in Europe!

1. Congress did not declare war.

2. The hawks usually ask "Do you think Iraq is better off now, after Saddam,than before?" The answer they believe is yes. If it is yes, then why not bring the troops home now. We would be leaving Iraq in a better position than the previous.

Perhaps one day they will split the country into the three factions which should have been done in the first place. Indeed, Iraq and the entire region will long hence be fighting over religious and cultural differences.

Who gets the part with the oil wells?

Let's see:

1. Iraqis have less clean water and electricity than before the war.
2. Iraqis die daily in their own towns and cities. Between 28,000 and 100,000 are dead, many women and children, not soldiers. Falluja was basically suicide.
3. Their husbands and sons are scooped up off the streets and jailed for "looking like terrorists"
4. There are children being born with horrifying birth defects due to depleted uranium. These children are being born to Iraqis and American soldiers. The radiation contamination in their country is going to last for 4.5 BILLION (with a "B") years.
5. The oil money is being systematically stolen.
6. Their oil industry is being privatized and sold to U.S. interests without the people's approval.
7. They can be stopped and searched in the streets or in their homes.
8. Bombings both by air and from homemade bombs are a daily occurrence all over the country.
9. The women will have fewer freedoms under the Constitution that the U.S. helped to write than under the Constitution of Saddam.
10. Did I mention that their oil money is being stolen?
11. Did I mention that permanent bases are being built in their country by the U.S.?
12. Their roads, bridges, sanitary works, water pipes and electrical infrastructure are destroyed.
13. They are living without air conditioning, electricity, cooking heat, water and, sometimes walls and roofs, for most of the time.
14. Crime is rampant and it was not this lawless under Saddam.
15. Saddam did not say that he was making them free when he was imprisoning them and torturing them.
16. Are the Iraqis better off? It doesn't seem like it. 90 percent of the 'insurgents' are Iraqis not people from outside iraq. I guess that they don't think that they are better off.

With the results of current polls about opinions of Bush actions, one would think that the 2006 election would be a landslide for Democrats. If it is not, then we can properly conlude that the elections are being stolen.

There is no almost no doubt that both the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen. Let's see what happens next year.

It is a FACT, proved by expert mathematicians, statisticians, data analysts, demographers and others in studies conducted following the 2004 election: BUSH/CHENEY WERE "ELECTED" BY MASSIVE ELECTIONS FRAUD.

The PROOF IS AVAILABLE AT: - for the short report on the data - AND for the full, in depth mathematical and statistical report..... PLEASE DOWNLOAD BOTH PDF FILES AND SEND THEM OUT FAR AND WIDE. The international community needs to know that the American People did NOT "elect" the Far Right Radicals occupying the White House. KERRY WON.

It is past time for the mainstream media and press to learn the FACTS about the 2004 election and then tell the truth to the world. THE ANALYSIS OF THE 2004 ELECTION RESULTS WERE FIRST RELEASED IN EARLY APRIL OF THIS YEAR AND NOTHING HAS BEEN HEARD ABOUT THEM TO THIS DAY. The stolen 2004 election needs to be forced into the mainstream's awareness just as the Downing Street Memo had to be forced into public view by bloggers and forum participants writing the truth of it and spreading awarness of it far and wide. Using those same methods that forced the Memo into public view to now force the PROOF of massive Republican elections fraud into the public's consciousness is simply imperative.

Just think what would happen, in Iraq, if every American soldier were to receive irrefutable proof that Bush/Cheney & Co. were in fact election thieves not elected officials. What would happen to the "commander in chief" powers Bush cites and abuses constantly? Think what would happen in the United Nations and in all other areas of U.S. foreign relations. The entire world would quite likely begin to "Just say NO" to George W. Bush and all of his equally criminal friends.

THE ONLY THING THAT GIVES BUSH A THREAD OF LEGITIMACY NOW IS THE FALSE CLAIM THAT HE WAS ELECTED BY A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS. In creating widespread public knowledge of Republican election fraud lies the power to bring down the Bushocracy. That is why this information has been kept so tightly locked away. Once that LIE is confronted with the truth and proof of election faud, this adiministration is left standing naked, exposed for the 100% criminal enterprise it is.


