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About Cindy Sheehan

Introduction of Cindy Sheehan, Recipient of Pacifica Radio's Unvarnished Truth Award
By David Swanson

I came to know Cindy Sheehan in May, and – like most people – I immediately loved her. She is a very friendly and loving person, and you cannot work on a project with her without being constantly reminded of what it is all about, how important it is, how right it is.

Cindy does not talk about peace movement strategy as if she were working on any old project. She talks about the urgent need to end the vile crimes of the greedy bastards who sent her son to die so that they could grow rich on his flesh and blood. This is Cindy's language that I am repeating.

Cindy's directness is – for many people -- not off-putting when she speaks it, because it is so recognizably honest. She presents her personal story and her analysis of the war with absolutely no fear. She gives us, in fact, the truth without varnish. And last month she proved that even the corporate media can be attracted to such confrontational truth in a way that it never is attracted to the sort of moderate muddle more often counseled by PR pros and political advisors.

Early on during her protest in Texas, Cindy had a reporter tell her that her story was only taking off because it was a slow news week. She asked whether they thought two dozen American kids dying in Iraq was slow news. "Well, you know what I mean," came the response. "No, I don't," said Cindy. And she didn't, and she didn't want to learn to.

Cindy's son, Casey, was killed on April 4, the same date on which the person Cindy quotes more than any other was assassinated: Martin Luther King, Jr. Like King, Cindy asks us to refuse to be comfortable with accepted and respectable crimes against humanity. Cindy does not ask politely why the war isn't run better. She asks why Bush does not encourage his daughters to go.

The first place I heard Cindy give a speech was at the University of DC on June 3rd. She said then, that while 5 Republicans had voted for Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey's amendment calling for an exit strategy, 40 percent of the Democrats in the House had not. Woolsey asked one why they didn't vote with her, Cindy said, and they told her that they voted 'No' out of respect for those (Americans) who had died.

"That's the talk of the bastards who got us into this war," Cindy said. Cindy spoke calmly and deliberately, but always referred to the president as "the lying bastard."

"The evidence is overwhelming," she said, "that the lying bastard lied about the justification for invading Iraq. Now that the smoking gun is burning in our hands, we need a vote for articles of impeachment."

We still don't have that, but on June 16th, Congressman John Conyers held hearings, and we activists held a rally at the White House to call attention to the Downing Street Memo, to which Cindy was referring. One of the four witnesses to testify at that hearing was Cindy Sheehan. She spoke powerfully of how it felt to see clear evidence that Bush had lied about the reasons he sent her son to die.

That moment in mid-June was a high-point in media coverage of questioning of Bush's war lies, but it didn't come anywhere near what we dreamed of. It didn't approach the sort of saturation coverage that is generally reserved for a Michael Jackson trial or a missing teenage white girl. Action progressed in Congress, but the media turned away. The Washington Post published an article mocking Congressman Conyers' hearings and editorialized that the Downing Street Memo showed nothing new. Thousands of people Emailed and phoned to complain, and some held a protest at the Post's offices. The Post reversed course and printed a front page article. The leader of the protest down on 15th Street was Cindy Sheehan.

Two months later, what we'd all dreamed of happened: an unprecedented progressive breakthrough into the mainstream echo chamber. This came when Cindy decided to walk up to Bush's ranch and try to get herself arrested. This was Cindy's idea. Various organizations that were later accused of manipulating her would have certainly advised against this. She dragged a number of them into clearer opposition to the war, and then produced for them the largest events they'd ever been part of. She drove the agenda, not the other way around. And she and those inspired by her created in Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas, a community of activists who returned to their communities around the country ready to work as passionately as Cindy to end this war.

And when the fame came, the only thing Cindy lost was the cursing. She took advice, but she stuck to her guns. And she gracefully handled a flood of unsolicited recommendations and proposals, bitter petty rivalries, right wing smear campaigns, family emergencies, and grueling hours. Through all of this she became the leader of a movement, and did so in a way that few others could have handled. Cindy demanded in a voice loud enough for the nation to hear that the war end immediately. And Cindy is able to do this without seeming irrationally impatient: she makes clear that she does not want a single additional mother to go through what she has.

While working the corporate media, Cindy has never stopped criticizing it, and has never dropped her focus on the value of independent and progressive media on the radio and internet. Cindy's combative approach has forced the anti-war movement onto the radar of major media conglomerates that profit from war. If they give honest coverage to the events of this coming weekend, much of the credit for that must go to Cindy Sheehan.

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Other courageous tough as nails american and military family who will not take these lies anymore!!!!!!!!!

LETS DRAG THE COWARD OUT.......Want Karl Rove to try to send us packing? Send him out with his front of the hundred thousand plus gathering of us......GO AHEAD AND DO IT GEORGE!!!!!!!


Doug E.

