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Americans , please vote via ABSENTEE BALLOT !

My district is offering three modes, Absentee Ballot, Touchscreen for Early Voting, and Paper Ballot for actual Election Day (primaries).

Supposedly Touchscreen will see its final days during this Early Voting for the Presidential Primaries , and then will be phased out forever.

I am very suspicious that my state is deciding to use Touchscreen for the Last Time during Early Voting, and then Paper Ballots will be on actual Election Day. Why? Usually working people will vote during Early Voting . Self-employed and management can vote anytime, including actual Election Day , because usually self-employed and management can excuse themselves from work anytime they want. So the majority of people using Touchscreen for the last time in my state during the Presidential Primaries will most likely be WORKING FOLKS.

I smell a BIG RAT!

Therefore , I will be voting via ABSENTEE BALLOT!

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Save a stamp and DON'T stand in line! Heh-heh, my Dad figured this one out. He called ahead and found out that he can hand-deliver his ABSENTEE BALLOT to an EARLY VOTING POLL, he goes to the FRONT OF THE LINE, and hands it in (thereby by-passing the multitudes of voters patriotically standing in line).

EDIT TO ADD: As far as I know, TOUCHSCREENS NO LONGER EXIST IN FLORIDA NOW. If this is incorrect , please come forth with link and information on which counties in FL are still doing this!

In Chicago, and Cook County, early voting began on Oct. 13th and will conculde today. When I went to the local public library to cast my vote, all of the voting machines used were touchscreen machines, and although I had no problem casting my vote, a combination of paper ballots and touchscreen machines will be used on Election Day, along with provisional ballots. No absentee ballots are going to be made available on Election Day. Absentee ballots are only being made available during the period of early voting.

I've been tapped to be a Democratic Election Judge next Tuesday, and if the long lines which occurred for early voting are any indication of the kind of massive turnout on the day itself, Election Day is going to be a doozy. After the election's over, I'll let all of you know what happened in my precinct on Election Day. It should be interesting, to say the least.

I expect to be working out of town next week (I hope I get called back). I chose a paper ballot instead of a machine. Felt like I was back in school taking an exam. The answers were easy (not like school).

The county lot was full and the polling office was quite busy. But I did not have to stand in line.


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