You are herecontent / Ohio Secretary of State confirms 2004 election could have been stolen

Ohio Secretary of State confirms 2004 election could have been stolen

By Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman, Free Press

Ohio's Secretary of State announced this morning
that a $1.9 million official study shows that
"critical security failures" are embedded
throughout the voting systems in the state that
decided the 2004 election. Those failures, she
says, "could impact the integrity of elections in
the Buckeye State." They have rendered Ohio's
vote counts "vulnerable" to manipulation and
theft by "fairly simple techniques."

Indeed, she says, "the tools needed to compromise
an accurate vote count could be as simple as
tampering with the paper audit trail connector or
using a magnet and a personal digital assistant."

In other words, Ohio's top election official has
finally confirmed that the 2004 election could
have been easily stolen.

Brunner's stunning findings apply to electronic
voting machines used in 58 of Ohio's 88 counties,
in addition to scanning devices and central
tabulators used on paper ballots in much of the
rest of the state.

Brunner is calling for widespread changes to the
way Ohio casts and counts its ballots. Her
announcement follows moves by California
Secretary of State Deborah Bowen to disqualify
electronic voting machines in the nation's
biggest state.

In tandem, these two reports add a critical
state-based dimension to the growing mountain of
evidence that the US electoral system is rife
with insecurities. Reports from the Brennan
Center, the Carter-Baker Commission, the
Government Accountability Office, the Conyers
Committee Task Force Report, Princeton University
and others have offered differing perspectives
that add up to the same conclusion.

Coming in the state that decided the 2004
election for George W. Bush, Brunner's
confirmation of the electoral system's
vulnerabilities adds huge new weight to the
charge that the Buckeye State's vote count was

In a series of investigative reports dating to
well before the 2004 election, the Columbus Free
Press and have documented several
dozen different means used by the Bush-Cheney
re-election campaign to steal the official 2004
vote count.

The final official tally for Bush---less than
119,000 votes out of 5.4 million cast---varied by
6.7% from exit poll results, which showed a Kerry
victory. Exit polls in 2004 were designed to have
a margin of error of about 1%.

In various polling stations in Democrat-rich
inner city precincts in Youngstown and Columbus,
voters who pushed touch screens for Kerry saw
Bush's name light up. A wide range of
discrepancies on both electronic and paper
balloting systems leaned almost uniformly toward
the Bush camp. Voting procedures regularly broke
down in inner city and campus areas known to be
heavily Democratic.

In direct violation of standing federal election
law, 56 of Ohio's 88 counties have since
destroyed all or part of their 2004 election
data. The materials were additionally protected
by a federal court injunction in the
King-Lincoln-Bronzeville federal civil rights
lawsuit (in which we are attorney and plaintiff).
To date, no state or federal prosecutions have
resulted from this wholesale destruction of
presidential election records, including 1.6
million ballots, cast and uncast, needed for
definitive auditing procedures. However, two
Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) election officials
have been convicted of felony manipulation of an
official recount. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer, the
state's largest newspaper, recently editorialized
that there is "no evidence" the 2004 election was
stolen, but omitted mention of the destruction of
the electoral records by more than half the
counties in the state. The Plain-Dealer and other
mainstream media have consistently ignored
findings by the Free Press and others indicating
widespread manipulation and theft of the kind
Brunner has now confirmed was eminently do-able
within the Ohio system.

Brunner says "the results underscore the need for
a fundamental change in the structure of Ohio's
election system to ensure ballot and voting
system security while still making voting
convenient and accessible to all Ohio voters."
Among other things, she advocates replacing
touch-screen machines with optical-scan units
that include a paper balloting system.

The study was managed by the Battelle
Corporation, and conducted by Columbus-based
MicroSolved Inc., SysTest Labs of Denver along
with a consortium of academic subcontractors. It
was reviewed by a dozen county officials, and
included scrutiny of voting systems produced by
Election Systems & Software (ES&S), Hart
Intercivic and Premier Election Solutions
(formerly Diebold).

Brunner is the Democratic successor to Republican
J. Kenneth Blackwell, who administered the 2004
election as Secretary of State while also serving
as state co-chair of the Bush-Cheney campaign.
The report comes as part of her pledge to
guarantee a fair and reliable vote count in the
upcoming 2008 presidential election.

Under Blackwell, Ohio spent some $100 million
installing electronic voting machines as part of
the Help America Vote Act, passed by Congress in
the wake of the scandals surrounding the 2000
election. Former Ohio Congressman Bob Ney, HAVA's
principle author, now resides in a federal
prison, in part for illegalities surrounding his
dealings with voting machine companies.

Blackwell, who was defeated in a 2006 race for
the Ohio governorship, outsourced web hosting
responsibilities for the 2004 vote count to a
programming firm that also programmed the web
site for the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign.
Blackwell's chosen host site for the state's vote
count was in the basement of the Old Pioneer Bank
Building in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where the
servers for the Republican National Committee,
and the Bush White House, were also located.

Brunner has now recommended that all Ohio's
voting be done on optical scan ballots, with
reliance on central tabulation. Voters with
disabilities could use AutoMark machines with bar
coding devices that allow the marking of ballots
with little or no additional assistance.

"It's a testament to our state's boards of
elections officials that elections on the new
(federally) mandated voting systems have gone as
smoothly as they have in light of these
findings," Brunner said.

