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Firm as a Mule

Bush Firm on Iraq Policy as Antiwar Forces Plan Protest
By Maria Newman
The New York Times

Friday 23 September 2005

President Bush said today that even though Hurricanes Rita and Katrina had dominated national attention and resources in the last few weeks, "our focus on defending our country remains undiminished" and that he had no intention of heeding critics' calls to withdraw American troops from Iraq anytime soon.

With opponents of the war in Iraq planning a major protest in Washington this weekend, the president acknowledged that there were differences of opinion about Iraq and that he knew that many people believed the only way to curtail the violence in Iraq was to bring home American forces.

"I recognize their good intentions, but their position is wrong," the president said. "Withdrawing our troops would make the world more dangerous."

The antiwar rally, scheduled for Saturday, will feature Cindy Sheehan, whose son died in Iraq and who gained wide notice this summer when she set up camp outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Tex., while he vacationed there. Ms. Sheehan has been among the most vocal in calling for Mr. Bush to withdraw American troops from Iraq immediately.

Mr. Bush said that "to leave Iraq now would be to repeat the costly mistakes of the past that led to the attacks of September the 11th, 2001."

Mr. Bush spoke at the Pentagon after a video-conference briefing on the global war on terrorism by Gen. George Casey of the Army, the top commander in Iraq, and Gen. John Abizaid of the Army, the commander of United States Central Command. Vice President Dick Cheney joined the president.

The president asserted at a news conference afterward that terrorists had studied the American responses to the Iranian hostage crisis during the Carter administration, the bombing of United States Marines' barracks in Lebanon during the Reagan administration and the first terror attack on the World Trade Center during the Clinton administration, among other events.

"The terrorists concluded that we lacked the courage and character to defend ourselves, and so they attacked us," the president said. "The only way the terrorists can win is if we lose our nerve and abandon the mission."

"For the safety and security of the American people, that's not going to happen on my watch," he said.

He also said that the level of violence in Iraq would probably increase in the coming months.

"Today, our commanders made it clear: As Iraqis prepare to vote on their constitution in October and elect a permanent government in December, we must be prepared for more violence," he said.

He also criticized Syria for not cooperating more with efforts to seal the Syrian-Iraqi border from insurgents. "Their response has not been very satisfactory to date," he said.


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Hmmm. Let's see. A mule is the offspring from cross-breeding a horse with a donkey. Getting the elephant to fit in must have been quite an uncomfortable experience for Bush's sire and dam.

He knows too much about what the terrorists think, and yet he doesn't know how to capture them. Why does that makes sense?

George W. Bush is at least smart enough to know that terrorism cannot be defeated because it is a tactic, not an enemy. As long as there are Americans in Iraq, they will continue to be killed. Ironically, mostly by insurgent Iraqis who just want us to get the hell out of their country. However many Al Qaeda are there, they came at the invitation of our war monger president, and their numbers around the world can only be increasing, emboldened by this illegitimate president's deadly charade.

Doesn't matter to Dubya, though, whether it's Iraqis or terrorists that are doing the killing. He just needs an excuse to continue the perpetual PNAC (ie: big business/big profit/self-enriching) war. He couldn't care less that every ounce of blood spilled in the sands of Iraq is on his hands.

He's no Christian. He's a soulless war criminal.

Not only does the entire evil Bush cabal need to be ridden out of Washington on a rail, they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of American and international law for their heinous crimes.

John Perry

invasions? He is worse than his disease, this cabal has got to go. We do not trust them to "save" us or anybody else.

He is also too stubborn to admit his complicity against his own country> America.

Having completely bamboozled the nation with their staged 9/11 attacks, Bush/Cheney got everything they wanted from Congress. They essentially setup a dictatorship for themselves. Bush is now acting as a dictator, not a traditional president. The massive deception of the 9/11 attacks and the public's continued unquestioning acceptance of the official 9/11 lie, gives Bush/Cheney exactly the kind of leverage they need to continue to stonewall on ending the war. 9/11 is so vital to their entire war agenda, that to give an inch now would force Bush back into acting like a traditional president i.e. accountable to the American people! Bush/Cheney are not going to give up this type of hold on the nation easily.

An anti-war movement basing its positions solely on the facts, reason, right, or even what's best for the nation, is going to see tough going with such inveterate liars and sociopaths. The anti-war movement must get it through their heads that the illusion of 9/11, will have to be destroyed, if Bush/Cheney's hold on the nation is to be seriously loosened. As long as Americans actually believe that we were attacked by Islamic terrorists on 9/11, Bush/Cheney will continue to get away with their own complicity in the attacks, and use our ignorance to prolong the war due to "national security"! The Bush/Cheney dictatorship rests soley upon the massive deceptions of 9/11 and the bogus 'war on terror'. Only the overthrow of these grand delusions will level the playing field of American politics, expose Bush/Cheney's treason, and free the public from debilitating ignorance! Only the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth will stop this war!

We must remove them all.....thats what our demonstrations and our fight should be about!!!!!!!!!

Doug E.

PNAC even has 501c3 tax exemptions due to its "educational" purposes>
does it matter that its promoting mass murder in its "educational" materials such as their website, letters, and whitepapers? Now remember, this PNAC "thug tank" pays no taxes to IRS

Irish Republican Army and Mafia must be quite envious!

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