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You Can't Steal the Camp Casey Movement

You Can't Steal the Camp Casey Movement
By Scott Galindez
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Friday 16 September 2005

There was a song written about Camp Casey by a minister from Dallas, called "Prairie Chapel Road." Eric Folkerth was his name, and one of his verses goes like this: "You can mow down the crosses but you can't mow down our hope because the truth will always see the light of the day."

Larry Northern thought he would kill Camp Casey's spirit when he mowed down the crosses with his pickup truck. Well, he was mistaken. The Spirit of Camp Casey was too strong, and the movement that was launched there cannot be stolen by another jerk who stole the memorial that remained there until yesterday.

The idiot who stole the memorial took the crosses with the names of soldiers who died in Iraq, Casey Sheehan's boots, photos of fallen soldiers, and the first tents set up at Camp Casey. All that physically remains on that plot of earth is the frame of the canopy that covered the tents and some of the crosses.

What also remains there is the spirit of the movement launched by Cindy Sheehan and thousands of people who joined her on that land in Crawford during the month of August. That spirit has already spread around the world and cannot be crushed by a thief or a vandal.

Hundreds of thousands of people will be converging in Washington DC on September 24th. They will be bringing the spirit of Camp Casey with them.

Cindy will be there; former Diplomat Ann Wright, who spent the whole month at Camp Casey, will be there; Jeff Key, a marine who walked across the road and invited the counter-protesters to join Camp Casey in a candlelight vigil, will be there; Beatrice Saldovar, who regularly brought everyone to tears talking about her nephew who will never meet the baby his grieving wife is carrying, will be there; dozens of Iraq War Vets who inspired everyone at Camp Casey while sharing their experiences will be there; hundreds of family members of soldiers who died in Iraq, are there now or will be deployed to Iraq, who shared their pain at Camp Casey, will be there; thousands of people who took time out of their life to take a stand with Cindy in the sweltering heat of Crawford, Texas, will be in Washington.

The Spirit that is in their hearts that they are spreading around the world can't be loaded into the back of that pickup truck. Please don't even think of wearing those boots - Casey's boots are way too big for someone like you.



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