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Incomplete Picture
Submitted by Arvy (not verified) on Tue, 2005-09-13 12:46.

Ghastly as it is, this is only one part of the total human and financial cost of Bush's "splendid little war". Here are some additional numbers and facts on the Iraq quagmire compiled by the Institute for Policy Studies:


“The Iraq Quagmire


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These number's will only rise as time pregresses. I'de like to draw attention to the associated cost to the permanant bases being constructed and the fact that the phrase, "permanant bases" is certainly indicitive that the so called eventual plan on withdraw is or can be assumed to be further deceit by the Bush Administration.
This permanant base construction (cost) discloseure establishes this assumption (see link -Institute for policy studies-above right)

Using the Authority, Law, It's TIME 2

The Below Tells USa WHO, HOW, WHEN, WHERE and WHY

If U Don't Want 2 Read the Below
See the Same Thing In PAINTINGS at

Scroll Down till U C 15 + Protest bush, Patriot, Paintings


IT BECOMES NECESSARY for the PEOPLE of the United States

TO ALTER or ABOLISH the United States Government

as it exists in the year 2001 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06

Using the Authority, Law, and Intentions of the Constitution

and the Declaration of Independence

And Now the People Step Forward

and Charge High Treason

and Show that Democracy in its roots today,

is Corrupt

And that the Constitution has been Altered and Betrayed

in Favor of A Small Group of Millionaires,

Over Another..

the Governed

the People of the United States

And that the Election Process is UN-fair

and has been Overwhelmed

and Monopolized

by Millionaires

and their millions of dollars

Continued at

Scroll Down till You see Yellow link to

( Re-Written ) Declaration of Independence

Thank You,

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