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Sheehan claims U.S. never plans to bring troops home

AP New Jersey
Sheehan claims U.S. never plans to bring troops home

Associated Press Writer

September 12, 2005, 4:56 PM EDT

WESTFIELD, N.J. -- The California woman who camped outside President Bush's ranch last month to protest the war in Iraq, which claimed her soldier son's life, said Monday she believes the U.S. never plans to leave the battle-torn country.

Cindy Sheehan spoke outside Westfield Town Hall with a Democratic congressman who called for United Nations or NATO troops to assume responsibility for 14 of Iraq's 18 provinces.

"We need to bring our troops home immediately, as soon as possible," said Sheehan, who camped outside Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to meet with him and discuss an exit strategy for the war.

"The people running our country plan on never bringing our people home," she said.

Sheehan has drawn widespread attention and criticism, and now is on a 25-state speaking tour. She said Bush went to war under fraudulent circumstances, leading to thousands of unnecessary deaths, including that of her 24-year-old son, Army Spec. Casey Sheehan, who was killed in Sadr City on April 4, 2004.

"Their mistakes cost me my oldest son," she said. "That's not an 'oops' moment; that's a tragedy, and someone needs to be held accountable for that.

"Nobody was asking George Bush the hard questions: Why are children still dying? Why are innocent Iraqis still dying? When there were no weapons of mass destruction, when it came out that there was no link between Saddam Hussein and 9/11, why are our troops still there? Why are we taking billions of dollars from our treasury to continue this mistake of a war?" she said.

The White House press office did not immediately return a call seeking comment. But in past weeks, Bush has said he disagrees with Sheehan's call to bring the troops home now, saying that would embolden insurgents in Iraq.

Critics said Sheehan never spoke out against Bush or the war when she and other grieving families met the president about two months after her son died. Sheehan said she was still in shock over Casey's death during that meeting.

Sheehan spoke in Westfield along with U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr., D-Monmouth, who called for turning control of 14 of 18 Iraqi provinces over to international troops under the auspices of the United Nations or NATO, enabling large amounts of American troops to return home.

He acknowledged afterward that most of America's allies have shown little enthusiasm for the war and little willingness to contribute significant numbers of troops to fight it. Pallone also said he doubts Bush will see the U.N. as an acceptable replacement for U.S. combat troops in Iraq.

"The only way it's going to happen is if opposition to the war continues to build," he said. "As that builds, maybe the president will look at an alternative that would involve the U.N."

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How long would this war go on with these lies, if it were not for the voices of these Moms & Dads? So many parents were so afraid during Vietnam , they worked extra hard to keep their sons in college, or take them to Canada. The needless worry, stress, and grief war causes never justifies it except for a clear case of self-defense. Which brings us back to: WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OSAMA BIN LADEN?

its not a war its a police action, and we don't need to be policeing other countries. we need to police our own borders. after all we have been letting terriosts into this country and training them in our schools. its past time that we stop. we also do not need to support bush's retirement. ever notice how everything went to hell since he's been in office? i have only one son, who is serving in the military. he has chosen to serve his country, to defend it. if this was a true war i might be able to live with the chance of losing him. but it's not. it's the same as vietnam. a police action spured by bush and his cronies to make the money while they can.

It's not just that America will never see its soldier children return from Iraq. The resources claimed by America Incorporated lie buried all over the world, and in pipelines above the ground, and in fresh water suppiles that can be bottled and sold back to the natives, and even in earth-orbit space that must be sujected to "full spectrum dominance".

It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. And you can bet that it won't be the children of the "masters of the universe" who pull guard duty -- at least not anywhere they can't be "excused" from to attend to more lucrative functions.

Go Cindy Sheehan go!!!! We will nail the DSM into the walls of congress, into the halls of america, and into the heart of every man woman and child here that breathes.

Doug E.

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