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Things are really heating up in Washington DC now that all three tours have arrived! We've got a schedule full of events and congressional meetings, and we're getting ready for the big march tomorrow.

On Wednesday night, September 21st, Hart Viges of Iraq Veterans Against the War spoke at American University along with other members of the tour. Here he is in his own words:

"I go and search this hut for AK-47s, for explosives, for RPGs - you know the things that would need to convict someone, maybe, for a crime: Evidence. And all I can find is a tiny little pistol, probably to scare off thieves who were trying to steal his crops.

Well, because of that pistol we took their two young men. Their mother is at my feet, trying to kiss my feet like I deserve my feet to be kissed. Screaming, pleading. I know what she's feeling. I don't need to speak Arabic to know love and concern and fear."

You can read more of Hart's speech on our website.

Our events continue through this weekend - here's what's happening in DC:

Tonight (Friday, September 23rd) we're holding a vigil at 7:30 pm at Camp Casey, which is at Constitution Ave and 15th Street. Afterwards there will be a candlelight procession to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Tomorrow (Saturday, September 24th), Gold Star Families for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out and Veterans For Peace will be meeting at 10am to participate as a contingent in the anti-war march. A Camp Casey contingent will also be joining the march. If you're a member of one of these groups or would like to join, please meet behind the Camp Casey Reunion tent located at at Constitution Ave and 15th Street. After the march there will be a Camp Casey Reunion which will meet at 5pm at the Camp Casey Reunion tent.

Then on Sunday evening at 6pm there will be an interfaith service at Camp Casey. We hope you can join us!

Thanks for your support,
The Bring Them Home Now Tour


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But please be aware that, while you are doing your best to put an end to one war, others with far greater access to power are doing their best to start another one with the distinct possibility of a nuclear weapons "bonus" thrown in just to add a little excitement.

"Since the result of any referral of the Iran issue to the Security Council is all but guaranteed, the push by the EU-3 to have the IAEA refer Iran to the Security Council, while rooted in the language of diplomacy, is really nothing less than an act of war." -- Scott Ritter

"If Washington wants a war with Iran, then there'll be a war with Iran. That's the great lesson of the Iraq war; once the decision is made, there's no turning back.

So, why are the main-players; England, France and Germany stumbling over themselves trying to placate Bush as though the conflict can be avoided? Threatening to bring Iran before the Security Council won't alter the administrations plans one bit. In fact, it will probably only strengthen their case. Bush will use the flimsiest of reasons for initiating hostilities, so, the EU-3 should skip the frantic diplomacy and stop doing Washington's bidding. Like the Downing Street memo stated, "The facts and intelligence are being fit to meet the policy". It's the same here. No amount of groveling from the EU-3 will appease Bush once Tehran is in its crosshairs. The Big-3 would be better off sending arms and ammo to Iran so the people can defend themselves once the bombs start dropping.

The implications of a preemptive war against Iran are appalling. The Islamic state has no nuclear weapons, no nuclear weapons-program, and there's no proof that it plans to develop nuclear weapons in the future. In other words, the US is planning an attack against a nation that does not even meet its minimal requirements for preemptive war. Iran is no threat to anyone. It does, however, sit on vast reserves of oil and natural gas; a consideration that may have factored heavily into the battle-strategy." -- Mike Whitney

If it's of any interest to anyone, there's more here.

It has come to the point when someone has to say "the emperor has no clothes" and the emperor is insane.

The motive(s) in Bush's mind for this war on the Middle East (yes! Middle East!)has yet to be put in terms the "sane" can understand.

It is insane to put the US economy at risk of collapse. We beg other nations to buy our debt (including and especially China). It is only a matter of time: economic policy must change or face dire consequences. How long can we go on debt whoring w/o economic collapse? Not long now.

It is insane to risk US security by inflaming Arab hostility on the main streets of the Middle East. Attacking and occupying a country in the region raises the hackles of ALL Arabs. Where there was no trace of "terrorists" in Iraq befor the invasion, Iraq is now the on-the-job training center for anti-US militants all over the WORLD.

It is insane to ask the military to continue sacrificing lives (American and Iraqi) because lives were sacrificed in the past.

During this entire "era" from 2000 until this very day, there has been a madman in the WH.

These fascists called AIPAC would have been gone years ago, Bush would not be in power, things would not be this way.....IF our own leadership, if they really gived a damn about this country.

The democrats like Nancy Pelosi sold us out long ago.....Read about her trips with Jack Abramoff. I will NEVER forgive her for what she did......


