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Signing Statement prediction

By AndrewMC, Dailykos

OK, we all know what's happening with these signing statements. Across the country, people complain that Bush uses them to circumvent Congress' authority on . . . well, on just about everything.

So, the signing statements are legendary, and without an active Congress, apparently, we won't get change.

Some suggest, however, that it might be best to keep quiet because a Democratic president may want to use those things to hir benefit. Let go your breath cause it will never happen.

Once either Barak or Hillary are elected in November, take office next January, and receive the first bill to sign a few days or weeks later, the Repugnicans will jump all over that first signing statement like flies on stink.

And being Repugnicans--and therefore better at this than we are, apparently--they aren't going to mess around with whining and crying and pleading. No, they're going to file a lawsuit, and they're going to fast-track it to the Supreme Court. The brilliance of this is that they won't even have to pave new legal ground, because they've done this once before.

"Huh?" you say, "when was that?" Simple, in 1996, when then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani filed a case in U.S. district court, arguing that the Line Item Veto Act of 1996 was unconstitutional. In Clinton v New York City, the Supreme Court struck down the Act, saying that the line-item veto was unconstitutional.

In his majority opinion Justice John Paul Stevens upheld a lower court's decision, concluding "the procedures authorized by the line-item veto act are not authorized by the Constitution."

So what? So, lots. Signing statements amount to a de facto line item veto. And any politician worth hir salt and who wanted to put an end to them would bring a court case right away, and would make as much noise about it as possible.

But not the current Democratic Congress. Way too compliant. But Repugnicans are more than willing to play that kind of game, and I predict that they'll pounce on this first chance they get to hold up Barak or Hillary when the time comes.

The question is, why haven't we followed that path? Why don't we have the guts? Where are our leaders?


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The first dem to use signing statements was Bill Clinton.

The Republicans in Congress didn't say anything about that, they gave Bill a line item veto power.

Most of us don't want Hillary or Barak using them either.

The p/resident isn't supposed to make laws, just enforce them.

They're all over the country.

They're soccer moms and garbage men; advertsing executives and pizza delivery guys; writers and artists; teachers and students....

Blue collar, white collar, no collar.

All walks of life.

And far too many of them are walking in their sleep while organized criminals openly, methodically dismantle our republic.

Yes, We the People are the leaders, but we have abdicated our responsibility. We have forgotten that there is far more to responsible citizenship than wandering into a voting booth every couple of years to elect people to govern our country. And far too many don't even do that.

It's also our job to keep these elected public servants accountable. THEY are supposed working for US.

But far too many are willing to simply hand them the keys to the store and disappear for two, four or six years until it's time to vote again.

Which opens the door to the corruption that has been devouring Washington and turning elected patriots with nothing but the best of intentions into wholly owned special interest subsidiaries for decades.

Washington will never change itself. It's up to us.

The real leaders.

How about it people?

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I remember when John Conyers letter first came out about Downing Street Memos, I went a little bonkers and printed a bunch of copies, and handed a few out to perfect strangers, and laid most of the others around. At that time is when London Times and "blogs" such as a new one called came out ;o) I remember stopping my car and handing a copy to a garbage man, I also handed one to a clerk behind a music store counter, and a serviceman and his wife in Walmart...I have wondered what each one did with the copy of John Conyers letter about Downing Street Memos.

That's how the Founding Fathers intended things to be. We have been lulled into complacency as consumers but we are really Citizens.The time is right.If a 59 year old like me is fed-up enough to protest in the streets with the young people, then it is time.It was humorous to note that many of my fellow patriots were complaining how much easier this was in the 60's.We all had aches and pains but we had the spirit of change in our hearts.

I love the fighting spirit of John Edwards.He was the catalyst many of us needed to get off our butts but he was marginalized by the media which is controlled by the power brokers. Obama shows much of that same spirit but he prefers a more civilized approach. We may have to drag him along the path of revolution but if he is the change agent he claims to be, he won't mind.

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