Conversely, it is also a testament to the ease
with which the 2004 election was stolen by
election officials who had clear conflicts of
interest aimed at keeping George W. Bush in the
White House.

Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman are co-authors
RIGGING 2008 ( and of WHAT
HAPPENED IN OHIO? (The New Press) with Steve
Rosenfeld. THE FITRAKIS FILES are available at, where this article first
appeared. Wasserman's SOLARTOPIA! OUR

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A little F#*@!$%ing LATE ,isn't it?!

There is still time to save 08 if we demand change, but more of us have to split time between computer and showing up.

Am I missing something, or does this now deserve the States Attorney's attention, the FBI's, an Independent Prosecutor, AND Congressional Investigation building on the 1.9 million dollar study of Who Did What and When?

Along with the 10 million Missing WH emails, a large portion of which were Hosted on RNC servers, is there no Criminal Investigation seeking discovery of Direct Links/Conspiracy between RNC/WH/Deibold&Co?

Do we have to Steal our own country back, or is there Justice?



Though many of us feel a Coup is self-evident within the US under the Bush Administration, seriously investigating Ohio's '04 Election problems could produce the necessary facts to prove whether in fact, and for the historical record, certain individuals cooperated including the leadership of the RNC.


Are there laws on the books that can dis-band a criminal party?

Corporate Charters were originally set up with legitimate Public Oversight and the laws include "Revocation", per my understanding.

...sure be nice to apply it to the RNC, wouldn't it?

Channing, not only was the F.B.I., especially J.Edgar Hoover, deliberately complicit with foreknowledge of the J.F.K. Assassination, the "Bureau" has also not been forthcoming on 9/ll, and indeed, there are reports that they have covered up critical information into the death/and or murder of J.F.K., Jr. in the aircraft crash.
There are apparently several divisions of F.B.I. which are not aligned with one another. A special report on the aircraft crash can be viewed online at and there was bomb residue found on the seats/and or luggage of that plane wreckage, and it's reported a fourth person was aboard which FBI apparently did not mention.
In addition to that, Former F.B.I. Linguist, Sibel Edmonds, caught foreign mole-spy at F.B.I. and intercepted information critical in naming highest ranking U.S. Officials responsible in 9/ll, and she wasn't even allowed to attend her own hearing on this super covered up matter. see:
There are many other elements which indicate the F.B.I. is severely divided and manipulated or the good, responsible agents who attempted to warn and did warn the government that 9/ll was about to happen would have been listened to and something would have been done to prevent it.
9/11 was a pre-arranged and orchestrated criminal action by W. House related crime families is what the evidence points to.

Incidentally, who do you think covered G.H.W. Bush's true identity (Sr.)all those years he has been in the U.S., if it's true that he really is a German Born Foreign Immigrant who did not have the right to hold office of President of the U.S.? F.B.I. still covers up.See the link on this on the internet.
I could write a book on it, but don't get paid for that.See:
joe martin

The "FBI" part of my question was "rhetorical", based on the premise that the agency actually does Investigate Federal Crimes, which they don't, at least in certain fascist-leaning corridors of the US. I agree that there are Bush-connected elements controlling the most important investigations and ordered the Able Danger group to cease and destroy their research and then directly coverup the truth of government involvement by, among other things, seizing the video tape from the Citco across from the Pentagon within an hour of the impact. That video along with God knows what else almost assuredly ended up in the ruins of WTC7, explaining the reason for the delay!

I'm an active advocate of the FACT that 911 was an Inside Job and is an Ongoing Criminal Enterprise Created to Overthrow the US Government. I hope We, the 911Truth community can launch some kind of "SuperBowl 911" type event Before the election specifically to overcome/overwhelm the fascist-media blackout. A Stadium-Sized Event would also give brave and honorable people like Sibel Edmonds the chance to go public with the Truth and save the honorable goals and substance of our Constitution... Soldier Field anyone?!

Also 100% agree about JFK, JFK Jr., and add John Lennon, Paul Wellstone, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the Anthrax Attacks to the list... among others. I've got the distinct impression that absent Direct US complicity/facilitation that most global terrorism would never have occurred.

GHW has been so intimately involved in the CIA all these years too, so it would not be in the least surprising that another, truer identity exists to explain Prescott's involvement with the Nazi's and the '33 Coup attempt.

Thank you for sharing your website and thoughts... We Will Prevail!


So NOW what? Does cheating require an impeachment, or simply a termination of employment? How is cheating at elections handled on the state, county and municipal level in various parts of the country? I guess if we can't connect the "stealing" dots to Bush/Cheney, it ain't gonna happen so easily. Too bad Gore didn't fight the Florida count back in 2000. Coulda , shoulda, woulda. ...

No, but you can still hold then Ohio Secretary of State and Co-Chairman of Bush-Cheney Campaign in 2004, Ken Blackwell, guilty of a felony. Squeeze the little shit until he cries uncle and tells all he knows.

As long as the only consequences for stealing elections are winning, this is going to continue happen over and over again. There simply is no downside to disenfranchising voters.
Stealing an election is not a victimless crime. Those who seize office feel no need to serve the people. We have experienced nearly a decade of illegitimate government. Lives are destroyed and the wealth of the nation is squandered.
Undermining our system of government is treason. The punishment should fit the crime.

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