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By Jim Hightower

George W is the kind of guy who'll gladly sacrifice your life for his country.

Not only was he a cheerleader when he was in college at Yale, but he also was an energetic cheerleader for the war that was raging in Vietnam at the time. Of course, he cheered from a safe distance, using family connections to make certain that he personally would not have to do any fighting.

Now that he's in the White House, Bush is cheerleader-in-chief for his own war. In a recent speech designed to shore-up sagging public support for his misadventure in Iraq, he referred to the terrible fact that nearly 2000 Americans have already died there. Of these dead troops, Bush said, "We owe them something," by which he meant continuing the war. What a callous payback: Many have died, so many more must die to pay tribute to those who've died. That's a war rationale chasing its own tail.

But when he says that "we" must war on, he certainly does not mean that any of his own family members should be among those Americans who'll face death. Neither of his twin daughters, who are of primo enlistment age, have signed up for what their Daddy tells others is a "noble cause." Nor will you find any of his eight enlistment- age nieces and nephews anywhere near his war. Apparently, the cause is not quite noble enough for the Bushes to join it.

How ironic that the Pentagon can't recruit enough soldiers to meet its monthly quota for Iraq – yet there are ten good prospects in the president's own family. A White House spokeswoman responded curtly to this curiosity: "There are many ways for people to serve their country." Contrast the Bushes unwillingness to step forward to the example set by Franklin Roosevelt's family – all four of his sons served admirably in World War II.

This is Jim Hightower saying... A petition is circulating to demand either that Bush's kids put their lives on the line... or that Bush bring all the troops home. To sign, go to


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Mr Swanson or anyone: Circulate a "promissory" enlistment form amongst the pro-war Neocons who attend the rally and keep numerical tabs on how many of these chickenhawks actually sign on. Then publish the numbers and let the public know just how chicken-crap they really are. Willing to sacrifice the blood of others while they wreak havoc on those they have lied to. Numbers don't lie.....

Our President, George Bush, won this last election by largely appealing to conservative Christians in the U.S. Bush loudly proclaimed himself to be a Christian. One of my friends (with whom I did not agree) said, "We like G. Bush. He's a Christian and he prays about his decisions." The book of Matthew exhorts us as Christians to go into our closet to pray and not to make a big show of it. Bush apparently never read that.

God is a God of truth. Very clearly in the book of John the Scriptures declare that the Truth (epitomized by Jesus but true of all truth) is what sets us free. This war was based on lies. Lies cannot bring true freedom. Perhaps President Bush has chosen to ignore this. Satan, not the Christian God, is the father of all lies. Jesus very clearly taught this.

I believe many in this country have been duped and have been naive. It is time for people, and especially for Christians in the U.S. , to look at the truth about this war and demand that our troops be brought home, to make reparations in Iraq, and demand that the House introduce Articles of Impeachment against George Bush.

Clearly the portion of the U.S. Constitution dealing with war powers is broken. The President has usurped and Congress has abdicated the power to declare war since the end of WW II. We need a new constitutional remedy. How about removing the decision from both the President and Congress and place it solely in the hands of the people who would have to fight. In the future let's have a national referendum to decide whether the country may or may not utilize force of any type and only allow current members of the military (not veterans) and those eligible for any draft to vote.

Think tanks that promote mass murder (war) must also be illegalized. These think tanks and lobbies that plot and plan invasions have squirmed their way into a beloved American institution, the Non-Profit Tax Exempt Organization. NPO's used to be the domain of soccer Moms and Candy-Stripers in hospitals and Girl Scout Brownies selling cookies and Cub Scouts earning badges. NPO's were only created for charities and community-based services, NOT invasion clubs!
Think Tanks have become the haven of thugs and mass murderers. Frankly, the think tank such as PNAC is an American version of a terrorist organization with a 501c3 status !!! The whitepaper of PNAC that is behind all this imperialistic murder is PNAC's "Rebuilding America's Defenses" , and its roster of contributors reads like a Who's Who of the the Military-Industrial Complex. This is PRECISELY what Ike warned us about in 1961 .

The Non-Profit Organization must NO longer be the haven of invasion clubs, terrorists, and crime organzitions that promote and plot murder under the guise of tax-exempt status. Get the PNAC with Tax Evasion>>> that's how they got Al Capone !!!

If good ol' boys in suits and red ties plan and plot murder, be it Enron robbing little old ladies pensions or PNAC with invasion plots, then these thugs must be treated the same way we treat Mafia godfathers>>> as racketeering murderers!

Great clip! I'm passin' it on to all supporters!!
Those COWARDS!!! Lyin' sacks!!!

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