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Citizens to pay visit to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton

Street Address of headquarters: 4420 Fairfax Drive N., Arlington, VA

WASHINGTON -- On January 2, 2008, one day before the Iowa caucus, citizens will go to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign headquarters, at 4 p.m., to follow up on a letter requesting the Senator's pledge to affirm the points put forth by Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

A small delegation of peace activists, representing the Washington Peace Center, Code Pink, Grassroots America and Northern Virginians for Peace and Justice will attempt to persuade Ms. Clinton to take measurable steps to end the Iraq War, which is entering its fifth year. Previously, Ms. Clinton has made remarks indicating her position to keep troops in Iraq through 2013, in spite of the fact that more than 70% of Americans favor a more immediate withdrawal of troops.

Voices for Creative Nonviolence, the initiator of the SODaPOP "Seasons of Discontent; a Presidential Occupation Project" has made visits to the offices of Ms. Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani in Iowa where important dialogue took place, but which ultimately ended with nonviolent resisters being arrested and being held overnight, after they refused to leave those offices. The January 2 peaceful protest will coincide with a second one in Des Moines at the same time.

Though Ms. Clinton will most probably be in Iowa that day, local activists hope to dialogue with staffers who in turn, will hopefully convey the message to Ms. Clinton. It is hopeful that this dialogue along with a presence outside the headquarters, that will highlight the ravages of war and the infamous quotes regarding the 2013 date, will pressure Ms. Clinton on a day most important for her to win the favor of the caucus attendees.

Below is the letter that was sent to Ms. Clinton's headquarters, and has not yet been acknowledged.

Dear Senator Clinton:

I am writing to announce a new initiative of Voices for Creative
Nonviolence and several peace and justice groups in the earliest races
of the presidential campaign, SODaPOP, or "Seasons of Discontent; a
Presidential Occupation Project." We at the Washington Peace Center
are joining VCNV in this campaign, and are inviting activists to come
to Iowa and New Hampshire from around the nation "to bring nonviolent
civil resistance and civil disobedience to the campaign offices and
headquarters of Presidential candidates, both Republican and Democrat,
who do not publicly declare that they will take the necessary concrete
steps to end the Iraq war, to rebuild Iraq, to forswear military
attacks on other countries such as Iran, and to fully fund the Common
Good in the U.S."

Please sign the enclosed promise and return it to our office by FAX
(VCNV) or mail (WPC) as soon as possible. In the event that the pledge
is not signed and returned, participants may deliver another copy your
offices in both Iowa and Arlington and wait for your positive
response. We assure you that any "occupations" will be nonviolent and
respectful of your staff. Despite our disappointment in your repeated
threats to continue and possibly to extend the current illegal war, we
have hopes that an occupation of your office will not be necessary. We
hope that this letter or if need be, our actions will help you to take
the action you will need to take if you will be part of the solution
for our country's crisis.

This matter is extremely urgent and we hope to hear a positive
response from you immediately. Please feel free to call the
Washington Peace Center at 202-234-2000 with questions or concerns.

Enclosed is a copy of the promise proposal, originally posted at on August 30. We eagerly wait your signature on this


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Clinton is another corporate stooge who will continue and build upon the wars for oil started by the Bush Adminstration. She is no different than the Republicans. If she is the democratic candidate, I am dropping out of politics for good. The mainstream media is doing all in it's right-wing power to shove her down our throats as the "frontrunner." Every poll taken by real people show Edwards and Kucinich as the people's choice....not Clinton.

Folks, you may want peace, but you won't get it from her. As for me, I never want another Clinton or Bush in the White House, I don't like imperial families. Enough of both of them!

We need change, no more corporate puppets like Clinton. Save your energies, get out the vote for Edwards. He is the only one who can save us from another Republican in the WH in 2009 by defeating the Repubican candidate. The democratic congress led by whores like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid has shown the world there is no difference between the two parties, they hold less respect than ever before in the history of this country.

Turn off cable TV news, and push for real change.

Marilyn Gjerdrum

Ron Paul is the biggest hope of beating that mean-spirited, vengeful facist name hillary, she's no better than the repukens, in fact both parties are two sides of the same coin, only ron paul can change all that.

And she thinks the iran war is funny, see this video at.

God it makes me sick to my damn stomach.

Gravel speaks the truth here, although I Will not vote for him either.

See Another video at.

About time paul go after that witch.

Vote for Ron Paul and this country will be saved forever.

same old anti-impeachment Ron Paul spam

Thank God Ron paul can destroy hillary, she has zero respect for herself nor anybody else.

and I Thank god that her blood does not run in my veins and I Curse the day that I Ever supported a clinton.

for ALL Americans strength through peace, impeachment and healthcare.

Lot of republican would rather see Ron Paul in the white house other then Hillary or any other democrat.
What does it take for democrats to tell that Ron Paul is being pushed by the republicans posters.
Ron Paul in every way is a corporate republican and which to eliminate all social programs and let corporations have a free run of our country.
No wonder democrats elect republicans as democrats like "lieberman", Feinstein, Schumer, Hoyer and the blue dog republican-democrats.
We are to .... .... to know who we are praising or electing to office in our democrat party. .

Ron Paul is not a corporate republican, he is a real conserative and an old school republican in the eyes of Lincoln, not a facist like guiliani and Mike Dumbelbee, these people are not conseratives, they are not even liberals, they are facists all the way through.

And we need to rid of those federal programs, because the federal goverment has done nothing for the american people and he is also anti-corporatist as well

and he is Not only against NAFTA & WTO, He is also against the UN, IMF, The World Bank, ICC etc, all these so-called organizations

He also wants to get rid of the CIA, The Federal Reserve, The Department of Homeland Security etc, they are all corrupt and they must go now.

and by the way the UN is part of the one world goverment aka New World Order.

They are now working very significantly for a North American Union, which could the U.S. as we know it.

See this video at
and you'll see what I Mean.

And if kucinich is department of peace, why does he support the UN, The UN Has been a disaster, I Was against them during the start and I Will kick them out of america.

and that's why I Endorse ron paul for president.

Why the HELL are these damn people bothering with H.C.? Is this some left-handed way of saying, "We will support you if you do this"?

GEEZUS H. CRAPP! This person should be at the BOTTOM of their list to approach. Why the hell don't they use their energy, resources, and "voice" to support Dennis Kucinich who ALREADY has made that stance clear?! I've about had it with the stupidity of all of human kind!!!

Actually, if we get any media coverage, she might end up losing Iowa and possibly even NH.

Barack Obama as well as other democratic president candidates positions are to leave troops in Iraq for years.
Why do Obama supporters attack only Hillary for leaving troops in Iraq??
There seems to be no difference between the Obama supporters and the republicans. They state only half truths to place their candidate in a good light.
Read this web site and you will see hardly no difference in what some democratic candidates has stated about pulling troops from Iraq.

We sent same letter and "demands" to Obama. But we are D.C.-based, and his national hq is in Chicago. Our action is timed to happen at the exact same time our brothers and sisters will be acting in Des Moines...

p.s. -- personally, right now I am a Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney supporter.

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