Its all BULLSHIT. The oil wars, the whole thing.... REMOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody decided to kiss other country's asses, to kiss Israel and Turkey's ass and everyone when they "need" america or they "need" someone's imperial agenda and look what it has come to....


What kind of corrupt piece of crap leader like Dianne Feinstein, is doing sending all our dollars to pay for genocides, slaughters and DEFENSE CONTRACTORS who line her pockets?!??

Wake up!!!!!!!!! THROW THEM ALL OUT!!!!!! Kerry was the tipping point, he showed that government is corrupt now Dean and Sheehan have proven it.....END THE FARCE!!!!!!

Doug E.

Sitting here around the dining room table with fellow DCPers, planning tomorrow's schedule. We have Suz from Michigan, Mike from Illinois, Matt from New York, and Several more on their way over. Two kids from Vermont will be pitching a tent in the yard, and Miso arrives early in the morning.

The house is full, the conversation rich, and the plans hopeful. We are looking forward to having pur say--to speak the truth, in the company of thousands.

For those who are not able to join us, please get the message out to the media, through the excellent tools David has provided here:

For those who wil sing beautifully and loudly with us all tomorrow, please stop by the Democracy Cell Project table and say hello!

Bush is leaving D.C. for the coming peace march. He's already signed executive order 13224 in 2001 making hameland security measures and declaring martial law in D.C. a cake walk. Does anybody get a sense of foreboding that the feds have not so nice intentions in the design of their greet and meet for marchers?
Did you all know that you can hold recall elections for your elected U.S. representatives? Don't wait for 2006 replace them now.

RECALL Pelosi, Feinstein, Delay, march them all out on their ass......We have to force them out, its high time........we MUST BRING THEM ALL DOWN and then force new elections and begin impeachment.....

Waiting= NO OPTION WHATSOEVER. They will not give up willingly we will have to force them out, by first recalling our fakes from their seats.


and he KNOWS his stuff when it comes to Constitutional and Recall law). Doug says RECALL THE CONGRESS:

He also brings up a very VALID POINT > why didn't Kerry/Edwards campaign or anybody in Congress for that matter ever mention "PNAC" EVEN ONCE to the American people? WHY???

PNAC has been mentioned in Congress before by a few officials, including one republican.

Kerry is not an accomplice with PNAC but he is notably afraid of their power, and certainly knows their threats.

I think he chose to work behind the scenes rather than bring his family or anyone into danger.

He should get up off the block though and spearhead something, anything to end the Iraq war. And he should definitely support Conyers in recalling members of congress.......

Somehow I doubt he'll put his neck out on the line anymore then that though.....We need a TRUE leader like Dean or Sheehan to call the fascists on the carpet, and recall every crony including Dana Rohrbracker in CA....Rohrbracker is vulnerable, CA is sick of the GOP liars. We can get rid of him so lets focus ALL effort on him and then Nancy Pelosi if she won't shed her alleigences.


speeches regarding or at least mentioning PNAC. If such links exist , please post them here, because I would love to know that at least some of our public servants TRIED. This is the first I have heard that Kerry knows about PNAC (which I am sure he does) but where did he ever mention it PUBLICLY? Do you know of a link or other source of Kerry publicly discussing PNAC? What really makes me nuts is that Michael Moore did not mention PNAC in "Fahrenheit 9/11", so does this mean he did not know of it at the time or what? Congressman Jim McDermott hints at it in "Fahrenheit 9/11" without mentioning it by name ...again, WHY?

They are so used to protesters there. They will just ignore you like all the rest and eventually you'll go home and they will forget that you were even there. You can threaten to vote them out but you can't do it on their voting machines. Maybe you can ask some gate-keeper judge if you can file some sort of law suit to bring attention to the truth, get some relief from the wrongs done to you but he'll say NO. America is lost to the powerful elite. We can't even stand together by being a good jurists and protect those trying to expose the truth. Look at the Irwin Schiff trial going on right now in Las Vegas. He's been fighting the IRS for 30 years trying to tell people the fraud of that terrorist agency. The trial not going well because the judge is stopping evidence from being presented, etc. Those people in the jury box will convict him and not think a second about what he is trying to do for THEM. Sleep on America.

Thank you for the information. Education is so important.
What better way for Bush to to bring back the fear for national security, the 911 and patriotism cards then to start another war?
Wag the Dog. This could take care of all the scandals; Hastert, Frist, Rove, Delay, Bush, Cheney all have legal problems/scandals.

They are all criminals. They might start another war just to keep attention of their indictments. Nothing is impossible with these people. Why is Fitzgerald taking so long? Waiting is so painful.
Is it possible he will be replaced by Bush as reported in Time?

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