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House GOP Derails Democratic Inquiries

The Associated Press
Wednesday, September 14, 2005; 3:38 PM

WASHINGTON -- House Republicans derailed Democratic attempts on Wednesday to force the Bush administration to surrender documents on prewar intelligence and the disclosure of the identity of a CIA operative.

Democrats have introduced several "resolutions of inquiry" to compel President Bush and members of his Cabinet to release all information relating to communications with British officials before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and the Valerie Plame case.

The White House has taken heat since the disclosure this year of the "Downing Street memos," British documents that suggest the Bush administration had made up its mind by 2002 to invade Iraq. Administration officials also have been interviewed by a special prosecutor in his quest to determine who leaked Plame's covert identity to reporters.

Largely along party lines, the House International Relations Committee unfavorably reported two of the resolutions on Iraq and one resolution on the Plame matter. Earlier, the House Judiciary Committee "unfavorably" reported a similar Plame resolution.

Under House rules, the committees had to act on the resolutions within 14 legislative days of the resolutions' introduction. If not, sponsors could have forced the measures before the full House for a vote.

But the votes Wednesday against the measures all but prevented them from ever being taken up by the House.

Other Democratic-sponsored resolutions on both matters are in different committees. Those resolutions will be considered in the next few weeks; the outcome is expected to be the same.

Republican leaders want to avoid the spectacle of either issue being debated on the House floor amid some fear that the measures could succeed if enough Republicans side with minority Democrats.


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Judge Edwards nominated for Chief Justice refuses to answer questions from our Senators.
White House refuses to answer questions about DSM, Rovegate, Iraq, budget cuts, war profiteering, and almost everything else.
The Real Question is do Americans know that they have a right to know what their govt. is doing? Do they care?
This is one of the most secretive Administrations in our history:
All the while bush talks about freedom, liberties, and democracy...
Why do we allow this???
Is it fear and/or apathy?

Most of my friends have turned republican over the years, they see no wrong in this administration just as long as Bush is against abortion. Even now when more evidence is coming out about the lies to invade Iraq, they say "Saddam had to be taken down". They equate the Iraq war with the second world war. They don't believe that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The spinning of O'Rielly, Rush, Hannity and Fox news have swayed them into believing anything Bush does, right or wrong. How do we change the minds of people that are in fear of a terroist attack in the United States? The orange, and red alerts that Bush used to scare the people has worked. I'm waiting for Bush to make our children wear tan uniforms....maybe then, just maybe, my friends might wake up.

Your friends are blinded like the rest. The abortion issue is nothing more than a red herring. If they were so concerned about life, why are they so adamant about keeping the death penalty, especially when it has been proven that many innocent people have been executed and the criminal justice system is far from perfect?

If you applied their logic, they would also be against illegal unjustifiable wars, but we know the truth.

My family and most of the people I know where I am from are very well meaning people, but they have as well been brainwashed for so damn long now you can't even hold a reasonably intelligent conversation with them.

It's sad to say, but one good thing to come out of Katrina is that I think more people are beginning to realize just what scum these assholes are, though I fear it may be too late.

From an October 1, 2004 column in the "Detroit Free Press" by John Sommers-Flanagan.

"In psychology, the enhanced allegiance to a person associated with your abuse is referred to as trauma-bonding. It is a powerful phenomenon. It accounts for why a woman might return to the husband who broke her jaw. It explains why otherwise intelligent people begin worshiping those very people whose behaviors have threatened their safety.

When our world is shaken, we seek safety. And who better to protect us than the big, strong, tough-talking leader who has been in charge all along. The competence or morality of our leader becomes less relevant. We are afraid. Change might make things worse."

The toll-free number for the Capitol Hill switchboard.


Give it to everyone you know.

Just call and ask to be connected to your rep's office. Be nice to the people answering the phone. They're just doing their job.


Why is the Bush administration not being held accountable for the falsehoods that led us into Iraq?

Why is there no exit strategy?

When can we expect one?

Why are we building 14 permanent military bases in Iraq?

Where's Osama? Isn't he the one we're supposed to going after?

Wasn't the creation of the Department of Homeland Security supposed to improve our preparation for and ability to respond to disaters like Katrina?

Where are you actually spending our tax dollars?

Are you aware that two major airlines have just filed for bankrptcy in large part because of skyrocketing fuel costs?

What are you doing about the outrageous cost of gasoline?

Why are we continually fed the same old "supply and demand" song and dance regarding gas prices while oil companies continue to record record profits every quarter?


Call from a pay phone if you don't want your number recorded.

Let's ring that thing off the damn hook.

John Perry

Oh sure, now the major media outlets begin talking about this Resolution of Inquiry so much, now that the GOP in the HIRC has voted it down. Go figure.

I am sure that there must be a law that would allow a person or person[s] to take each and every murdering ******* to court. We should lawyer up.

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