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Kucinich: Assassination of Benazir Bhutto Represents Dangerous Moment For The World

WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 27, 2007) — U.S. Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) issued the following statement after learning of the death of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto was killed in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in a suicide attack following a campaign rally.

“This is a very dangerous moment for the world,” Kucinich said.

“Benazir Bhutto represented a courageous effort to bring principles of liberty to Pakistan. She was truly dedicated to the people of Pakistan.

“The United States must change its policy direction in the region. It must stop adding fuel to the fire.”

Kucinich met with Bhutto several times over the years in both Washington, D.C. and New York City.


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My Gawd! What the hell is wrong with the world today?! What insanity has taken control of homo sapiens that causes such brutality and lack of respect for Life?! Benazir Bhutto was a beautiful lady inside and out and such a cowardly act is despicable! Is a peaceful path so frightening that it must be met with murder?!

Dennis, thank you for your comments. The losses around you have been piling up lately but you STILL fight for RIGHT and PEACE and TRUTH in the World and the country. If you are not elected, then I honestly believe that Americans and, possibly the World, are doomed to continue on their self-destructive paths. I mourn for the loss of intelligent voters in the U.S.

Kucinich is the greatest hope for the USA, following his platform, I have the same views as him. He's open minded and, as was said above, an example of a leader for peace and truth. Would be a great triumph to have Kucinich as president.

Cui bono/Who Benefits? Neocons, PNAC, AIPAC, CIA-Al Qaeda, DOD, MIC, Big Oil...

Who had the means? Neocons, PNAC, AIPAC, CIA-Al Qaeda, DOD, MIC, Big Oil...

Pakistan's Martial Law was a "trial-balloon", testing the tenacity of individualism which led to a rise in instability and the return of Bhutto. The PNAC cannot get a solid foothold in the region for their pipelines Inc., and they cannot encroach Iran except over Russia's, Israel's and US' dead bodies. The simple solution is to solidify the fox-hole of the Military Dictator already there, a kind of fall-back position from which to lie and wait for a more opportune regional condition. The DOD/CIA hasn't just "lost" 10's of Billions of Dollars, just imagine how much instability you could cause in Kansas with that volume of Missing Weapons and Cash. Add to that, a hyper-coordinated network backed by the latest satellite/communications intercepts provided secretly and unaccountably by our own and Israel's DOD, and, well, assassinations cost sooo little compared with "populism"...

Sad but true.


Your analysis sounds right to me, "Channing". Except there's two points I don't get here:

1) How are you figuring the US and Israel are against PNAC colonizing Iran? Isn't that exactly what the US and Israel have been pushing (albeit under different pretexts)?

2) Also, this monstrosity - and particularly those who stand to gain from it - does not sound like anything or anyone which would involve a suicide bomber. Who can be motivated to blow themselves up just to further control of a secular government? Some kind of "Manchurian Candidate", maybe?

Because otherwise this sounds to me like ISI/CIA (and yes, possibly even some help from Mossad, to all you Israel-bashers); it wouldn't surprise me at all one day to find that the explosion was actually a pre-positioned mine (or even a mortar/RPV round), about which the assassin - if there really even was one - knew nothing when he went in.

Either way, Pakistan is now staring point blank at the civil war with which Musharif has so doggedly confronted them in his continuing refusal to step the fuck down.

Shit, it's just too nice a day today for WWIII to be starting.

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

In answer:

1) PNAC/AIPAC absolutely intend to colonize Iran, what I was pointing to was my reading that Russia intervened on behalf of Iran in light of the PNAC published plans back in 2003, the 911 the US never saw from our own satellites (they saw what the USS George Washington was doing), and the Propagandizing of everything "evil-Iranians" coming like a chorus from everyone in the Cabal and the US-MSM... sure signs Iraq II was about to be launched. Remember when Russia's Intelligence agency called out the "False-Flag" provocation due to happen in and around Iran late last March, saying it was due to occur on or about April 6? This caused a world-wide stir. Shortly after, Putin got onto the International Stage Committing Strategic-Partnership with the countries surrounding Caspian Basin with Ahmadinejad standing prominently on podium. Then you saw the missing nukes at the end of August, and the Russians saw that too. Curious how Hayden had "new" information about "Iranian Intelligence" at the same time... "new" might have meant "Bent-Spear", as in aborted attack!

