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Anti-War Protesters Converge in Forsyth Park


Savannah, GA--People are taking sides, rallying either for or against the war in Iraq. The anti-war group's main voice, Cindy Sheehan, is drawing crowds as she travels cross country on her way to Washington, DC. About a thousand followers showed up in Pittsburgh yesterday, carrying candles and pausing for a moment of silence at Soldiers and Sailors Hall. The owners of the hall turned them away.

Sheehan says our troops and their families have sacrificed enough. "None of these chicken hawks have served this country in the way that our children have served the country," she said.

Sheehan's 24-year-old son Casey reenlisted with the Army in August 2003. He was killed in Sadr City on April 4 of this year. Sheehan is visiting 42 cities on her way to a three-day protest in Washington at the end of this month.

She's not coming here, but her supporters were in Savannah last night and attracted people who back the war in Iraq. Those against the war held a candlelight vigil in Forsyth Park and were met head on by the supporters. There were a few tense moments, but no one went too far, realizing that violence is not the answer.

It started with lighting candles around the fountain in the park, representing American lives lost in Iraq. It's all part of Sheehan's Bring Them Home Now tour.

"We don't see it's a winnable war and life is being lost on both sides," said Tom Palumbo of Veterans for Peace.

Iraq veterans spoke out about the atrocities they've seen. "The horrors of war have been permanently engrained in my soul, with Iraqi civilians dead at checkpoints," said one veteran.

Along with military family members who lost loved ones in the war. "My son was killed in the war in the first three weeks," said Jean Prewitt. "Didn't even have time to send me a letter."

Prewitt lost her only son three years ago, and like most of the protesters, she supports our troops but not this war. "When I realized we had been given the wrong information and lied to, I just lost all respect for this administration," she said. "And I knew that it was just an unjust war."

But the gathering wasn't without tension. People supporting the war showed up at the vigil. "I'm sick of Cindy Sheehan being the only one heard," said military spouse Courtney Horn. "It's time for our husbands to be heard and Sheehan is not speaking for us."

Organizers hope crosses set up at the vigil to memorialize the soldiers who died in Iraq say the only thing that needs to be said. "It's too late for my son, but I don't want anyone else to have to experience this," said Prewitt.

Many of the protesters are heading to Washington, DC, to join Cindy Sheehan on September 24 for a mass protest against the war.

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Why do we vote for the son of a former president to be our current president? Doesn't this sort of nepatism only happen in third world countries? Had George Bush been born into any other family, what would be the likelyhood of his being president today? He would be doing well to be the regional manager of a Wal*Mart.

And this is the man who lead us into Iraq.

Let me begin I feel Cindy sorrow for the loss of her son. It is horrible that he died defending honor and freedom. He is a hero in my opinon. I work with people who have lost brothers in Iraq and they were not privliged to have meet the president after the death or burial. So to meet with him again is not fair to those who have yet to see him. I do think Cindy's son whould be dissapointed in protesting what he volentered for. I don't know what her agendas are, but it is appearent she is in bed with and Moore. She has stooped to the lowest level an American can stoop too. She should retify her self and make her family proud instead of shamed. I have pitty for her and think has dis-honered herself and her country. Oh and Bush did not cause Hurricane Katrina which took her out of the public eye. I could not belive that statement, shows her inteligence. God Bless her and may her eyes be opened.

Unbelievable comments...I try not to reply, but every now and then I just find it too overwhelming NOT to. Not only does Cindy Sheehan speak for many, if you were to follow what she stands for and with who, you would understand that she stands for the truth of why we went to war against the lies that took us there. Bush Lied While People Died. In the pattern of his lack of leadership, he played guitar in San Diego, Condolezza Rice was shopping in New York for shoes while people were drowning and dying of dehydration in the Gulf Coast...but a Special Session for Terry Schiavo...cause brother Jeb was needing a Photo Op...and of course the heroic response to hurricanes in Florida thanks to Bro Jeb, and of course an election year. PULEASE...who do you think needs to WAKE UP JIM!!!!!!!!
BushCO cares about was aptly stated by a Black New Orleans Councilman
after Bushs speech tonite...when asked if racism was involved...HE SAID NO...ITS THE COLOR GREEN. (Bushco cares ONLY FOR CORPORATE POWER OF THE WEALTHY). Your comments Jim are either out of ignorance or you are one of "THEM".

Where does she say anything about Bush starting a hurricane? Jim, I don't mean to be rude but really how can you question Cindy's intelligence when you write such a silly and incoherent post?

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