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Honoring Dr. King: No Profit from Death - Protest at Lockheed Martin, Monday 1/21/08

To honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, January 21st, instead of going shopping, we'll be at the Bethesda headquarters of war profiteer Lockheed Martin, and we invite you to join us, the peacemakers of PeaceAction Montgomery.

A couple of days ago, the Washington Post reported that Lockheed's shares rose more than 14 percent in 2007. The defense budget for fiscal 2008, which began Oct. 1, is $471.2 billion, or 12 percent more than 2007 -- excluding the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Post story stated that the new spending planned for next year by the Bush Administration may boost the value of Lockheed shares by 12 percent. Dealing in death appears quite profitable for Lockheed, but what is it doing to our country and the world?

Dr. King said, "When machines and . . . profit . . . are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism and militarism are incapable of being conquered." Join us in saying that we reject profit that leads to death, we reject rampant militarism, and we do so in the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We'll gather at noon on Monday, Jan. 21, at the Davis Library, 6400 Democracy Blvd., Bethesda. From there, we'll march together outside the gates of Lockheed Martin, to say "No profit from death." Join us!

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Follow this link to read an article on Op-Ed News by Mr. Glen Beck of Black Agenda Radio:

Poor Mr. Ford could have a coronary over this!

PNAC is MIC's "shadow lobby" and Lockheed Martin's Thomas Donnelly is at the think tank's helm. Thomas Donnelly, former director within Lockheed Martin corporation , is PNACer & primary author of PNAC's infamous "Rebuilding America's Defenses" whitepaper which is compared to Hitler's Mein Kampf.

I don't know if Thomas Donnelly joined PNAC on his own, or if he was sent by Lockheed Martin as their representative for the "MIC shadow lobby".

This is a very evil company,,
The exact words of one of there employees,,"The most evil company in the World",,maybe there's a few others but it's in the top 10,,
As I was sacraficed along with members in my family, by one World Order(OLD)to stop another New World Order,I know.
They used one of my family members to infiltrate this company,,via England,,
This company has been on there radar,,and they know all...
I don't care how big this company is,,they got top billing on this agencies radar,,
They did a few extremes,,,and one of them was around the company Lockheed Martin,,,they infiltrated and talked about this company for 11/2 years,,,that's alot of talking,,
I think this company was on there radar the longest,,
There were other companies,,but LOCKHEED MARTIN holds the title for the longest,,
Stay tuned for there corruptions and evils to be exposed..
Probably slanted more towards evil...

So many great Americans post on this site,,Intelligent too..
Please don't doubt what I say because my intelligence is not equal.
This company is a very evil company.

I was chosen by Old World Order to take down New World Order.
I have one in my government and one in my home..
As I was used by OWO I know who was on there radar,the men,agencies,companies.

As far as companies,Lockheed Martin was on there radar by far the longest,,
OWO also did an extreme and steered a innocent close family member to work
at this company,,via England..
The comment I heard from this family member was,,"This is the most EVIL company in the World"
All I know is Lockheed Martin holds the title as company for being on there radar the longest,,at least 1 1/2 years.......
I think this company goes beyond corruption into evil.
Stayed tuned for this to be exposed.

To the many great Americans fighting for America,,keep fighting..but know you have a power
that is standing behind you.
A power that has technology years beyond PNAC,,pentagon,etc.....
I think the reason this agency formed and there criteria for when they act is when men put the World at Peril...apparently GWB and friends have met this criteria..
I think threw many decades they did many things to prevent men from putting the World at Peril,,
somehow GWB and gang side stepped all the road blocks they set down..

I will say one more thing,,OWO could crush the US government in hours,,in several ways,,
It appears there working with in the law,,
There technology is big and way beyond what the Pentagon boys have or beyond what there
dreaming of...

I'm a little bit crippled from being used,,
But I survive by reading the many things said by great,good and right Americans.
Keep fighting for our America.
But your also fighting for the World's people,,OWO goes beyond the USA,,and I know they don't turn on the RED ALERT BUTTON without reason,,
I also think they have never turned it on before...

Off the subject,,they used the same person of Lockheed Martin,,,
and steered them to get a small engine pilots license,,along with being 2 steps away from the dust of 9/11...that should tell you something,,
This agency KNOWS ALL.

Re Lockheed Martin

What taxes does Lockheed Martin pay to the government? Or are they like
Boeing Aircraft who has not paid any federal taxes for 5 years?


"Dear activists, colleagues and friends,
Today we honor Dr. King's birthday. We all know him because of his historic impact on civil rights, but many don't realize that later in life he fought just as passionately for the rights of workers and against the entrenched institutions of injustice.

"Equality means dignity. And dignity demands a job and a paycheck that lasts through the week."

The War on Greed is exactly this kind of fight. The livelihoods of families have been directly attacked by the actions of buyout billionaires like Henry Kravis putting Wall Street's special interests ahead of his 800,000 employees... and pocketing $51,000 an hour in the process.

Watch the video:

The first step must be taxing these buyout billionaires at a fair tax rate. It will not solve all the problems, but it is a strong and forceful beginning. With the presidential campaigns underway, it is the perfect time to force this issue into the campaigns the way we did with Wal-Mart and Iraq for Sale.

As our friend Rev. Yearwood, leader of the Hip Hop Caucus, has said: "We are facing a lunch counter moment for the 21st century."

Please join us at our virtual lunch counter by signing the petition to presidential candidates demanding they pledge to close the loopholes and tax the tax dodgers. Buyout billionaires are a menace to our economy. People are hurting, badly, and we must take beginning steps to bring the issue of corporate greed and economic equality to the nation's attention.

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Films crew "


My name is Scott Franco, of fame. I'm sorry I can't make it to your march because I HATE Lockheed Martin with the white hot intenstity of a thousand suns. Check out and Even a seasoned veteran of the military could be infuriated by the content of these websites. Just keep clicking "older posts" when you get to the bottom. Peace be with you all.

Scott Franco

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