Russia has been intimately involved in this whole thing including the NIE, and I'm convinced they were the ones who "cleared" Iran's weapons program with the IAEA by Giving Formal Written Defense Assurance that any attack by the Neocons on Iran would constitute a Level 1 Assault on Russia's sovereignty.

2) This is more difficult. A suicide bomber is going to have to get explosives and intelligence from somewhere and it would feed off the most radical religious-extremist schools. Interesting that there are a couple of studies linking the most extreme schools to the same beast I reference above. You basically brainwash starving, angry kids who've lost most or all of their family already with the most fanatical distortions and feed them money, promises of afterlife, weapons and intelligence, and there you have it.

After seeing Fracesco Cossiga's recent admission about "all intelligence agencies now know 911 was committed by CIA/MOSSAD", and reading about his role in "Operation Gladio", terrorizing innocent people throughout Europe in the 60's-80's, looking at the evidence surrounding OKC bombing, Kennedy, name it, I've begun to doubt our world would have had ANY terrorism if not for MIC/CIA&Co., direct involvement.

"Shit, it's just too nice a day today for WWIII to be starting."... Isn't it always.

BTW, nice little link referencing the nice little Cabal:


(Oops, did I say that!)

#2) My Dad was saying the same thing last nite... promise them 20 more virgins IF they do a suicide bomb raid , and they'll do it!

Nothing else explains what turned the NIE around. The original was already finished about a year ago, and Cheney "had his foot on its neck" attempting to corrupt a better outcome. Therefore the intelligence of the absence of Iranian Weapons-Programs existed at that time. But what did Cheney hope to achieve in the delay?

Surely he tried "butter and beer and bribes", but after taking the heat for both 911 and Iraq, none of the IC's would be too inclined to participate that weren't already doing so. Hence, the missing-nukes. By attempting a compartmentalized end-run around US nuclear infrastructure involving relatively few corrupted souls, and getting them over to Israel or other covert base, they could detonate a "minor" (the war heads were adjustable) near an American Carrier or base, calling out rogue Iranians as the source, putting Code-Red on American Society, suppress the press and internet, round up US "dissidents" (you and me), and blanket the ME with WWIII, and no one except Russia to stand in their way.

...But the nukes never left Barksdale... I really take a deep breath every time I utter those words.

2) But in addition, you have to first starve them and kill most of their family to ingrain utter hopelessness. Then "miracle of miracles" someone shows up, offers long-term abundance, and once "in", those with the "right" psychology can be sucked into "martyrdom". Muslims are not given to suicide, I believe their suicide rates are substantially lower than the west.


Or unfortunately , our version.:o( >

Someone had to do the starving and the killing of their families first.

This cat and mouse game by the PNAC/UNOCAL to lay down the groundwork for that doggone pipeline has been going on for years:

March Benazir Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan, and Turkmen president Niyazov conduct feasibility study of Afghan pipeline "

PS On a sadder note, I am shocked and deeply regret this loss for Pakistan and the nation's hopes for their futures, but not surprised that this happened. What a brave and courageous and people-oriented lady Ms. Bhutto was. I will miss her in the news, but hope her spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of the Pakistani people.

theres only one party that benefits from disorder in pakistan - the ones that were elated when musharraf took over; arch-enemy INDIA.

INDIA benefits most from the caos in Pakistan.

India has had a gas/petrol pipeline agreement in the works with IRAN for over a decade now.

How? Using newly returned traitor Shariff to do its dirty work, India has supplied the logistics and weapons.

The tragic assassination of Benazir Bhutto only serves to emphasize a point which I've been making for a while, and as we go into 2008, expect to see more tragic incidents like this occur around the world.

