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A Telltale Sign Your Party Lacks a Backbone

A Telltale Sign Your Party Lacks a Backbone: When It Gets Outflanked on Iraq By Iraq's President
By David Sirota

Here's a solid telltale sign that the invertebrates who run the D.C. Democratic Establishment are driving the Democratic Party into the ground: Iraq's own President, Jalal Talabani, is now supporting a timetable for reducing American troops in his country, putting him ahead of most top tier Democrats. When your party is being outflanked by the President of the country that we are supposed to be "helping," you should start worrying that there is a serious lack of leadership in your party - a lack of leadership that not only ignores the most pressing national security issue of our time, but has led to electoral disaster in the past, and could lead to electoral disaster in the future.

It is true - Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold (D) and a group of Democrats in the House have courageously tried to get their party to get serious on Iraq. But they have been thwarted by the Establishment. As just one example, take that oh-so-smarmy profile in courage, Sen. Joe Biden in this excerpt from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"Delaware's Joe Biden, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in an interview Tuesday that there will be a growing demand by lawmakers in both parties for answers from the administration about its course in Iraq, but 'I don't expect any Democratic stampede to set a firm date.'"

In other words, even though polls show Americans oppose the war, want an exit strategy, believe the conflict is damaging U.S. national security, and think the war is hurting the effort to win the War on Terror, Biden and his insulated colleagues in the D.C. Democratic Establishment are openly admitting they have long ago been neutered. They are either staying in the fetal position, or actually publicly reinforcing right-wing spin about the war.

With Talabani's announcement today, the aforementioned polls, and the continuing violence in Iraq, the real question is simple: exactly how politically safe do things have to become for the D.C. Democratic Establishment to actually take a serious stand on Iraq? And, even more interestingly, how is it possible that these insulated dolts do not understand that the longer they wait in their thumb-in-the-wind position of taking no position, the more they reinforce public perceptions that the party stands for nothing?


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If this is serious, you really need a much better web site.


I complained directly to Obama and to the National Democratic Party HQ, that Democrat Senators in association with the father of the most corupt president in recent memory reflects negitivly on the Democratic Party. After all, what the hell is going on here? What is up with liberals to compell them to fraterinize with Bush senior?
I am appalled at that happening! And if i don't get any response back from either the party, or Obama, they can forget ever having my support. In fact, ill turn a few POLITICAL guns on them!**HUMPHREY**

H-O-U-S-T-O-N. IN re-reading my above post, i looked at HUSTON and thought,,,OPPPPS.sorry.**HUMPY**

Now and then we see Biden or Boxer with a flash of intestinal fortitude, but, just a flash. Howard Dean, thank God, takes Bush to task, but, only to be snubbed by many in his(our) party. Where the hell is Kerry, Boxer, Kennedy, Biden, Liberman and Reid? Why can't one of the younger Senators, Obama or Bayh, stand up to Bush and rally the party? Thank God there are many in the House putting the Senate to shame by doing something. If FDR or Truman could see our Senators now they would surly think "What a bunch of panty-wastes". I looking to see who jumps on the band wagon after the grass-roots groups really gets this thing going. I wonder who is going to claim they were supporting the movement all along? WAKE UP SENATORS! The President of The United States LIED!

Spineless? Of course they're spineless. The people of the United States demand it! They don't want to here about us killing women and children, we're the good guys and hold that flag a little higher please. Taxes? You tell the electorate they have to pay more. Never mind that we're borrowing a $1,000,000,000 a day from China. You want a hero? War veteran Max Cleland stood up to Bush on one point in the Homeland Security Bill and was voted out the next year. When the lookout on the Titanic yells iceberg and the passengers throw him overboard there's not a lot of impetus to issue another warning. I believe this government pretty much represents the average American. Pathetic isn't it.

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