I couldn't MORE! Once the election fraud is exposed, and the SOLDIERS realize they've been killing innocent Iraqis (something I think they should have realized already, quite honestly) for UNELECTED ELECTION THIEVES, well, then MAYBE this country will start acting like Americans live here!

Btw, the links didn't work for me, but I'll cut and paste and see what happens.



With the results of current polls about opinions of Bush actions, one would think that the 2006 election would be a landslide for Democrats. If it is not, then we can properly conlude that the elections are being stolen.

There is no almost no doubt that both the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen. Let's see what happens next year.

That is my main concern. I f the GOP is allowed to continue to steel elections, we will have lost our democracy. True election reform must be a top priority.

So many people are complaining now. Where were you a year ago? During the last election, the comment I heard most was that we could not unseat a President during a time of war. It was said that this type of thing just was not done. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE!

If every American that opposes the war had voted against Bush, we would not be here now. The problem is that only about half of the registered voters bother themselves to get out and vote! If you did not vote, you can not complain!

Everyone seems to think that this war was all about the oil. That was only a minor decision to invade Iraq. The biggest reason was to secure the Republicans another 4 years in the White House. Any country would have done. The idea was to get involved in a military action so that the mindless lemmings would say exactly what they did, "We can't vote against the President in a time of war."

I notice that most of these posting are anonymous. If you truly stand by your convictions, you would not hide your name. I know Big Brother is watching but if you are afraid to speak out in America, what are we fighting for in Iraq?

It seems to me that the majority did vote against Bush.

I agree wholeheartedly with you. You will notice that I am one who always gives my name when I post. One of my ancestors on my mother's side fought in the American Revolution and I will never be afraid to give me name when I post. But I think you are incorrect about two things: Bush and company were planning to go to war in Iraq as soon as February 2001. No wonder they didn't heed memos about terrorists planning to use planes to bomb America! Google "PNAC" and read about how the men who are members needed a "Pearl Harbor" to rile citizens so we would buy a war! The second thing is that I, like many others who voted, voted against Bush. Didn't you hear about the Ohio voting mess? And Florida in 2000? WE HAVE A VOTING PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY! Keep your eyes and ears open in November for news about fixing our voting. I still agree with your obvious feelings.


Your points are all RIGHT ON! Actually, I knew, as I'm sure you did, that Bush would be an unmitigated disaster way back when he was campaigning for the first election he stole!

Exactly--where were all these recently-awakened folk--not that I'm not happy to have them.

You watch how many wake up when Roe vs. Wade goes "Buh-bye...."

Would someone explain to me how it is that half of the country allegedly voted (of the half that votes) for Bush, and half of the people are female? I mean, how did 1/2 of the females in this country vote for a man who was certain to TRY (if not succeed) to unwind our civil rights by decades?

I can't WAIT for the Impeachment to begin!

Also, I'm calling for a national holiday, called "Bush Justice Day," for the day that Bush either resigns, gets impeached, or is convicted of the crimes he's committed.

We are tired of the lies and the bolstering of tne other Nations at the sake of our own people. We are sick of hearing schools going up in Iraq, while we are closing ours. We are fed-up with George trying to salvage the big oil companies, and raising our prices to increase their profit margin. We don't like our economy giving all to the rich, nothing to the poor, and eleimnating the middle-class.

All in all we need to empeach Bush and Cheny, and the other members of his cabinet and all those who support his crooked bielfs. Let's save America, and start by getting rid of the worst terrorist we have -- EMPEACH GEORGE W. BUSH NOW!!

America is my country. I love America and it is breaking my heart to see what this administration is doing. The war with Iraq is such and unjust war built on lies and greed. Clinton lied and made himself a laughing stock. George Bush lied and has gotten thousands of American soldiers and citizens of Iraq killed. I want to know why Bush lied. EMPEACH GEORGE W. BUSH NOW.

It is time the president of the United States came clean with the American public. If he does, it will be evident that he lied to get us into the war because of weapons of mass destruction; he lied with his patriot act taking away our rights; he lied about the economy; etc. Impeach the liar.