As we enter into the sixth month of the greatest financial collapse in history, the financial crisis is going worldwide, and the bankers can't be bailed out. They're utterly bankrupt, and as the New Year approaches, they're desperately searching for more money to keep the bankrupt banks afloat. So, what do they do to keep the world's population -- especially the U.S. population -- unstable, fearful and insecure enough to prevent them from searching for genuine solutions to the financial crisis, and to prevent them from joining together in a concerted effort to demand that their governments impose these solutions?

It's simple ... they kill, murder, destabilize and manipulate in order to keep the world's population in a perpetual state of fear, terror and intellectual/moral paralysis in order to prevent them from working together to create and impliment positive solutions to the ongoing crisis. What happened to Mrs. Bhutto has all the signs of a "chaos operation", designed to further destabilize Pakistan and the entire region in order to (once again) deflect the world's attention from the global financial crash by stirring up feelings of fear, terror, helplessness and paranoia.

There are factions within the City of London's financial oligarchy who know that the present financial system is doomed. The current financial system is already collapsing at an accelerating rate, and it's showing no signs of stopping as the consumer credit card debt bubble is the latest to explode. They see this financial collapse as the end game, and are committed to determining who survives and who goes down. They are using terrorism as a weapon of chaos, in order to secure their survival during the collapse, and to keep the population in a state of perpetual fear, terror and chaos in order to make sure they don't take a stand and act like citizens of sovereign nations by demanding solutions to the financial collapse.

What we're looking at is this -- the London-centered Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy is out to consolidate their imperial control over the world, under conditions of a total breakdown crisis. The questions now facing us are these ...

1.) Who will come out of the crash intact?

2.) Who will lose everything they have?

3.) What percentage of the world's population will be manipulated into accepting an international fascist government?

4.) How many people will be sacrificed in order for the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy to gain total control of the world and its resources?

The answers to these questions will determine whether any sovereign nations -- indeed, civilization itself -- will continue to exist after 2008.

reynaldo i trevino "well,well,well.Just look at the whitehouse another mission "ACCOMPLISHED"Hum......

This is only the tip of the ice berg if Dennis Kucinich is not elected. Dennis Kucinich has warned us over and over again, WE ARE LOSING AMERICA!!

The previous post links, showing the thugs who are rapping ameirca, is proof our government is full of Iraeli spies who have only one mission to control and rule America with papi bush as head of their crime family.

QUESTION: Is Americans too stupid to stop this over throw of america by papi bush and his Iraeli spies.

Only one presidendial candidate has the ability to stop the bush crime family and the Iraeli spies and thugs, DENNIS KUCINICH!

Obama: bought and paid for, a puppet!
Hillary and Bill: tratiors, bought and paid for puppets.
Edwards: The biggest con man of them all. How do you think he became a millionaire. Ameirca owes him NOTHING and if elected he will continue to con america and sell the country to the highest bidder the Israelis!





Fighters deny Bhutto killing link

The commander of a pro-Taliban group in Pakistan has told news agencies by phone that Baitullah Mehsud, another pro-Taliban figure, denies any involvement in Benazir Bhutto's death.

Maulana Omar said on Saturday: "He [Mehsud] had no involvement in this attack. This is a conspiracy of the government, army and intelligence agencies."...'

"Pakistan rejects help in Bhutto probe
By RAVI NESSMAN, Associated Press Writer

24 minutes ago

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan rejected foreign help in investigating the assassination of Benazir Bhutto on Saturday, despite controversy over the circumstances of her death and three days of paralyzing turmoil.

The Islamic militant group blamed by officials for the attack that killed Bhutto denied any links to the killing on Saturday, and Bhutto's aides accused the government of a cover-up...."

"Anglo-American Ambitions behind the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the Destabilization of Pakistan

by Larry Chin

Global Research, December 29, 2007

It has been known for months that the Bush-Cheney administration and its allies have been manuevering to strengthen their political control of Pakistan, paving the way for the expansion and deepening of the “war on terrorism” across the region. The assassination of Benazir Bhutto does not change this agenda. In fact, it simplifies Bush-Cheney’s options..."

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