Great Questions Doug...
CNN actually reported Friday;
He was supposed to go to Texas, but cancelled because it was suggested he might get in the way. His response was he would not,
and went to Colorado instead. Colorado Fema meeting shows a close look at his expression; lots of stress...he exhaled heavily, blowing
like a blowfish as he sat down; and then had the expression similar to the depressed stressed blank face of 9/11 in the classroom after the news of the plane hitting the Trade Towers during the reading of My Pet Goat. DARE WE HOPE TIME IS DRAWING NEAR the GRAND JURY and ALL WE KNOW WILL BRING JUSTICE BACK BY REMOVING THE TREASONOUS CRIMINALS FROM "POWER". The Report of Chavez' delivery at the UN was awesome!!!!! Chavez is working on getting Oil to poor communities (Citgo)against Bushes refusal to accept his aid.
AFTER ALL, Bush reportedly has "plans to assassinate" Chavez.

Bush can only smirk as our soldiers die at his command...He smirks because he cannot believe that a dumb ass like him is actually considered a leader of our great country...he smirks because he does not care about the deaths of US citizens and innocents around the world...not capable of any human compassion, only reads note cards prepared by his handlers...His actions are suspicious.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't draw too many conclusions from Bush's expression lately. Rove has told him to look concerned and serious any time there is a camera nearby. They know how bad it looks when he gets caught chuckling while a grieving mother cries on his shoulder.
Instead, watch for pictures of Rove. If he looks worried, then you know the truth is getting out.

Cindy Sheehan is doing nothing more than dishonoring her sons memory. Time to get off the soap-box and go home. From someone who has served in Iraq and the Arabian Gulf Region, I tell you that most of the men and women serving today do not support her claims. We are all proud to serve under a man like President Bush...a man of honor and integrity, a man who isn't have sexual intercourse with an intern in the whitehouse. A man who respects members of the military and doesn't request that military members not wear their uniforms while in the White House.

If you are so proud of your support for the criminal President why don't you use your real name?

Because he would've gotten flames and/or worse. I do not support the war. I do respect those who chose to serve out of thier beliefs. Dont' forget, people, that the respect and freedoms we're looking for go both ways. People are welcome to thier own beleifs.

Even if it flies right in the face of the truth.

After all, it's not true that NOBODY voted for "W."

honesty is great thanx I agree with it all but the nobody coment. I think one might be hard pressed to prove legitimently thant "W" won both elections with a true majority. just saying...


Dear Anonymous--I feel a lot of us can see why you chose NOT to use your name....Jack

I agree that a President having sexual intercourse with an intern in the White House is a moral low point. But it isn't even in the same class with a President who knowingly tells lies to the American people, sending troops of poorly equipped teenagers to die for nothing but oil profits.

Go sign up and fight...quick, you have never made a mistake, ever...You support a lying administration, please go fight their fights...they need are a patriot, go fight.

So, quit playing with that goverment computer Georgie. You even have it telling lies for you. Quit hiding and come out and meet the people. You are just pissed off that you are not fortunate enough to have a Lady like Cindy Sheehan for a mother. I feel for you with that Bubble Eyed thing you got stuck with.

Nuff said...for now.
No Georgie, the people really Do Not Like You.


"We are all proud to serve under a man like President Bush...a man of honor and integrity, a man who isn't have sexual intercourse with an intern in the whitehouse. A man who respects members of the military and doesn't request that military members not wear their uniforms while in the White House."

First of all, Using Bush, honor and integrity...all in the same sentence should be a criminal act.

"...A man who isn't have sexual this a result of public education? And by the way, Clinton did not have sexual intercourse with an intern...HELLO!!!??
"A man who respects members of the military...Does this explain why he has cut benefits and housing for the military? I grew up in the army. There is so much poverty and crime in the armed forces.

How do you know if he had sex with her or not? Were you there?

And ACTUALLY lied to your faces not like your ALLEGED Bush "lies". "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" - you see THAT was a lie.

I can tell everything you know about the world you learned in a Cindy She-han hippie drum circle. I feel bad for her son. Not only did he get killed (after REENLISTING) he gets embarrassed in death since "mom" managed to find the only way to disgrace his selfless sacrifice with her unintelligable tirades. You overlook these idiot tirades because it is how you WISH reality was. YOU are the brainwashed, YOU are the fools who all think alike which is why you can't win an election and must resort to more WHINING and revisionist history.

We can't help it if you have mistaken us being polite to your stupidity all this time as us taking your views seriously. Please go back to your drumming circles and dream worlds and leave the rest to people who understand the nature of agresssion and can do more than complain.


I always wonder about people who use the word "we", as in "we are all proud to serve under a man like President Bush" when it actuality he/she is only speaking for him/her self. Really now, I think the person who said that needs to get out and do a survey and not just talk to his/her like minded friends and maybe, just maybe, they will find the real world out there. I am a disabled Veteran and let me tell you loud & clear, I would have been ashamed if I was forced to serve under a man like Bush (either one). And, I'm not ashamed to sign my name like the person who wrote this. I know that since he has taken office I'm not as proud of America as I used to be, and hope to be again.

Knowledge speaks but Wisdom listens.
-Jimi Hendrix

Only the wise, it seems, are listening, are against this war.

