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Sept. 15 Remarks: Jawaid Khan


I am a concerned father of two, a grandfather of two and a taxpayer. Hear our cry, Mr. President, hear our cry: end this quagmire of a war and bring our troops home.

Make no mistake about my support for our men and women who are in harm’s way.

I salute the men and women of the U.S. armed services and reserve units who so bravely and courageously are serving in Iraq today. Theirs is a gallant battle.

To the families of those valiant soldiers who have given their last measure of full devotion for our beloved country, my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your sons and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers and brothers, neighbors and friends. They are truly America’s heroes and who are deeply missed.

We must also remember a generation of young men and women facing a lifetime of rehabilitation and therapy, those who are living with pain, injuries and disabilities, and those who must now depend on medical treatment for the rest of their life.

Like you, I, too, am touched by world events that have defined this ugly episode in American history. I, too, love this country and my patriotic passion for it is second to none.

My son-in-law, a Marine reservist, was deployed in March of this year to Iraq. My son also serves as an officer in the Air Force. I respect their duty to country.

My perspective on America is unique. The USA is not the country of my birth; it’s my country of choice!

Thirty-three years ago, an awe-struck young man from Pakistan marveled at the dream of living in a free country that promised liberty and justice for all.

That young man stands before you today after a 20-year career in banking and federal service. Along the way, I married and helped raise two great kids.

Spurred by the horrific events of September 11, 2001, a significant shift in American foreign policy was set in motion. As a Muslim and as an American citizen, I was concerned for my family and for the first time, I felt uncomfortable, unsafe and vulnerable.

The subsequent invasion of Iraq further confirmed my misgivings about military decisions driven by politics and how they were affecting Muslims in America and other parts of the world. I heard the words “axis of evil


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Javaid.H.Khan's voice is the voice of millions of citizens of this small, insignificant yet vibrant planet we call our home.

Just look up the endless skies and measure our existence and significance in the vast Universe ........... and still the feeling of being a " Super Power " !!

Surely, the wrongs which have been forced upon us by the self-conceited politicians and so called Leaders are staring all of us ( and them ) in our faces and shouting " hear our cry ".

All God fearing citizens of the Earth, turn the pages of the Quran, The Bible, The Torah .......... we have been warned , time and again. Repent and start spreading the message of love and understanding.

Mr. President, do not ever forget August 6, 1945. This day has branded this otherwise wonderful country as the " Original Terrorist ". There is still time .

I fully support the views of J. H. Khan and would like to add a few more comments to his brilliant speech.

WAR. What does it stand for? Wrongful Annihilation of a Race.

Our race is humanity. Our county is earth. Our conscience is God.

War is the greatest destroyer of truth, of civilizations, of goodness.

In the civilized world of today, if the only solution for bringing order and peace is war, then the human intellect has sadly shrunken to rodent proportions.

The death of one man is like the death of mankind.

Thousands of innocents have died in vain.

Thousands more will die because they are brainwashed into believing a false cause.

If someone can give a lucid explanation for the reasons why the ‘War in Iraq’ and the ‘War in Afghanistan’ was waged, perhaps the lost souls of those poor innocents who lie in shallow rotting graves will find peace.

This is not a war against terrorism. This is a war against humanity that serves only one purpose, and that purpose is only known to an elite few who care for nothing but their own glorification and personal gain.

Burning down a house to find a mouse???

How stupid do these politicians think the masses are?

What’s the difference between the world today and the world of the cave man?

Progressively regressing foreign policies, where violence is the soldier of peace... if this is our present, then our future is doomed.

In the words of J. H Khan...'HEAR OUR CRY'. This cry bellows from the billions of peace seekers in the world.

This war is the personal agenda of a group of ruthless politicians who couldn't care less for the troops or for that matter any human life.

Young innocent men and woman sent on a wild goose chase, giving up their lives because they loved and believed in their country which had taught them justice, equality and honor.

Death is tragic, but their (the soldiers) death is a far greater tragedy than any….because they were misled, orphaned and betrayed by a country they trusted.

A selfish, cowardly, aimless and egoistical approach to ending terrorism.

This defines the strength of our foreign policy today.

Remove your blind fold Mr. President and take a look at the poor Iraqis....who live like starving rats in gutters of filth and oppression, led by a lunatic leader who has nothing to loose. If we are sending out so called 'peace troops' to help bring order, then why the WAR?! Why the senseless killing? Why the mayhem? Why the destruction of a poor nation and a suicidal end to our men and woman who don’t belong there.

Fight against terrorism? Who are we kidding!

The definition of the greatest terrorist is a coward that hides behind white marbled walls and enjoys a lavish lifestyle while thousands die a purposeless death.

May God the save America from such a coward.

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