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Rep. Joseph Crowley of Long Island, NY on Yesterday's ROI Votes


By Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY)

On a day when more than 150 people were killed in Iraq, the White House was given a free pass to continue hiding information in regard to the Downing Street Memo.

The Memo, which was leaked to reporters a few months ago, outlines the specific concerns the British government has in regard to the post-Iraq planning of the United States.

The tragedy is that the American public will never know what really happened because this decision was made during a meeting of the International Relations Committee when members voted along largely partisan lines to kill three pieces of legislation that would have required the White House to release the documents that led to the Downing Street Memo.

I joined many of my colleagues Democrats and Republicans in voting for the War in Iraq almost two years ago. I have done my best to support what I can of the agenda, but I also recognize the importance of questioning the Administration when we are in a state of chaos.

It is important to be forthcoming that Congress and the American people were misled about the reasons to invade Iraq by the President and his Administration.

It is also important to note that if the British government had doubts about post-Iraq planning, clearly there were holes in the strategy.

As was the case after September 11th and will be the case following Katrina, it is impossible to move forward without looking at past mistakes. The constant cover-ups and unwillingness to share information does nothing to help the issue of creating stability in Iraq.

With all we have learned over the past two years the President and his team did not take into account the risks of the post invasion and the need for diplomacy instead of the go it alone approach.

It is time for the President to do something he has yet to do, which is to stand up in front of the country to tell the truth and finally provide a transparent and fully accountable disclosure of the information that led us to this war and the deaths of more than 1800 US troops, countless Iraqi citizens and the aid and humanitarian workers trying to bring basic services to the people of Iraq.

What members of Congress need to do is hold this Administration accountable and take back our oversight role. The American public needs to know that these fights are being fought, but that we will not know the truth until partisanship can be put aside in favor of the best interests of the American people.


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How can we hold this admim. accountable when our rep. in congress don't have the guts to stand up for what is right.

Yeh....I couldn't agree more. So where are all the Democrats wilth no balls(no offense the the ladies) who voted for Bush's war...running with their tails between their legs. Why won't they stand up and be counted? What are they so afraid of? Standing up for the truth and what's right is not how our country is being led now. It's all about money, keeping those campaign contributions coming, pork barrel crap, etc. I used to think most Dems were not about that but now I think the whole lot of them are just as bad as the Repugs except for a few like Maxine Waters and John Conyers. Maybe Its really time now for a third party, green, purple or what anything would be better than what we have now.

which, incidently, employs some "former" republican strategists.

How many will Bush kill before our political representatives say enough is enough?

Should we start a betting pool?

Thank you Rep. Crowley. I applaud your willingness to take the majority to task. It is readily apparent to anyone with any degree of intelligence that the majority party is blocking any investigation. I would like to see more of your colleagues speak and write about this majority conduct.

I have advocated that the Democrats should now take a posture which uses this majority stonewalling and apply the same to the Roberts process. I have been appalled that the right wing has stooped to advertising for a "fair hearing" for Roberts. What a waste of money for such Constitutionally mandated process!

These are drastic times and I believe that the minority party must speak and write loudly and clearly to force the main stream media, so controlled by the majority and its corporate clientele, that the ABCs, NBCs, CBSs, CNNs, and even FOXs of the world will have to accurately and seriously cover the story.

I am also appalled that yesterday's HRes375 debate and vote was all but ignored by the MSM! This is indicative of just how poisoned this system has become. John Dean's term "cancer on the Presidency" has never been more accurate! The cancer has even spread through all three branches of the federal government.

Please, please, we the people implore Representatives of good will including yourself and your minority colleagues on the IRC and especially Rep. Leach, to shout loud and long and continuously. On 9/24/05 thousands will descend upon Washington, D.C. to make our voices be heard. Represntatives and Senators of good will must join us and take your rightful leadership positions to take back our government from the profiteers and war mongering chicken hawks of the Bush administration and their rubber stamp, corporate bought cronies in Congress and the Senate.

Sir, I am a practicing attorney in Pennsylvania since 1978. I am not a radical extremist by any strectch of the imagination, but I tell you I am extremely enraged by the events of the last 5 years. I never thought I'd live to see the day when I would experience a President worse than Reagan. I was wrong. Bush II makes Reagan look like socially responsible public servant in comparrison. I know Reagan was the first to erode the Constitution, but even he never went to these depths of deceit.

But, I'm a stay at home mom, and have never smoked a joint in my life. I taught my children abstenence, and I took them to churck weekly.

I was a former girl scout leader, a former teacher, and a member of the PTO.

AND like you, I am extremely enraged by the deceitful trickery and the corrupt shinanigans from this administration. The Republicans in Congress who refuse to hold this administration accountable and its corporate media lackeys who refuse to tell America the truth are all equally guilty of a crime. If you're mugged on the street and they watch and don't help, then the law says you have aided and abbetted in the crime.

The Republicans and the media are responsible for the continuation of this war-the deaths of thousands- and the death of those in N.O. while the National Guard was fighting this illegal war instead of being home where they belong.

Which was kill by partisn lines.The tragedy is that it is we AMERICANS will never know what happen.That mean we must go to war with the whitehouse and kill all of them,.Fucker that are killing us.WE must kill all Republicans and all bush's Administration,."DEAD" fuck'em.,.,.We must burn it's poeple now.

Which was kill by partisn lines.The tragedy is that it is we AMERICANS will never know what happen.That mean we must go to war with the whitehouse and kill all of them,.Fucker that are killing us.WE must kill all Republicans and all bush's Administration,."DEAD" fuck'em.,.,.We must burn it's poeple now.

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