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Cheney Impeachment - Mainstream Media Wakes Up

By Congressman Robert Wexler

As we prepare to celebrate the New Year, my resolution is to hold George Bush and Dick Cheney accountable for their abuses of power.

In the last days, we have made real progress:

The mainstream media has awakened to this movement and to the extraordinary support you have given it. Your calls, letters, and emails have clearly made a difference. Already 140,000 people have joined us in demanding impeachment hearings for Vice President Dick Cheney by signing up at

The power of these combined voices are already shaking up the established order on Capitol Hill and throughout the mainstream media:

This week, the Miami Herald printed an article on our efforts that was syndicated in papers across the country, including the Detroit Free Press, Philadelphia Inquirer, Fort Worth Telegram, Contra Costa Times, Sacramento Bee, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, NC News & Observer, and others. (Click HERE to read the article.)

In addition, CBS4 in Miami became the first station we know of to run a television segment about the call for hearings. Video of that can be found HERE.)

Perhaps most importantly, just this morning the Philadelphia Inquirer courageously ran the full editorial I drafted along with my fellow Judiciary Committee members Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Rep. Tammy Baldwin (R-WI). (View it HERE.) Congratulations to the Inquirer for their willingness to publish a viewpoint that is so widely held by Americans – yet one that other leading national newspapers refused to publish.

We have come so far in just a few weeks. No longer can the mainstream media ignore our efforts and dismiss this cause as only part of the fringe left.

Already we are seeing tangible results from our combined effort. As you already know, Congress is well behind the American people on this issue. This is an uphill battle, but it's one that has to be fought. It should not be the whole agenda, but it needs be *on* the agenda.

When Congress reconvenes in January, I plan to present a list to my Judiciary Committee colleagues of every single person that signed up at I will go to more of my colleagues and ask them to join a letter in support of hearings. We will build on the momentum you have given us.

Last week, I spent an hour on Blog Talk Radio outlining thoughts and answering questions in regards to this work. So many people hit their site that their servers temporarily went down. If you'd like to hear the archived audio, please click HERE.

Let's do our best to further spread the message so that list will be up to a quarter million. Please continue to blog, email friends, and insist that your family and friends sign up!

Thanks for your commitment.

Congressman Robert Wexler

P.S. I have been running online ads to make more people aware of our impeachment campaign. If you are interested in making a contribution to this effort you can click here.

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Thank you, Robert Wexler. I have signed and passed your petition address to everyone I know. Is there any way to connect with all the other impeachment movements to add to your numbers? I have signed dozens of such petitions, yours is the latest of many.
Impeachment hearing are essential if this repubic is to survive.

We must all keep pushing until we get some answers from our so-called leaders. I am sick of liars and thieves running this country into the ground, and millions of others feel the same. Keep up the good fight.

Marilyn Gjerdrum

Of the millions that want these chump thugs impeached why have only 140K signed?

This is a good start but it seems a bit sluggish considering how many want them impeached.

Maybe I'm so ready for these losers to be held accountable and thrown in a Hague jail that my expectations are off but I thought we'd have millions of signatures. So lets get there.

Get Wexlers site out to more people. We need more signatures. I've been posting the site around various cities on craigslist and other sites and lists.

Any suggestions of how to get even more exposure and more signatures?


Thank You

Hate to tell you this, but only elected officials can be impeached. Therefore it is not possible to impeach a vice-president. You do not elect vice-presidents, you elect presidents who select a vice-president. Why a congressman didn't know this is beyond me.

what do you all think about Unity08?

be nice if you did what you were supposed to be doing, rather than wasting time on something so idiotic as trying to impeach someone with less than a year left in office.

You have a typo... Tammy Baldwin is a Democrat, not a Republican.

Tammy Baldwin is D-WI, not R-WI

Thanks for the article, it's exciting!

..."the whole agenda"? Unless impeachment happens, everything worthwhile you Democrats try to get done will be watered down to meaningless to avoid a veto--either that, or signed away in a signing statement.

Are Democrats in Congress so far "behind the American people on this issue" that you don't understand that? Just look at what you've got done so far. What have you got to show those of us who voted for you?

And while you're having that look, put politics aside for a while and try to see the horror this criminal administration has loosed on the world. What could be more important than getting that out into the light and putting a stop to it?

Just impeach, and you'll drag the MSM into it.
But Impeach! Everything else can wait.

R Ap

Amen Brother!

Is this just for Cheney or is there a list to sign for Bush to be impeached also?

On, you make it clear that you intend to use impeachment as a tool to pressure the President to stop blocking the Democratic agenda. I am no fan of this Vice President, but this use of impeachment would make us no better than the Republicans that hounded Clinton. Impeachment hearings should be conducted for one reason only -- to determine whether high crimes or misdemeanors have been perpetrated, and, if so, to censure or remove the perpetrator.

Your writings indicate that you would stop short of censure or removal. If this is the case, don't bother with the hearings -- you would simply show yourself to be lagging behind the American people - again.

Bush should also be impeached

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