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H Res 375 Generates Debate, Unites Dems, Fails by 1 Vote

Several Democrats, including Lantos, spoke in support of H Res 375 (82 cosponsors), as did one Republican, Leach. Hyde put the vote off until 2 p.m. ET.
Debate shifted to a very similar resolution from Rep. Hinchey (H Res 408) (0 cosponsors), and so continued to focus on the Downing Street Minutes.
At 12:25, Hyde shifted the debate to H Res 419 (20 cosponsors), Rep. Holt's Resolution of Inquiry into the exposure of Valerie Plame's identity.
At 12:39 Rep. Barbara Lee spoke about the erosion of democracy and about the obligation of a committee that authorized war to provide the public with the reasons the nation went to war, the reasons our resources (over $300 billion)were spent on that war and unavailable for this country.
At 12:45 Hyde recessed until 2 p.m., at which time the committee will vote on all three resolutions.
Hyde noted that two members are absent: Royce and Payne (a likely no and yes vote, respectively).
They voted at 2 p.m. and we lost by 1 vote, with a few members of each party absent, one Republican (Leach) voting with all the Dems, and one Republican (Paul) voting "present." We came very close, created a debate, and actually saw the Democrats unite and stand for something.
On to the next one!


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Something to think about

I googled Bush and result was: 301,000,000

Then I google "Bush takes blame" comes only 245
For "Bush takes responsibility" we have only 677

remember this latest two is must be today's, I don't remember he ever done that before. You?

If you decided to do this put the phrase between " " (Doing this will make google look for the phrase instead of any of the words.

How about bush tells the truth??? you get negative 40 squared.

Not trying to rain on your parade or anything...but Negative 40 squared is 1,600.

Sorry, just had to say it

Glad some one else said it.

“If we are to believe that President Bush and the Christian Right have been talking directly to God these past six years, then it follows that KATRINA is God's answer to their agenda.

Your very spiritual observation is most appropriate. God mat yet speak again through special prosecutor Fitzgerald in a few short weeks. Remember, Fitzgerald expanded his scope and may have some very interesting surprises for some of these members of Congress and the Senate. If they or some federal judges are PNAC supporters or sympathizers, I'd say they better be on the lookout! God has a way of leveling the playing field.

Yes, you're right: The scope of the Treasongate investigation is expanding! Link:

Watch for a military intelligence black-ops team to take out Fitzgerald before he can bring down the Bush Administration. They will make it look like an accident.

The below was sent to the House Judiciary Committee and other representatives to let them know their vote will show just what they are made of, and whether we should keep or discard them in the elections of 2006.

HR 375—A Litmus Test For Congress
House Resolution 375 provides a clear cut choice between right and wrong. It seeks to investigate, based on strong evidence and probable cause, whether or not our leaders lied and duped us into going to war with Iraq. If some congress members dimly think “the world will little note or long remember

Great piece.

Everyone should copy and send it to their entire address book. If we are going to even begin to take our country back, everyone needs to know which way their reps go with this issue.

If they refuse to support a simple investigation into whether or not Congress and the people of this country were lied to by the president, then they are indeed part of the problem and must be sent packing on election day.

John Perry

Well, this is exactly what I expected from the Republicans. The Republican committee chairman, Henry Hyde, is white-washing the Iraq pre-war intelligence. He is using the tactic of claiming that the Downing Street Memos don't say anything new. What a bold faced lie!

He is also claiming that asking the UK to transmit sensitive documents will cripple the President's ability to act. What rubbish! The Congress has oversight responsibily yet they refuse to use it.

We'll see what occurs but I am not optimistic.

I am sick and tired of listening to the republican congress making excuses for the idiot in the White House. Our military men and women are dying for nothing. This Committee is nothing but a lying sack of shit. They are going against everything America was founded for. This committee has done nothing but enable George W Bush to continue his war against the american public by invading countries that had nothing to do with 9/11 as Mr. Hyde suggest. Denial is our worst enamy, denial in itself is a sickness. Time to clean out this congress and elect the people that will impeach George W Bush.

Call those stone-walling Republicans and tell them that they'd better get with the program or they are OUT next election. Then publish the names of all the NEOCON liars on the web for the international world to see who supports the maiming and killing of the world's citizens. Pass it around internationally, including Al Jazeera so that they can know who is perpetrating this shit against them.