Goerge W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Tom DElay and the rest of the extrimist wing need to be impeached immediately. There are the greedist and most insensatilve bunch that have ever been incharge of the U.S. All our founding fathers must me spinning in their graves and wish they would come back to life and lead the effort to rid the U.S. of these lieing creeps.

The poster made a great comment, that the founders of our country must be spinning in their graves, and wishing they could come back. We the people should and must rid US and the world of these tyrants, and restore the rights of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, for US and for posterity. But I found myself wishing that we could have Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Abigail Adams, Molly Pitcher, the brave families who had to watch their fathers/husbands/brothers run off to be "minutemen," who met the British at Lexington and Concord. They stepped up to the plate, and we need to do so now: Get Bush out now, today. Our country can't take another miniute of his mismanagement by insanity. Our founders left us the roadmap: The Constitution.

God bless you; yes, our founders left us a road map, the Constitution, and CONGRESS, WITH REPUBLICANS AS THE MAJORITY, ARE STOMPING ALL OVER IT! I don't think our founders ever considered that we might have the majority of Congress be the same political party as the person in the White House. Our founders made the three branches of government and meant them to be checks and balances on each other. The Republican Party has swept away the checks and balances bit. They are unbalanced and don't want to be "checked", thank you. Our Constitution does not tell us what we should do when this type situation occurs. BUT WE KNOW WHAT OUR FOREFATHERS DID AGAINST ENGLAND, DON'T WE? WHY SHOULDN'T WE DO THE SAME! If we can't get up the nerve to do that, then everybody take a look at Be sure to read the Platform. You will like it. And keep your eyes and ears open in November for news about fixing our voting so it will work like it is supposed to.

Please don't push Karl Schwarz. He's a grifter. Read Unfortunate Son, it is an investigative report on Schwarz and it is factual regardless of what he says. The documents are there with the article and there are even more available. We don't need another lying failed opportunistic parasite in office. Why trade one for another? Not only that, but Karl Schwarz is more vindictive than Bush. He would make beheading of people that tell the truth about him into a sacrament. For goodness sakes, people, know your candidates!

We need honest, decent people like Cindy Sheehan, not someone who pretends to be the owner of a business that doesn't exist. We need people who want to improve the country not steal from it.

FYI, it's "impeach," not "empeach."

And I totally agree with you.

For the lies told about Iraq just to get to go over there and lose
our soldiers that we need here right now. Cutting taxes for the
wealthy and raising them for the middle income families. The poor
are forgotten by him if he ever thought of them at all. Check your
Bible on how God feels about the poor. This is for the religion
in our government that is not supposed to be considered at all but it
is with Bush in office. For the horrible way he handled the Hurricane
in New Orleans. His complete lack of empathy for all of it. He is
the bottom line. He is the one that wanted the Homeland security dept.
meaning more government expense & once again less effectiveness for
the dollars spent. I could go on and on but I think this is enough.

A very very big Amen to getting rid of the real trouble makers. We never had 1/2 the problems before the liars that are in there now are in there, and pretending to run our country.

They are running our country all right,(Right into the ground). In fact, I believe they have hit rock bottom and have started to dig.
Why are we letting them do this to us?? Nixon was empeached for far less than what we have on the Bush Gang.

Also what about Clinton?? They spent who knows how much investigating him to see if he had sex in the oval office or not.

We need to empeach Geprge W Bush and the rest, before our way of life as we know it is nothing.

A very very big Amen to getting rid of the real trouble makers. We never had 1/2 the problems before the liars that are in there now are in there, and pretending to run our country.

They are running our country all right,(Right into the ground). In fact, I believe they have hit rock bottom and have started to dig.
Why are we letting them do this to us?? Nixon was empeached for far less than what we have on the Bush Gang.

Also what about Clinton?? They spent who knows how much investigating him to see if he had sex in the oval office or not.

We need to empeach Geprge W Bush and the rest, before our way of life as we know it is nothing.

A very very big Amen to getting rid of the real trouble makers. We never had 1/2 the problems before the liars that are in there now are in there, and pretending to run our country.

