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Bush Interrogated by Military at Omaha for 9/ll Treason

It's been reported that the real reason for Bush's recent trip to Omaha, Nebraska, the Franklin Cover-up Scandal place, was to undergo interrogation by the U.S. Military, and may reportedly be required to return in Jan. 08 for more "questioning". Bush doesn't have Alfarto Gone-zales by his side now to lie for him.

If this is true it means there are still credible people within the Joint Chiefs.

Have an interesting read and please post your comments on this. thanks, joe martin,

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I thought it rather strange that just after the NIE report about Iran non-existant nuclear weapons program putting to rest the blatant lie which Bush and Cheney had been peddling in order to fuel support for a war against Iran, that we get Bush's mysterious visit to Omaha (the real reason for that visit was never publicly disclosed until now), followed almost immediately by the shopping mall shooting in order to divert public attention from yet another pro-impeachment bombshell.

The Franklin Cover-Up scandal has been the millstone around the GOP's neck for at least a couple of decades, and so far, they've failed miserably to dump it, despite their attempts to cover it up. And after that bizarre incident with the nukes at Barksdale AFB several months ago, I'm more convinced that ever that when the principle of the "mass effect" -- when ideas are communicated to people in a such a powerful, effective way that it creates revolutionary political change -- is used (and it's being used now, with anti-war efforts, mass revolts against globalization and demands that home foreclosures be immediately halted), there are going to be individuals and organizations who have much to fear from this dynamic principle, and they will do everything in their power to stop this revolutionary political change from occurring.

This dynamic principle of the "mass effect", when acted upon by people with boldness and courage, stirs up society, especially in times of crisis, and frees people to think more clearly about proposing solutions to resolve the current crisis, and to put in place safeguards and measures to prevent another crisis from happening again.

Hence, the incident with the nukes, and those mass suicide killings which occurred in Omaha, Arvada and Colorado Springs, were deliberately timed in order to seriously delay (or stop completely) revolutionary political change by stirring up the worst fears, paranoias and terrors within the American population in order to keep them enslaved in the "helpless victim" mindset which will prevent them from thinking clearly about the crises which confront them, and from proposing solutions to those crises.

This is what various organizations and individuals who are connected with the Anglo-Dutch financial/banking oligarchy are terrified of, and because they're very much aware of the fact that the U.S. population does have the power to convey ideas that shake up society and creates positive revolutionary change, they're going to engineer and create events which will plunge the U.S. population into a state of fear, terror, paranoia and feelings of victimization, in order to make them docile and controllable enough to induce them to give up that power, collapse into a state of "learned helplessness", and willingly be led to the slaughter, while the Anglo-Dutch financial/banking oligarchy tells them through their assigned shills(like the Evangelical Fundamentalist pro-war Christian "ministers") that being slaughtered is for the population's "own good".

If G.W. was indeed interrogated by the military for his actions during 9/11, that would indicate that he did commit treason (which would make him very impeachable), and sooner or later, that treasonous trail will lead right to Dick Cheney's doorstep. Since the Anglo-Dutch financial/banking oligarchy can't afford to have the goose which have been handing them golden eggs get slaughtered by the Congress, they're going to create more incidents -- including more "mass suicide killings" (which will be committed by individuals that no one would ever suspect of committing those kinds of acts) -- which will disorient, panic and terrify the U.S. population into renouncing their own power to create revolutionary change, and yield to thinking of themselves as perpetual victims who can be easily manipulated, instead of potential victors who can triumph over the oligarchy.
Yes, your mentions of timed shootings, etc., refers to a sort of a "paralysis syndrome" these cons use to distract the attention away from an event by msm focusing on the grief and shock and awe, and sorrow, surrounding a shooting or some massive loss of homes due to fire, etc..

To look at a very old master at Kung Fu walking along might make one think he's about to totter over and fall down, but a master is capable of inflicting gouges and pokes into nerve centers of opponents which, after a period of fighting, causes the opponent's reflexes to slow, which allows, at a critical moment, the master to wield a crushing blow, sometimes fatal or near fatal if he thinks necessary. The opponent is trying to keep going, but doesn't understand what has already set him up and happened and can do little to defend.

In this example the gouges and pokes represent some of the more inexplicable shootings and emergencies we see in the U.S., and the resulting shock and stall is what's felt by the public.
thanks, joe martin,

I went to the myspace website and read the article...and considering the source, found its too obscurely dubious and ridiculous to call it anything else.

If bush was actually being interrogated by ANYBODY for crimes that if proven could or would get him a death sentence, and it got leaked into ANY public venue...the liberal media would be throwing more piles of trash on it right this second, then the GOP would already be filing lawsuits (and in fact may file if they take the article seriously and not choose to laugh it off) and use the neocon media through limbaugh, hanity, and coulter among others, would be as busy as cats in a sandbox making excuses, calling it more ridicule bush bashing and doing their best to cover it all up like fresh smelly turds.

Up until I see it confirmed in some other part of the legitimate media, C-SPAN the most unbiased political news information source for instance, all I can is "sorry guy but this unsubstantiated, very bizarre post totally lost me."

The political party I belong to is the entire body politic of the United States of America and our Constitution that I support without bias that neither states or implies any allegiance with any other socalled organized political party.
You have suffered a vast delusion which is somewhat perpetrated with the assistance of that media we mentioned.
Now that you've made it known that you apparently believe the two party, Democrat, Republican, Parties are credible, you leave yourself open to a wide array of criticism from many astute political and para-political observers.
The current two party type system in the United States is a fraud. The two parties with such mouthpieces as you mentioned can spin events the way they prefer according to their various agendas. It looks like a comedic phony fight which is staged for one of the fighters to take a fall in the third round, for example.
You need to do some hard research into how the parties were formed and look at who helped fund and back the Bolshevik Revolution and which bankers were aligned with whom, etc..
You, Independentasitgets, may have good intentions, but are way behind on the actual series of events which have formulated National U.S. Policy, and world policy. thanks, joe martin,

But, at any rate: IMPEACH BUSH-CHENEY NOW !!!

If you want to believe everything you read whether its substantitated or not its no skin off me.

But do notice first shot out of the bag by "you liberals" is to make nasty comments...just because someone doesn't kiss your believe anything ass when they see crap posts...and you need to read my posts there mister know it all...I fucking a well profess a third party and have not deviated from that one iota.

The political party I belong to is the entire body politic of the United States of America and our Constitution that I support without bias that neither states or implies any allegiance with any other socalled organized political party.
That Liberal Media you referred to is too bought-off & bribed to report anything substantial against the cons who pay them, in the first place.

You don't even mention or consider the fact that the ongoing extension of Operation Mockingbird is even more enhanced than it ever was when the late Cord Meyer of CIA helped start it up. What the hell makes you think it every went away? It still controls the press. Otherwise you'd be seeing impeachment marches and rallies CONSTANTLY ON THE TUBE as they happen.
It is precisely the media which is unfairly halting impeachment right this very minute by omission of truthful accurate content in reporting.

As far as you not being willing to believe in something until you see or hear it on television or tv news, etc., it is you who already has your three sixes firmly embedded within your head.
You must have the brand x, grade -A approved, G.I. issue, Trademarked O.K. on something or you do not believe in it.
You will believe in it when the air around you detonates. Right now your filthy Congress is poised to enact a bill to join the United States Missile Defense System to the Israeli Systems. This will be the first time in history the U.S. shared such a critical defense protocol with a foreign power, or any other nation.
As far as I'm concerned the W. House Crime Families did 9/ll and the handwriting is on the wall.

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