John Roberts: Umpire or Ideologue?

The opening statements of the 18 senators who will first vote on John Roberts' nomination for Chief Justice of the United States set the stage for the confirmation battle. The 10 Republicans and 8 Democrats previewed their expectations of the interrogation of Roberts, which begins today.

About the whitewashing...he is isn't something new...just something that the American people didn't know about and were lied to about and is now coming to light.

I think, perhaps, the most telling comments came in the expressions of horror over the thought that HR 375 is intended to bring facts into the open for public discussion and would thus "politicize" the underlying issues. To me this reveals as clearly as anything said what we need most to understand about the true mindset of these so-called "representatives of the people".

More than anything else, politicians fear that the electorate may learn the whole truth and base its assessments and its future decisions thereon. If we're not very careful, who know where that could lead. There is even some risk of a horrifying outbreak of real democracy threatening elite control. We certainly can't allow that to happen in the "land of the free".

Now that all of the resolutions of inquiry are to be reported "adversely", where do and the related efforts now stand?

Does this whole debate just go on and on ad infintum, ad nauseum. Do we simply await another election and hope for the best while the killing and dying continue? Or what?

What is left is the Fitzgerald investigation and the results of the Grand Jury. The R's are circling the wagons and not supporting a Congresiional investigation which could likely point directly at many of them buys (appropriate term, eh?) them about three or so more weeks to coordinate their cover stories.

I believe that Fitzgerald has some very solid material which goes way deeper than the Plame matter. I feel that the Plame matter was just the tip of the iceberg. Once the grand jury got into the Plame matter, a Pandora's Box of other issues popped up and led to more and more evidence of actions which I believe involve a broad scope of all three branches of the federal government.

We are witnessing the most significant Constitutional crisis in American history. Never before has there been this kind of tyranical abuse of the American democracy. Today's vote on HRes375 is another element in this crisis.

What to do? Keep the pressure on all the members of the House and Senate. Democrats should make the HRes375 an issue in the Roberts hearings. Ask the nominee his position on the investigation. Would you not like to hear the future Chief Justice explain that there is really no need to investigate the "fixing" of intelligence around a policy of premeditated war against a sovereign nation? Or, how about the future Chief Justice's explanation for why a government insider should not be in some manner held accountable for revealing the identity of a covert CIA operative?

Remember the R's interest in the stained blue dress? What significance did that evidence have to do with a Constitutional crisis? Now is the time for Democrats and all non-R's to unite, put aside philosophical differences, and act to restore our Constitutional democracy!

I have stated this before, the R's can not be trusted with power! That is a plain and simple fact. If one can not understand this fact after the events of the last 5 years, such persons citizenship should be revoked. There is no hope for them.

A nationwide recall should be mobilized. The purpose should be to hold all elected officials in Washington, D.C. accountable for the current state of the union. Drastic times require drastic measures!


I sure hope you're right, Richard. I don't doubt the man's integrity or his conscientious effort. I'm just not sure that his mandate will allow him to reach far enough to end the horrors quickly enough.

I do agree that it may be our one ray of hope in an otherwise gloomy picture. Right now, however, I'm so depressed by it all (and angry too) that I'm not even thinking straight. So I don't want to say too much.

Yes, there is the Fitzgerald jury, but our ultimate tool is public opinion. It’s fairly amazing that HR 375 got this close and this fact won’t be lost on Republicans. With Bush’s current position in the polls, plenty of rats are thinking about jumping ship, and many will in the coming months. Cheney is starting to be openly heckled where ever he goes and is drawing the attention of late night comedians. This is always the first step.

HR 375 was a tremendous success. It started out as a wild hare amongst a bunch of left wing nuts and eventually picked up 82 sponsors, and came within one vote of passing. What we must do is keep issuing letters and proselytizing in our own communities. People don’t like to be told they’re wrong, but realization eventually comes. The public is reaching the point of realization, if they aren’t already there. All they need is a gentle push.

Very close is no good. The Bush admin just keeps getting away with all these criminal acts with no change in site.


I agree, very close is not good. Maybe close is good for slow dancing... but not in this regard!