They are running our country all right,(Right into the ground). In fact, I believe they have hit rock bottom and have started to dig.
Why are we letting them do this to us?? Nixon was empeached for far less than what we have on the Bush Gang.

Also what about Clinton?? They spent who knows how much investigating him to see if he had sex in the oval office or not.

We need to empeach Geprge W Bush and the rest, before our way of life as we know it is nothing.

Bless you guys; it is spelled "Impeach". And bless you again; Nixon was not impeached. He resigned before the vote was held to impeach or not to impeach.

I agree that Bush and the others, right down to Hastert and Delay, not to mention Frist, ought to be impeached. Then, they should be tried (and found guilty, for crying out loud!) and sentenced for treason. Because that is what they are guilty of - treason.

Yes, Bush is running this country into the ground, and I hope he is removed from office SOON. I work for it every day.

I am suer we all agree that this entire Reichwing government should be impeached, BUT? I only see, and hear people talking, NO ACTION? We need action!!! The Reichwing took no time to impeach Clinton who had given us the best 8 years this country has ever seen, and for nothing but receiving a blowjob from Monica, Bush, and his Fascist regime have destroyed this country, and murdered thousands of innocent people,(worldwide) whereby we have nearly lost our constitution rights on everything.Wake up now people before you find it is too late, and Bush has closed all the borders of escape. Thousands are leaving this country everyday, WHY? do you think that is?

Barbra Bush stated that the hurricane affected the very poor that had nothing. Now they had food & shelter, so the hurricane was a GOOD (?) thing for them. I remember years ago when she was the 1st Lady (?) she said that the poor were poor by choice. Same Barbra. I also remember when Bush Sr. AND HIS THREE sons embezzeled 3 or 4 TRILLION dollars from the Savings and Loan Companies. Ronald Reagan made it possible for them to do that! I remember. I'm 70 years old. Has EVERYONE ELSE, including most Democrats forgotten?????

I'm 55 and I remember.

Regan outdid Ike.

I am 70 YOA, and yes! I remember that the Bushs and Reagan stole billions from the S&Ls.

Have you read the article that has indicted all the Bush family as Nazis?
The Bush family were involved with Hitler during WW2, and today remain Nazis involved secretly in coercing world affairs.
It is also documented that GW Bush, and family were entertaining Osama Bin Laden, and his entourage when the 9/11 strike took place. They also a few days later during the cover of night sneaked Bin Laden out of the country on a private jet.
We have Nazis running the country, and Bush is an meglomaniac drunk, and drug abuser as also documented by the government psychiatrist.

Recently I was in Germany to work on a photography project, and the news was full of how badly the US Governement handled the problems along the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I was so embarrased to be an American! The news showed victims in New Orleans being taken by helicopter away from flood waters within the city and being dropped on the side of an interstate highway - away from the water, but without any sort of food, drinking water or shelter. No plan, no nothing. How diffiicult would it have been to have arranged something for these poor people? One begins to wonder if the Federal Governement does any offensive thinking for its people. A few years ago there was a major blackout in the greater New York City Area which showed everyone what a poor infrastucture exists there - and this is most certainly true for all areas of the United States. How long has it been known that a hurricane larger than a Category 3 would be devastating to the city of New Orleans? But instead of really getting a plan of action into place, there was just a hope that nature would not actually present such a catastrophe. So the question is when will the United States stop trying to make all govenments democratic and all religions Christian. Was anything learned from Vietnam? Obviously, very little. It is time the United States made sure that the person residing in the White House has a plan for the upgrading of the infrastucture throughout the country. One of the biggest probelms resulting from hurricanes and tornados is fallen electrical lines. For over twenty years the electrical lines in Germany have been undergound. Why is this not possible in the United States? We should try to live offensively and think about how and where tax money is spent. Not always cleaning up a mess after not having thought through potential results of our actions.

I totally concur with your comment about shoving democracy and christianity down the throats of anyone who has neither. Missionaries have done more cultural destruction through time than any single agency other than types like Pol Pot.

Conservativism has failed this nation. The republican party is finished.

