All of us will be in Washington to let this administration and the Congress know this war needs to end. Change will happen in the house and senate. Once we leave Washington, we need to be well-informed and emboldened to continue lobbying our representatives in Washington to be among those demanding and working toward ending the war.

This week-end is the perfect time to share every known method to accomplish this goal!

UFPJ is sponsoring a
Reserve a table for your group or organization today!
Display Materials * Distribute Proposals * Discuss Initiatives * Offer training * Help educate Provide Petitions * Exchange ideas
to support the most powerful and proactive
ever, as well as sending everyone home from Washington
with all they need to continue legislative initiatives to end this war!

This is a perfect place for your group or organization to introduce everyone to petitions, proposed legislation, templates for letter-writing campaigns,
grass roots training, key legislative initiatives,
and all efforts that better equip us to be more powerful spokesmen for peace!
You are welcome to offer buttons, signs, bumper stickers, videos, posters, and promotional materials for sale!

Details will follow as they are defined. For now,


We thought about calling it the Congressional Accountability tent so if your efforts, actions, or goals are focused on what can happen in our Congress, then this is the tent where you need to be!

Reply by return email to reserve your table!

LOCATION: The tents will be in the northwest corner of the Washington Monument grounds, near Constitution Avenue and 17th Street. A rough map of the festival location is at All the tents will be clearly labeled with large signs. If you have trouple locating the LEGISLATIVE ACTION tent when you arrive to set up, go to the main UFPJ information tent, which will also be clearly labeled.

Set-up: You can arrive as early as 7:00AM and 8:00AM on Saturday morning to set up your table. We will need your participation in setting up the tables and chairs in the tents (not just in setting up items on the tables. We'll assist you in every possible way but please bring extra folks if at all possible. Unfortunately, the National Parks Service is not allowing any vehicle access to the area. You will need to use a shopping cart, handtruck, or something of the sort to get your materials to the site. We are trying to line up a few extra handtrucks.

What to bring: We are expecting a very large crowd on Saturday -- perhaps hundreds of thousands of people. Not every person will visit every tent, of course, but you should plan your print runs with a massive audience in mind. Be sure to bring snacks and water with you, as there won't be any available for purchase in the immediate festival area.

Festival hours: The festival runs from 10:00AM until 10:00PM on Saturday (the concert will go significantly later), and from 10:00AM until 6:00PM on Sunday. We recognize that not every group will be able to staff its tables for the whole time -- try to work out a cooperative arrangement within your tent. Please box up your materials at the end of the day/evening on Saturday and put them underneath the tables (we don't want leaflets blowing all over the Washington Monument grounds at 3:00AM). We will have a modest amount of overnight security, but anything you leave is at your own risk.

Electricity: We have lined up generators through our sound and stage company. We need to know in advance if you will require electricity.

Donations for table space: To help defray the cost of renting the tents and tables, we are asking every group to make a modest, sliding-scale donation: $10-20 for groups that are just distributing literature; $25-50 for groups that are selling merchandise. This is only a fraction of the actual cost of the tents and tables. You can either mail a check (with "festival tent" in the memo line) to UFPJ, P.O. Box 607, Times Square Station, NY NY 10108 or make your contribution on site, either to me or the UFPJ coordinator.

UFPJ will have space in our tent, as in all others, for a few clipboards (to sign people up for our email list) and donation buckets. UFPJ will assign a volunteer to each tent to keep track of these items. Feel free to have a smiliar sign up list for your organization and/or information in our tent and we'll try to help be sure clipboards are monitored, collected, changed as needed.

Merchandise sales: The National Park Service restricts merchandise sales to books, newspapers, leaflets, pamphlets, buttons and bumper stickers. It does not permit the sale of tshirts, food, or drink. UFPJ strongly disagrees with the restriction on Tshirt sales and we will not enforce this regulation, but the Parks Service probably will.

Looking forward to meeting everyone on Saturday!

Support our troops, bring them home now!
Beverley Finney Wiskow
(352) 400-4174 (352) 344-2506
Peace Now Citrus County


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Ten Things Congress Could Demand from Bush on Iraq
The Washington Post notes that the Democratic Party is deeply divided between those who want US troops out now and those who fear the consequences and think it best to stay the course. The article might as well have noted that the Republicans are also divided on Iraq policy.


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