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Romney's Earpiece

Who Is Whispering in Romney's Ear?
By Jerry Zandstra, Red State

On January 12, Gov. Mitt Romney was in Michigan campaigning for the January 15th Republican presidential primary. One of his event stops was the “Defending the American Dream Summit” sponsored by Americans for Prosperity of Michigan, which I serve as chairperson.

Multiple candidates addressed those gathered at the summit. One of the more difficult aspects of the entire conference was trying to work around the ever-fluctuating schedules of presidential candidates. We were trying to avoid putting Gov. Romney in conflict with the next presidential speaker. Those in charge of logistics did all they could to keep the various campaigns happy.

During Gov. Romney’s speech, one of his handlers mentioned to one of our staff people that any time Gov. Romney needed to wrap things up, he would be happy to let Gov. Romney know through the ear-piece that he wore.

Being unfamiliar with whether or not presidential candidates wear Jack Bauer-like ear pieces, I simply assumed this was common practice.

All that changed during the most recent debate.

During the Republican debate recently held in Florida, there was a very strange moment when a whisper was heard over the television. Apparently, those in the auditorium, including the candidates, were unable to hear it, but those watching on television heard it clearly.

Moderator Tim Russert asked Romney the question on Reagan -- “Will you do for social security what Ronald Reagan did in 1983?” Immediately following Russert’s question, there is an audible statement in just one channel of audio saying “not raise taxes.”
Then Romney says “I’m not going to raise taxes…”

Click here to view and hear the recording:

Could Romney’s so-called economic expertise be actually some sort of Wizard of Oz operation? Are we dealing with a real-life Manchurian Candidate?

Gov. Romney needs state for the record whether or not he wore an ear piece the night of the debate and whether or not his policy is phoned in or actually his own ideas.


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link does not work

I'm no Romeny fan, but if these guys and the gal need a little help, what's so bad about that? What is annoying is that the so-called journalists have no-go issues like the Iraq aggression and what really happened on 9ll. It is also interesting that the media is not picking up on this story. I wonder about that.

...we should spend more time trying to figure out WHY is was heard.
If he had been using it all night, why was it heard just this one time? And were the other candidates using the same thing? It would seem that someone, perhaps working for the network, that had the capabilities to pick up the frequency that the Romney people were broadcasting on, deliberately broadcast that "whisper" to discredit the Romney campaign in order to sway the primary.
My guess would be that they want the candidate endorsed by the network, to win, so they showed Romeny's little strings, in order to embarass him.

I agree with the "annoying" habit of journalists not asking the needed questions, but upon reflection, do you really think any of these folks that want to lead our country should get a pass for cheating??

Saw Chomsky last night on C Span saying that the current government is not getting away with all the coups and terrorism previous administrations have gotten away with in the past. Apparently Nixon told Kissinger to tell Haig to send everything that flies to anything that moves in Cambodia and that deaths are five times what we thought they were. Chomsky seemed to say that BushCo isn't doing such awful things to the planet as predecessors. Doesn't make me feel any better.

It is time to raise the standard of our representatives, including president. So, sorry, 4 peace, I don't think they deserve a little help from their friends during a debate when the stakes are so high, or low. I wouldn't let it go without notice or even outrage, if it were for who would be the best dog-walker. Does anyone have a dog? I'd want to know what sort of person he or she is, not what someone whispers in their ear to tell me what I want to hear. Okay, I've never hired a dog-walker. How about a babysitter? Sorry if this sounds harsh, and my guess your frustration about real questions not being asked made other part of statement somehow lost in translation.

Willy, Like your question, and hopefully others are on the scent.

because I almost never watch TV so I don't know whether the media has caught up with this latest shenanigan of one of the lying, cheating and murderous pro-life members of the Republican Party. It would be nice if they would cover it.


I watch CSpan, some Olbermann at 8 (EST),Stewart and Colbert on Comedy Central 11/11:30 (EST) sometimes, and, egads, "Brothers and Sisters" on one of the networks. There are plenty of folks that watch the networks, so we don't have to, and anything worth watching generally shows up here. Also watch Moyers Journal or is it Moyers Now on PBS at 9 on Friday nights.
That is all the tv media that I can bear. David points out that some, if not most, of the hearings in congress don't even show up on CSpan (covers House) or CSpan 2 (covers Senate). CSpan 3 not available here and a good part of the time CSpan 2 gives way to sporting events in my area, which I thought a conspiracy when things get hot, but well, that is just the agreement between comcast and local (not) sporting needs. Well, maybe the teams are local, but I've never heard of the teams.

When I called, pretty upset, that I didn't see anything in the archives of a hearing I thought important, my rep's staff pointed out that the different committees have their own sites (not CSpan) that have the hearings archived. So when I went to, judiciary committee, archives, I found what I was looking for pretty easily. For a lot of people without broadband or dsl across our country, that doesn't help much. Should mention that hearing was pretty unintelligible to me with super frequent stops and starts. Most video doesn't come to this computer appearing that way. So the archives ain't all that, but don't dissuade others from looking, you may have better luck. Sorry for all the posts today. From one codepinker to another, staying away from the tube is probably a great idea. One day I'll join you.
Peace, Rain

I know what "gatekeepers" are. But, Chomsky has been one of the most influential voices of dissent in this country for some time now.

If Chomsky really was suggesting that this administration is somehow "less criminal" than those in the past, I beg to differ. It's true that Nixon holds a special place in the Boardroom of Hell for his efforts to step-up the Vietnam War and spread it into Cambodia, but let's not forget that Nixon didn't create the war in Vietnam, Johnson did with the Gulf of Tonkin.

I am surprised by Chomsky sometimes; especially recently when he suggested that the indiscrepencies of the 9/11 investigation should be chalked up to "some times unexplainable things happen". That seems a little oversimplified for a man of his obvious capabilities. And to suggest that sometimes the laws of physics may just stop working, is a little disingenuous, to say the least.

probably is very aware of Black's Law Dictionary and the usage of the U.S.A. as a corporation.

does he ever mention how EASY it is to go around this

revert to direct State to State citizen interaction and do not include the federal

I can't see what is wrong with having a real investigation of 9ll unless someone has something to hide.

When you consider that Bush first tried to put Kissinger in charge of the Commission, and then yielded only to install Philip Zelikow as the Director, things do start to look a bit fishy, eh?

(Zelikow, of course, being a co-author of a book earlier with Condi Rice, and he was on the transition team for Bush with others like Rumsfeld, Rice, and Wolfowitz.)

Several of the Commissioners have come forward calling for a new, independent investigation into the events leading up to that day.

Even the chairs, Lee Hamilton and Thomas Keane have gone on record to say they had been lied to by the Pentagon and others during the investigation. They also have said that information was withheld from them about certain aspects of the funding of the attacks and the investigations of suspected terrorists before the attacks.

The curiousness of the "put" options on American and United Airlines and the connections between those options and the Executive Director of the CIA's old company AB Brown, would be enough of a reason to suspect that there was fore-knowledge of the event at least. And then, when the head of AB Brown resigned on the 12th of Sept. with no prior warning or reason given as to why...?

To make a very long story short, there needs to be a new, independent investigation into the event.

It was simply the biggest single crime ever committed on US soil as well as the cornerstone for the entire "war on terror" that has changed everything this country once stood for.

Were it to be proven to be a sham, then what has come from it in these past 6 years would also be proven to be just as much of a sham.
Besides, even President Bush stopped looking for bin Laden a long time ago. Maybe we should take the hint.

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