In addition, I did a little search of the familiar media outlets to see if they have covered this story, and (SURPRISE SUPRISE) they have generally NOT offered any space to it. Can you believe they have essentially skipped this event that we all view as very very important??? I was not all that surprised actually. The only folks I saw that had some coverage was and it was a short article, carried through the AP. For the benefit of all, I will copy this below. My inference on the story between the lines of this article is the conservatives (i.e., republicans) have won this battle, and expect to win the rest. Hence, given this confidence, the time is truly now to marshal the necessary momentum to get this back on the floor for discussion with House of Reps or Senate.

Do not despair... it is always darkest before the dawn!


Here is that story:

House GOP Derails Democratic Inquiries

House GOP Derails Democratic Attempts to Get Information From Administration

By LIZ SIDOTI, The Associated Press

WASHINGTON Sep 14, 2005 — House Republicans derailed Democratic attempts on Wednesday to force the Bush administration to surrender documents on prewar intelligence and the disclosure of the identity of a CIA operative.

Democrats have introduced several "resolutions of inquiry" to compel President Bush and members of his Cabinet to release all information relating to communications with British officials before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and the Valerie Plame case.

The White House has taken heat since the disclosure this year of the "Downing Street memos," British documents that suggest the Bush administration had made up its mind by 2002 to invade Iraq. Administration officials also have been interviewed by a special prosecutor in his quest to determine who leaked Plame's covert identity to reporters.

Largely along party lines, the House International Relations Committee unfavorably reported two of the resolutions on Iraq and one resolution on the Plame matter. Earlier, the House Judiciary Committee "unfavorably" reported a similar Plame resolution.

Under House rules, the committees had to act on the resolutions within 14 legislative days of the resolutions' introduction. If not, sponsors could have forced the measures before the full House for a vote.

But the votes Wednesday against the measures all but prevented them from ever being taken up by the House.

Other Democratic-sponsored resolutions on both matters are in different committees. Those resolutions will be considered in the next few weeks; the outcome is expected to be the same.

Republican leaders want to avoid the spectacle of either issue being debated on the House floor amid some fear that the measures could succeed if enough Republicans side with minority Democrats.

Copyright 2005 The Associated Press.

Time to round up all the deserters, WHO was the one vote that made this thing people!??!??

Its time to go full court on them and vote the resolution YET AGAIN!!!!!

Woohoo, now we're getting somewhere...

Doug E.

Please send some of what you are smoking

No options left other than a revolt. Stonewall their asses, don't give theirs or them money, boycott all Republican facilities.
Give them back their own treatment, only double.


What next one? The next what? The World Series of "shock and awe" invasions and occupations of other people's countries? The AIPAC/PNAC plan for nuking Iran?

Is there any serious "game plan" at all for the "next one", whatever it may be?

U.S. Deploys Slide Show to Press Case Against Iran

By Dafna Linzer
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, September 14, 2005; A07

(Some key exerpts from the article)

The problem, acknowledged one U.S. official, is that the evidence is not definitive. Briefers "say you can't draw any other conclusion, and of course you can draw other conclusions,"

Several diplomats said the slide show reminded them of the flawed presentation on Iraq's weapons programs made by then-secretary of state Colin L. Powell to the U.N. Security Council in February 2003.

...The U.S. intelligence community no longer believes Iraq was trying to reconstitute a nuclear program, as the president said. Those and other U.S. intelligence failures have remained fresh in the minds of international decision-makers now being asked to weigh the case of Iran.

The Iraq experience has had a "sobering effect" on Iran discussions, said President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, a close ally of the Bush administration.

...the intelligence community is uncertain as to whether Iran's ruling clerics have made a decision to go forward with a nuclear weapons program.

The estimate judged Iran to be as much as a decade away from being able to manufacture the fissile material necessary for a nuclear explosion. A report issued last week by the International Institute for Security Studies, a London-based research group, found Iran was 10 to 15 years from the technical know-how to build a bomb.

Is it possible to do this again or is it just a lost cause now? No one wants to wait until next election and hope that more Dems are elected but if that is what has to be then that is what we do. If it takes forever Bush needs to be held accountable for the lies he told, the Bush name tainted forever in history!! Let all know what he is!!

Don't kid yourself. It's not just Bush's name. He didn't do this all by himself and he was returned to power AFTER his agenda was abundantly clear even for Americans. (The rest of the world saw it long before.) For that matter, his politcal opponent proposed to go him one better in the war-making department.

