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Senator Dayton introduces Department of Peace legislation in the Senate!

From the Peace Alliance

Dear Friends,

On September 22nd, 2005, Senator Mark Dayton (D-MN) introduced the Department of Peace legislation into the U.S. Senate (S. 1756), calling for an elevation of the Reagan-established "Institute of Peace" to a Cabinet-level position.

This is a huge moment for our campaign, and for the future of the Department of Peace! Senator Dayton's leadership and enthusiastic support will take us to the next level in our work as we continue to advocate for this historic legislation.

Speaking from the Senate floor, Dayton said, "If we are to remain the world's leader, and if we are to lead the world into a more secure and more prosperous future, we must become better known and more respected for our peacemaking successes than for our military forces. Peace, to have any lasting value, must be advanced, expanded and strengthened continuously. Doing so requires skill, dedication, persistence, resources, and, most importantly, people."

Appropriately, Dayton's legislation coincides with the 44th anniversary of the nation's oldest federal agency dedicated to peace. On September 22nd, in 1961, President Kennedy signed legislation that created the Peace Corps, an idea originally proposed by Senator Hubert Humphrey in 1957.

Many thanks to our Department of Peace activists from Minnesota who met with Senator Dayton this past week at our conference and encouraged him to take this on. In particular we thank three of our youth leaders: Chelsea Skog, Eric Skog and Raven Kinnell who also met with the Senator. Senator Dayton said he was doing it for them, and for all our youth.



We ask that each of you help continue this momentum by calling your own Senators today and urging them to support (bill # is S. 1756). Contact your Senator at the U.S. capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121. To find your Representative, visit Tell the staffer who answers your call that you want your Senator to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Department of Peace legislation. Request a written response explaining your Senator's position and the reasoning behind it. It's most effective if you call first, then follow-up with a fax or email.


To write your Representative, click below to get started. This will allow you to send an email or a fax to your congressperson.

Join us now. Create a Department of Peace. Help make history. Together, we can do this.


We need your support financially. From conference planning to web design to organization and training, our staff continues to keep the campaign moving. Please help us in building an organization capable of moving the campaign forward even more.

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Thank you Senator Dayton. Your introduction of this legislation in the Senate is very important. Great work. But, it is only a small step toward peace and justice that have been ignored by you and so many of your colleagues. Don't stop with this baby step. Take a giant step for humanity and work to impeach George Bush and indict the rest of his administration. Remember, there's very little time left in your term as senator. Please use that time to make a real and positive impact.

I give this peace movement a big plus this time, unlike in 03' when in March possibly hundreds of thousands showed up and no coverage at all_ not to invade Iraq. War Period was not called for without the proper reactionary time to think things through, considering how stupid our protectors of our Country were asleep on the job_ on Vacation or Holiday?

C-span showed only the upfront ANSWER radical voices with others too but to me they focused on the close in shots and no full view of the MARCH ITSELF which would really impress the USA society to get off there butts and make this peace rally & march work!
I did get to hear G. Galloway speak and heard him say the same amount of folks on the other side of the pond were marching in this peace movement, also online we signed and sent our comments and photos for we would have come if we could have gotten away to do so.
I am ashamed of the American Media.. even after the FEMA embarrassment, hiding body counts.. shooting citizens .. sick
shame on them all!
I also saw where American Media missed the 'One Day of Peace' on Sept 21st ... eh whad' I expect.
Great March for all those who could travel this year. I am so proud of all who put their lives on the line for us who could not.
Peace to all
" and for Christ's sake...please God " come and take those people home"
Leave Planet Earth for those who love her and will treat her right on!

I am one proud Minnesota Democrat tonight! Senator Dayton has "stood up" before to challenge the Bush administration, when he voted against the use of military force in Iraq in October 2002; when he spoke truth to power in his address at the Congressional hearings on the 9/11 Commission Report in July 2004; and when he raised his voice against the nomination of Condoleeza Rice for Secretary of State in January 2005, accusing the President and his advisors of lying to the American people. Now he earns my respect, admiration, and gratitude again by calling for a Cabinet-level Department of Peace.

It is a great loss that he has decided not to run again, but being a peace supporter in the current Congress would be disheartening for anyone. I salute his leadership in this, as on so many issues, and say thank you from the depths of my soul.

I, too, applaud Senator Dayton for taking the initiative to fight the Bush regime. I only wish the Senators and Representatives of my state (Georgia) would do something other than follow lockstep with this administration.

I have never been more ashamed to be a part of a state than I am at this moment. The Republicans have done a spectacular job of dividing our great nation, and I don't think that is a record to be proud of.
They have disturbed the hornets nest, and it is up to all of us to demand change, bring hope for a more peaceful world, and bring stability and a more popular opinion from the world. Senator Dayton surely understands this, and I hope this can spread throughout the Washington Capital Building.

I we the people of the united States are ever going to change the course of history , and extricate ourselves from this despicable war in Iraq and Afganistan. we must adopt a more activist role in the day to day proceedings that has embarked on a very questionable military adventure. This is not a time for blind obedience or follow the leader who is trifling with the future image of this country--it is a time for cool observations of what is right and what is wrong in our day to day government. We are retreating backward into a sea of quicksand on our present route. If there are those who wish us harm as a nation amidst the other countries of the international, community, it behooves us to single them out and ascertain and assess their true intent and deal with it accordingly. Trampling other people's rights and national pride is not the route we are to take for then we serve not as a guiding light to the rest of the world but merely brand our selves a tyrants and interlopers. There is no other way than to call a spade a spade. Coating in in lofty rhetoric and sugar coating it does not change its true intent.

Thank you, Senator Dayton, for introducing the Department of Peace in conjunction with Dennis Kucinich. This country is suffering soaring unemployment, lack of adequate disaster aid from our National Guard, diminishing grants for our college students, etc. We are headed for very hard times if we don't begin to get our priorities straight. Bring the troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq NOW! Let the govenments we put into place begin to govern for themselves. After all, are we not told that we are spreading democracy in that region of the world?
I would be very interested in helping to get the word out about your proposal in my state, Ohio. I am a casual friend of Representative Kathleen Chandler(D) and know that she would be strong on this issue.

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