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Clark criticizes Bush on Security

Clark criticizes Bush on Security
Sun staff writer
September 15. 2005 6:01AM
MICHAEL C. WEIMAR/The Gainesville Sun

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark, former NATO supreme allied commander, spoke Wednesday night to students and the public at the University of Florida's Stephen C. O'Connell Center.
etired Gen. Wesley Clark lambasted President Bush's administration on Wednesday for its handling of homeland security in the four years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and its response to Hurricane Katrina, calling that response "fumbling, inefficient and dangerous."

Speaking to a crowd of a few hundred people on Wednesday at the O'Connell Center, Clark drew on his 34 years of military experience to outline a new strategy for American security that focused mostly on waging a war of ideas.

"You can't win a war of ideas by killing people," Clark said. "I'm not saying you can't use military force. But the relatives of the people you killed, mostly, they don't like you after that. They bear real grudges, and these people have big families over there."

Clark, who made an unsuccessful bid for the Democratic presidential nomination last year, said to improve security at home, the country should stop relying so heavily on the military, win the war on terror ideologically, deal with Iraq "realistically" and "fix national security."

"If you think Katrina was bad, wait until you see a terror event here if we don't fix what was wrong during Katrina," Clark said.

Clark said whether President Bush heeds his advice or not, he needs to find a new course of action in Iraq.

Clark spoke for a full hour, then answered several questions from students on topics ranging from genocide in Africa to his favorite philosophers.

A student who led his question by saying he'd love to see Clark's name on the presidential ballot in 2008 drew wild applause from the audience.

Though Clark only smiled in response, he said during a news conference earlier in the day it's an idea he hadn't ruled out.



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but I can't help thinking this guy wants to run for president.
God, I'm sick of this system.

Ya think?

Im relitively sure this Gen Clark is the person, under the Clinton
Administration that concocketed the bullshit story about the fuel tank fumes exploding on TWA Flt 800. GenClark, i beleive, received substasntial information that the Iranian'a may have been responsible for this attack and they all feared this might start a war, and it was too close to elections to have this situation going on as is, so clark was suppose to be the one who invented the fuel tank theory, as a cover up. Seems there had been some covert asction directed against Iran, plus U N sanction's which they did this alledgedly to send a msg to the Clinton Administrstion. Im an "x" TWA empl and i heard some other stuff too. essentially, a shoulder launched sam brought that flt down and that was common knowledge within the company especially in maintance circles.
i ain't posting my name like i usually do

Pretty sure that the ol general has O prospects on the Shite House

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