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Caught red-handed

Nafeez Ahmed


Zarqawi Eat Your Heart Out

Basra is relatively stable compared to central Iraq where violence involving insurgents, civilians and coalition forces is a daily routine. The city has rarely been a site of clashes between insurgents and coalition troops, nor is it a victim of regular terrorist attacks. This week, however, things changed, but not thanks to Zarqawi and his al-Qaeda ilk.

On Monday, two British soldiers were arrested and detained by Iraqi police in Basra. Within a matter of hours, the British military responded with overwhelming force, despite subsequent denials by the Ministry of Defence, which insisted that the two men had been retrieved solely through "negotiations."

British military officials, including Brigadier John Lorimer, told BBC News (9/20/05) that the British Army had stormed an Iraqi police station to locate the detainees. Ministry of Defence sources confirmed that "British vehicles" had attempted to "maintain a cordon" outside the police station.

After British Army tanks "flattened the wall" of the station, UK troops "broke into the police station to confirm the men were not there" and then "staged a rescue from a house in Basra", according a commanding officer familiar with the operation. Both men, British defence sources told the BBC's Richard Galpin in Baghdad, were "members of the SAS elite special forces." After their arrest, the soldiers were over to the local militia.

What had prompted this bizarre turn of events? Why had the Iraqi police forces, which normally work in close cooperation with coalition military forces, arrested two British SAS soldiers, and then handed them over to the local militia? A review of the initial on-the-ground reports leads to a clearer picture.

Fancy Dress and Big Guns Don't Mix

According to the BBC's Galpin, reporting for BBC Radio 4 (9/20/05, 18 hrs news script), Iraqi police sources in Basra told the BBC the "two British men were arrested after failing to stop at a checkpoint. There was an exchange of gunfire. The men were wearing traditional Arab clothing, and when the police eventually stopped them, they said they found explosives and weapons in their car…It's widely believed the two British servicemen were operating undercover."

Undercover? Dressed as Arabs? What were they trying to do that had caught the attention of their colleagues, the Iraqi police?

According to the Washington Post (9/20/05), "Iraqi security officials on Monday variously accused the two Britons they detained of shooting at Iraqi forces or trying to plant explosives." Reuters (9/19/05) cited police, local officials and other witnesses who confirmed that "the two undercover soldiers were arrested after opening fire on Iraqi police who approached them." Officials said that "the men were wearing traditional Arab headscarves and sitting in an unmarked car."

According to Mohammed al-Abadi, an official in the Basra governorate, “A policeman approached them and then one of these guys fired at him. Then the police managed to capture them.


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The Dude:
"Uh, uh, like Lenin said,...uh..follow the uh, the uh, you know."

"I am the Walrus?"

So obvious, and so scandalous; ROVE MARKS, wouldn't ya say???

This piece is just steaming with questions.

The British SAS is usually much sneakier. Getting caught red-handed like this must be a terrible blow to their morale, not to mention a slight embarrassment for their handlers.

According to the British Army handbook, the SAS is "particularly suited, trained, and equipped for counter-revolutionary operations," with a specialization in "infiltration," "sabotage," "assassination," as well as "liaison with, organization, training, and control of friendly guerrilla forces operating against the common enemy." From its inception in World War II, Special Air Services was detailed to run sabotage behind enemy lines and to organize popular revolt, at first in North Africa, and then in the Balkans. More here.

That "sabotage behind enemy lines" stuff sure sounds interesting. Could we suppose that they might have been commissioned to help to incite the already growing civil war in Iraq? Should we even contemplate any such nefarious role? Naw, the Brits would never be a part an underhanded scheme like that. Or would they?

Poor, poor, Iraq! What did your people ever do to deserve all this imperial style "freedom and democracy".

This article by one of the pioneers of independent 9/11 research gives readers the key to understanding the true nature of what's been erroneously called "Islamic Terror" especially as it applies to terror attacks in Iraq. The British soldiers captured in Basra are but a small example of US/British/Israeli sponsored terrorism, for which Muslims are routinely blamed. The attacks they would have carried out were intended to achieve specific political aims in Iraq. This same model may also be applied to the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. 9/11 was essentially a much larger example of US/British/Israeli sponsored terrorism for which Muslims were also blamed. The 9/11 attacks have been instrumental in the Fed's overthrow of over two hundred years of constitutional restrictions, in favor of a fledgling Presidential dictatorship.

In a move remeniscent of the US House Un-American Activities Committee, with a dash of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Britain's home secretary, Charles Clarke, is now drawing up a list of historical events that people can be prosecuted for celebrating.

More here

New Accounts of Torture by U.S. Troops
(New York, September 24, 2005) -- U.S. Army troops subjected Iraqi detainees to severe beatings and other torture at a base in central Iraq from 2003 through 2004, often under orders or with the approval of superior officers, according to accounts from soldiers released by Human Rights Watch today.


Is this what Americans were trying to portray of themselves?

Bunch of mindless robots that have no control over their actions because happened to be under pressure? Because is the war zone?

What 's fundamentally different between them and a member of Al-Quieda? I say nothing, There are both using a barbaric inhumane tools to achieve their objectives, whatever that maybe,

If you could still be human under very hard circumstance and act like one then you accomplished something, otherwise every nut case and fanatic, are driven by their emotions, nothing, absolutely nothing could justify this.

To those who support this kind of actions I have nothing to say. They are fanatic at its worst kind. However my target are those who are silence , they must know, being silence in this case is collaborating with injustice, becoming one with abusers.

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