No, it's not just Bush who will be tainted and scorned by history. It's the United States of Amnesia and its entire cutthroat system of piracy, plunder, death, destruction, rape and sodomizing of children.

Now be good little consumers and just go back to watching your informericals, infotainment and the rest of the mindless pap served up to you by TV's vast wasteland. And don't forget to keep shopping no matter what; it's your patriotic duty.

That's what you get when you trust the government with a virtual monopoly on education.

It can't help but mass produce compliant sheep.

You have an excellence grip on the concrete objective facts.

Now try the next level down, where you can see how the problem STARTS, not with the ascent to power of the facsists, but with the initial consolidation of power, rationalized on the basis of the "good intentions" of those who orchestrated it.

But what value are good intentions, even if sincere (they weren't)?

Time to start keeping score.

---The Bikemessenger

The only way we will ever regain any kind of integrity in the eyes of the world is to demonstrate the meaning of "justice for all". For five years we and the elected cowards in Congress have watched idly while the fascist administration of GWBush has turned democracy on its ear, and castrated the constitution. And this while other countries have simply protested until their unwanted governments were tossed out.
Had we managed to hold Bush accountable, perhaps America, too, would regain its internatinal esteem.

Apathy kills. You have to wonder how many millions of Americans are still blissfully unaware of what is going on. This apathy and ignorance, willful or not, is a major cause of the loss of our democracy. Between Judge Edwards sailing through and H.Res.375
going down.. Now we understand what happened in Germany.

Fitzgerald’s Grand Jury may provide some hope, some way of stopping these criminals, but without the awakening of millions of Americans and their educated participation/involvement in their government this rape and pillage of our country will continue. Welcome to the 3rd world. We are eligible too. How Sad.

Amen! (They ALWAYS lose by one vote now in order to make it appear as IF this is still a Democracy!!)

The was no sex in the resolution...the Repugs only understand sex...just like in novels or movies...there has to be some sex...honesty only applies to sex with these repugs...Hyde should be very ashamed of himself for not passing this resolution...if the repugs believed it didn't say anything new then why not have the investigation and absolve Bush of any would have given the country some standing in the eyes of the world...

DeLay, Hyde, the "new cons", various other Reps., a very heavy set of hitters who are awash in Defense dollars.... have a deep bench to manage an on-going "loss by one vote....".

I Talked to Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D) Ca. about Impeachment. She did not think it was a possibility. I said; What if there was millions of people demanding it like when Nixon was forced to resign to avoid his own impeachment? She said well...yes.. maybe.. We have to keep getting the word out. What else can we do? People that have been activists for years just keep on trucking; fighting the good fight. What else can we do but keep educating people. They wont speak up if they don’t know what the hell is happening. It seems education is the first step. Admitted we were ignorant, apathetic, dumb asses and our govt. was unmanageable. Then possibly an educated sane majority of the American people could stop the insanity. God help America and its people to restore sanity.

Its a defeat by ONE single vote!!!!!

If everyone gets on the ball and brings up another resolution just like this one, and goes all out for all the holdouts.....It could easily pass.

The defeatist attitude is astonishing.....STOP MILLING AROUND!!!!! THIS IS A NEW IMPORTANT BEGINNING!!!!

Doug E.

You're absolutely correct; what was I thinking. I was depressed by the vote, but as you point out, there's nothing stopping us from reintroducing the resolution!

The next time around, let's expose the Republicans that voted against it with letters to the editor and other publicity. If the public exposure flips even a few of their votes, the resolution would pass!

Who else thinks this is a good idea?

How can impeachment not be a posibility? We have an administration in Washington that has no problem with lying to Congress and the American people. Apparently Congress doesn't have a problem with Bush and company lying to them. Could it be that the corporations that are in the pockets of Bush are in the pockets of our Congress too?
On the issue that the Downing Street Memos being old news. Are these Republican Congressmen saying that they new Bush was fixing the intellegence on Iraq and chose to back the president instead of our Constitution. If the Downing Street Memos are truthful, then President Bush and the Congressmen that new this was happening and did nothing have plenty to answer to. I can now see why the Republican Congress didn't want this investigated. They would only be implicating themselves in this unlawful act.