From the comments I've been reading on this website, it looks like the time is right for a 3rd political party. Its hard to tell Democrats from Republicans anymore including the ones from my state-Iowa. This is the kind of dilemma that corrupt campaign financing gets a country into. Lets hope the midterm election sends a clear message. Get out the vote.

I agree with you wholeheartedly and the sooner they crawl off and die out the better. Conservatism will always fail when those that are trying to institute it are operating from their own anal greed.

In my mind Bush should have been impeached for lying about Iraq a long time ago. Now since then, there has been so much that is questionable about his policies and his cabinet. His administration is secretive to the point of paranoia. The handling of the Katrina aftermath was abominable and unforgivable.

My God in heaven, he is supposed to be our leader, our president.....and he acts totally inept and without regard. He has, in my opinion embarrassed this country beyond any excuse. And now there is rumors that he is drinking again. He isn't quite right in his mind in the first place, he doesn't need to make worse by getting inebriated. And Congress lets this go on and on. He is ruining this country. The national debt has become a snarling monster that our children and their childrens' children will be fighting for generations. Please, oh please members of Congress impeach him now.

We have become a Third World country. Our leaders tricked us into a war with false proganda and lies. We sent the world's best trained troops into harm's way with not enough armour. We did not send enough troops to protect the Iraqi people, if that was our mission. We gave billions for unbid contracts to rebuild Iraq but we are not accomplishing that or even making Halliburton account for this money while all the while they are giving deferred payments to our V-P, Cheney. Our government has hid the coffins and funerals of our soldiers from the American people. We have spent so much money not only on this war so we could get at the Iraqi oil fields but are giving our money back to only one small segment of our society, the wealthiest class, and engorging the Federal budget with pork, that we do not have the money to take care of our people when disaster strikes unless we borrow more. Nor does the government care or they would have repaired levees they knew were vulnerable, provided transportaton for those Americans the whole world saw were stranded and huting, supplied evacuees in bumper to bumper traffic with gasoline in the area with the country's most refineries and supply of gas. The government does not care about the people as it is too busy spending the people's money. And now we are giving more unbid contracts to the company who has not accounted for it's spending in Iraq, overseen by their past president, our V-P. We have a president who is ignoring the world's call for control of global warming while hurricanes in the Gulf become monsters due to extremely hot water, but, oh, this is just a cycle or a vindictive diety. Our president, Bush, has let extreme religious fundamentalism rule our government. We are no longer a tolerant country and creationism is challenging our great scientific advances. We have lost our wealth to an uncontrolled debt held by other countries. We have lost our jobs to countries that were Third World. And we started this slide downward when we ignored our Federalism, when the Federal government selected our president over the decision of a state Supreme Court. Bush ran as a "compassionate conservative". Where has the compassion been for our people and since when is uncontrolled and irrational spending conservative? Yes, we do need to remove Bush, Cheney and the whole cabinet plus Hastert and Delay from office. We can't wait 3 1/2 more years. There won't be anything left of this country if they continue to go unchecked. But, hush, I can't say these things because my government is trying to suppress free speech and is vindictive.

Isn't Bush saying that the troops are fighting for world freedoms? One of our basic American freedoms is "Free Speech" so why is it so offensive for those of us who are not drinking the Kool Aid to speak out? Media is politically structuring what is read so I say speak out more and more and more and maybe just maybe those we have elected to represent us will hear past the Bush rhetoric and begin to listen to the truth. I for one could never be so controlled and manipulated and I am virtually a nobody but I do shape the minds of people everyday and that makes me kind of dangerous I think.

Keep the tar warm & the feathers dry, folks. And start stacking rails. Past time to run the whole kit & boilin' out of town -- the crooks at the top and the legislators too corrupt to impeach them.

You know all the reasons, all the crimes (treasonous and otherwise) that the BUSH CRIME FAMILY are guilty of.


We need a Democratic-controlled Congress in 'O6, then a good old-fashioned impeachment, THEN criminal trials for the whole cabinet, and beyond, and NO PARDONS, so that the int'l. community will realize that WE realize our mistake, and are sorry....

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