You are herecontent / NYPD Unplugs Cindy Sheehan: City’s Finest pulls move even Bush wouldn’t have tried

NYPD Unplugs Cindy Sheehan: City’s Finest pulls move even Bush wouldn’t have tried

NYPD Unplugs Cindy Sheehan
City’s Finest pulls move even Bush wouldn’t have tried

by Sarah Ferguson
September 19th, 2005 5:54 PM

Cindy Sheehan speaking out in Union Square with Al Zappala, who also lost a son in Iraq
photo: Sarah Ferguson
Cindy Sheehan may be the Rosa Parks of the anti-war movement. But that didn't stop members of the New York Police Department from marching into the crowd of about 150 people gathered in Union Square Monday to hear her speak and yanking away the microphone.
The NYPD pulled the plug just as Sheehan was calling on the audience not to lose heart in the fight to end the war in Iraq.

"We get up every morning, and every morning we see this enormous mountain in front of us," said Sheehan, speaking on behalf of the other parents and family members of fallen soldiers who have taken up the crusade to bring the troops home.

"We can't go through it, we can't go under it, so we have to go over it," she continued, just as the cops rushed the makeshift podium.

Police dragged away Paul Zulkowitz, a.k.a. Zool, an organizer with “Camp Casey NYC,

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I never would have guessed that NYC police would behave in such a monsterous fashion. It is appalling. I think the Administration will be spoiling for a fight in DC. We have to stay strong and non-violent.

Everybody keep their spirits up> remember, we are the good guys :o)

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Thank you,

Be enCouraged!
'They' must be scared itless to be so rude!
I'm calling Ms.clinton & Mr.schumer on this nonsense.
I just KNOW they will be anxious to defend OUR Rights in NYC. Right?
Cap Hill#202-224-3121.

So good to know the Mothers, Vets'n'Others are FREE,
safe & goin' STRONG, after the rally interference.
btw,I didn't find anything on NYCaclu on this abuse of power & authority,I know they would be interested.

Another happy thought:
this wkend in DC will be HUGE! Real AMERICANS are making plans, packing up,& passin' it on..
this anti-war rally
Y'heard it here first. ;}
WooHooo! (590,000+ signatures)

I say plan a 24 hour protest in front of NYC police department singing "We Shall Overcome"...
over and over and over


Doug E.

Is Rudy even in charge anymore? I thought Bloomberg is the mayor now?

And why is your ass red? Take a beating lately? ;) Socialist...

Richie "The Right Wing Kook" Rich

Hey Kooky, I'm still waiting for an e-mail from the real life poster. WHO THE HELL IS KOOKY? We all want to know. E-mail me with your right wing drivel but do so under your real name and e-mail address. What's a real right wing he-man afraid of anyway? Eh?
Come on, come clean.

I thought so. You are a worthless phony!

Dear Dick (I mean Richard),

I know you would really love me to crack under your pressure and reveal my real name but how stupid do you think I am? You Lefties are a crazy bunch. You’d probably be sending me hate mail at my house beginning tomorrow. I know how you lefties HATE… I read this site everyday, it is impressive. That leads me to another question, why do you people spend so much energy trying to impeach Bush? Why don’t you use that energy to find solutions to all the “problems


I posted this to you elsewhere,("Police forcibly break up Cindy Sheehan rally" Submitted by Sussel on Mon, 2005-09-19 18:50.)

I'm putting it here in case you did'nt read it there.

You're Only getting Half The Story

Submitted by Robert(raging lib)Noval (not verified) on Tue, 2005-09-20 21:49.

You say:"I figure this is the best way to get all the information."

If you think you're getting "all" the information because you go to both left and right wing sites,you're mistaken, you're just accepting without question,a false dichotomy.Actually, all you're getting is two variations of the same side.

That should explain to you why when you go to the right wing sites "They can be just as whacked out as you people are."

The reality is the left and the right are just two warring factions of same same underlying ideology. That being STATISM:

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
One entry found for statism.
Main Entry: stat·ism
Pronunciation: 'stA-"ti-z&m
Function: noun
":concentration of economic controls and planning in the hands of a highly centralized government"

"But I need balanced information so I read your garbage, research it and come to a conclusion.I read the real right wings sites, research and come to a conclusion."

And it's always the same conclusion is'nt it? The statist conclusion,i.e.,whatever the issue may be, the government has to "DO SOMETHING!"

Then the obligatory unseemly food fight between right and left over specifically WHAT the government should do. Both "sides" carefully cooperating with each other to present the conflict as an "ideological" difference.

We libertarians would like to laugh at this ridiculous joke, but instead we must be disturbed by it's pervasive acceptance as unquestionable truth.

In fact,virtually any "issue", were you to examine it at a fundamental enough level,would find it's historical roots in the government involving itself in a matter that is intrinsically outside it's natural purview.

"we hold these truths to be self- evident, that all Men are created equal,that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,that among these are Life,Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness..."


Richie,if you REALLY want to get a BALANCE of information, try taking all the left-right statism you're getting in one hand,and contrast it with the news sources of the opposing view:

I promise you, you'll come away with a different perspective;and deeper, more nuanced understanding.

---The Bikemessenger

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