I'm so disgusted over this. We sent out many emails, faxes, a few calls. These dissenting Congressmen are NOT working for the American people. Let's stop paying their salaries and perks. They should all be fired.


CALL HYDE - Tell him shame for working so hard to pester Clinton over a sex scandal while turning his back on a $300 Billion war started with faulty intelligence and dubious claims.

Call Hyde - tell his staff he works for America - not Bush!

I don't understand? Who have nothing to hide would welcome a inquiry...Democracy dies behind closed doors...

Reference was made to the fact that the United Kingdom had investigated all these matters and concluded there was no abuse of intelligence. The inquiries were not as conclusive as that. Lord Hutton declined to look at the issue of how the politicians used intelligence. Butler was far more hard-hitting about Blair but his summary was milder in tone - much information was lost to the public.

The increased bombing sorties in the no-fly zone were never highlighted or explained, information about that filtered through later. Outside of the US the world at large has generally accepted that the war was a foregone conclusion, it was wanted by the US.

I don't understand how so many good people at the Pentagon, the CIA and the Whitehouse can keep silent, they must know everything that went out - for the war or against it, there is a dreadful legacy of suffering that has followed in its wake. It's more than about having a momentary conscience - it's about whether you care about life at all. If what is said about DU is true, we have hurt and are hurting totally innocent people - Americans, Iraqis, allied forces. It has moved way beyond mental tussels about the need for pay checks and promotions, all the things that make whistle blowing so unattractive - the silence about the truth is resulting in the deaths of others. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who spoke out and resigned - they cannot be explained away with lofty rhetoric - we should have begged them to take their jobs back. If we can't get to the truth - time somebody out there helps get the truth to the people. Can we make it attractive to do it ? - how about believing that somewhere out in the Universe, a perfect energy, a force for good beyond our imagination, is getting ready to form itself into a perfect smile and breathe your name, as a bringer of hope. How about it Mr Tenet ?

Everyone needs to massively deluge Henry Hyde and tell him how absolutely wrong he is, and demand the creep resign because he works for america...... He doesn't work for PAX AMERICANA OR THE BUSH ADMIN

Please people, the time is NOW!!!! No one is going to do this but us. Remember, this Resolution could have failed across party line. Instead it JUST BARELY FAILED PASSING, BY ONE SINGLE VOTE.

We need to take responsibilty for that vote, and for every single swaggler who did NOT vote for it and then reassemble.....and fight even harder for it to pass by getting even MORE sponsors....

Remember, CONGRESS is at the tipping point.....They have to answer to us, and we are forcing them to answer....and some of them will, while the rest will IGNORE.

We need those dems and repubs who ignore on record with their lies so we can oust them permanently from their seats!!!!

Get it?!?? This is not just the fight for impeachment right now....this is the fight of the future!!!

Doug Eldritch

I find it absolutely depressing that this Resolution of Inquiry was voted down by the heartless conservatives who run our government. Yet I also feel encouraged at the same time, I feel the need to press on. What I mean is that we have been able to get 82 Congress members to co-sponsor this resolution before it was voted on, including at least one Republican, and the fact that they on the HIRC actually debated this issue instead of quickly voting it down. I see this as a sign that we are growing stronger in our campaigning and more and more of Congress is starting to open up to the truth. The Democrats in the committee stood firmly united this time, and for that they deserve our greatest applause. If you ask me, the Resolution of Inquiry may have failed, but the campaign is far from over.

I understand that everyone who sincerely is not in favor of this corrupt administration which exists on both sides of the aisle and dates back at least a decade, still has high hopes. As a firm believer that goodness eventually conquers all the evil of corrupt societies I also am hanging on. However, with ALL the votes in recent history being soooo close in elections and in Congress, I fear we will not see this victory in our lifetime. A good example is the CAFTA vote which was bought by offering the mandatory 30 pieces of silver for the "aye" vote. And it goes on and on.

This vote was just in committee, correct? My understanding was that if it failed in committee, Rep. Lee would be able to bring it before the entire house for a vote.

Regardless, there is more than enough truth to sink the Bush cabal's pirate ship. That's why we just have to keep hammerin'!

John Perry

Actually no, I believe it said that if no action was taken on the resolution in committee, then Rep. Lee could submit it to the full House for a vote. If I am wrong on this, it would be a pleasant surprise.

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