Those who do support this war do not have the necessary life's experience to know better - that they were lied to and should be offended.

That they are not, is not Christian or any other faith.

May the consequences directly fall on the heads of the supporters and the crooks who make anti-America possible.

So, quit playing with that goverment computer Georgie. You even have it telling lies for you. You are just pissed off that you are not fortunate enough to have a Lady like Cindy Sheehan for a mother. I feel for you with that Bubble Eyed thing you got stuck with.

Nuff said...for now.

Some mother! She loves Casey because he is dead. She ignores Andy because he is still alive.

We are patriotic and thre best way to show that is to stand up to one of the most corrupt governments on record. Not only is this war making billions at your expense and the expense of spent lives, but you have been taken in by Cheney's fraud, secret meetings with the energy czars and nothing but huge increases in gasoline ever since. Let's get rid of the tyranny here before we do so anywhere else. We have never been threatened by Iraq...WAKE UP!!!!!

There are some people that deserve a bullet between the eyes. Sindy Sheehan, Jesse Jackson and Ted Kennedy just to name a few.

The Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Sean Penn and most of Hollywood.

what hole did you crawl out of? you're the one that should be shot.and why can't you give your name!you're a joke!

What is Nazzi?

What crawled up your ass and died?

I have a fart caught sideways.

Hey Anonymous...You no doubt think that you are a patriot. Your comments identify you as a coward and a traitor. Patriotism is lost on you. It is not about jingoism and rally around the president, it is about defending the constitution, and the ideals that this country was founded on. This includes holding the government accountable, questioning the president, the congress and the decisions that are supposed to be made by the people. If you honestly believe that shooting those who are vocal in oppositon is patriotic, man, you are deluded. You are a traitor. Leave this country. This country was founded on many ideals; free speech (sorry, advocating violence against those you disagree with is NOT protected speech)was central as was questioning the government. Go back and learn our history. Until then, keep your uninformed jingoistic ideas more rational.

Sindy supports the "freedom fighters" that killed her son. Teddy killed Mary Jo. Jesse is a scam artist using his "blackness" to avoid having a job. I read my history. They used to hang traitors and criminals.

Revisionist history? Because Cindy opposes the Bush Administration she supports the assholes that killed her son? Please. Wait, let me guess. Because I am less than thrilled with the inept administration I am a terrorist too, right? Bush is the most ineffective and comedic president there has been. By the way, you can oppose the President and still support the troops. The president is NOT the country and is not what patriotism is about. Hanging traitors and criminals? Yeah and you used to be able to stone your children to death or sell them into slavery too if they displeased you. What? Are you hankering for the "good 'ol days"? It is this type of idiotic and sophomoric thinking that has lead this country to this low point.

"Good 'ol days" would be nice because I'm not crazy about kids either.
Opposing the President and supporting the troops is like being a little bit pregnant. Sindy is the one who said her son's killers were "freedom fighters". Guess you don't know her very well or you just don't listen. Typical male.

Some mother! She loves Casey because he is dead. She ignores Andy because he is still alive.

You have alot of TIME on your hands...please go apply to military they need WARM BODIES like yours!

I served already.

Bush ,if you are so intent in a free and domoractic Iraqi, sent your your alcoholic party daugthers, drug neice and alcohoic, nephew to Iraqi and help our troop, in the same time they could maybe kick their addiction

Maybe if you had gone to school, you would have learned spelling so you could express yourself.

Your grammar stinks, Dummy!

Bagdad calling Ms Bush wanted in the library

Bagdad calling bush twins wanted at the bases PS....please don't worry about the daily bombs attempts inside the green zone!

Mr and Mrs. Bush Sr. New Orleans needs HELP with Clean up for the POOR! Get your hands dirty!

oral sex committed by clinton couldn't have cost more the $20 no pulic funds,, on the other hand, Bushes, lies, fraud, and misfailures andof course his agenda for a misleading and fake war in Iragi have cost the U.S. government and economy close to a trillion dollars , and Billions of dollars a month continuously,,,,,,,,,, as U.S. citizen i would rather approve Clinton's sex act where is the TRUE MORALITY IN ALL THIS, HELLO YOU CHRISTIANS.


What a whiny sack of liars. Until you people get over yourselves and start looking at reality instead of what you wish it was you will lose again and again to Bush. Haven't you realized taht people don't so much support him as they oppose you?

Where the hell is the backbone of the Congress, and the House of Representatives to sign, and issue a Warrant for the Arrest of these criminals for "IMPEACHMENT"
The rest of the world would be ecstatic, and 68% of smart people in the US could once again have a real democratic country without a totaltarian government.

I'm a mother of a special forces son..........and we support CINDY SHEEHAN not BUSH!

Are you hoping he gets killed so you can be the new "Sindy?"

How OLD are you 2! Maybe you should try Barbie Dolls for your toys as they are fake!


Between your POTTY MOUTH


How is the Poor house!

the currency trader

I read this several times and just can't figure out what you are saying. Is anyone there who speaks English?


You could send your son a bomb and then you could rejoice with Cindy.

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