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Meet Tom Fiscus

By Karen Bradley

The story I am about to tell has been only ONE of a series of stories we hear about in passing; stories about the bullying and McCarthyism that characterizes the Bush Administration. This particular story came to us through several pathways, the first one being my friend Bev.

Bev came to DC while my husband and I were working on the Kerry campaign and she introduced me to her good friend, Carolyn, who was married to a Judge Advocate General. We had a lively conversation about John Kerry's campaign and thoroughly enjoyed the "girl-time" we had. Four years later, Bev emailed me.

Do you remember my friend Carolyn, she asked? I did, vaguely. Bev told me Carolyn's husband was having a good deal of trouble and perhaps we could suggest help. I sent her to Jesselyn Radack's site and Daily Kos because I knew that a number of Bush whistleblowers were getting together for support and action.

Over the weeks that followed, Tom began to share his story with Jesselyn and with other online activists, and eventually it all came back to us, in DC. We have waited to tell it because we wanted Tom to tell it first. It's his story and it needs to be heard.

Yesterday he launched his website.

For nearly 37 years I was privileged to wear the uniform of my country. I wore it in Vietnam as an Air Force Academy cadet, in Germany during the Cold War, in Saudi Arabia for Operation Southern Watch and in the Pentagon on Sep 11, 2001. During the last 2 ½ years of that career, I was proud to have reached the pinnacle of my profession by serving as The 14th Judge Advocate General of the United States Air Force, the senior uniformed lawyer of that service.

If you have read accounts of the end of my military service, you saw how I was investigated by the Inspector General based on an anonymous allegation of unprofessional relationships. I was then punished under the very system I had upheld and defended for my entire professional life as a judge advocate. Some initial media accounts of the investigation noted the conflict between me and high ranking civilians in the Bush administration over torture and the detainee interrogations at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Since the media didn't know what they were on to, DOD officials quickly overwhelmed that thread. With a skill developed by much practice, the DOD leaked carefully selected half-truths from the incomplete investigation to poison the public perception of me.

Sid Blumenthal wrote about the case, and then went on to other stories. Jane Mayer wrote a piece for The New Yorker but it was scotched at the last minute. She does not know why. ABC News and 60 Minutes both initiated stories and then dropped them.

Meanwhile, Tom remains in a kind of limbo, unable to practice law and finding that rumors and innuendo follow him everywhere. We have inquired in high places and been met with serious pushback in the form of cautions, but they are cautions without real information. In other words, no one is talking, and everyone APPEARS nervous. Now there could be many reasons for this, ranging from insiders knowing something we don't know to serious threats against anyone who talks about this story.

And truly, my friends, Tom's story IS only one of many many peeks into how the Bush administration has operated. I am sure it is not even the worst story. But to quote him once again:

So much of what happened in my case, from the filing of the bizarre anonymous complaint against me, to my forced retirement as a colonel, was the product of outright illegal reprisal by senior civilian and military personnel in DOD. To challenge that reprisal in a calmer atmosphere, I filed a complaint of reprisal in November 2006. My complaint explains why those political appointees and some of my uniformed leadership wanted me crushed and shows the steps they took to effect the assassination of my career.

The complaint was filed over a year ago, I am still awaiting action. My efforts to engage my Congressional delegation have been fruitless with Senator Gordon Smith's (R-OR) office agreeing only to act as a conduit for communications received from the DOD. Neither Senator Ronald Wyden D-OR) or Congressman David Wu (D-OR) even acknowledged my requests for assistance. Despite all we have learned about the operation of the Bush administration in the three years since my case arose, people still have a hard time accepting that the Administration acts the way it does - the way it did in my case and so many others.

Tom is a warm and high-minded man, and he wants his story to be known, if only so people will continue to awaken and be aware of what has been done in the name of democratic freedoms. Please help us to share his tale. Let newspapers know, write letters and let Tom know via his site what you are doing.

Thank you, from those in the future who will benefit from truths over lies.


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Colonel Fiscus,

As a former Air Force enlisted man, I thank you for your service to your country in trying to insure the rule of law by standing up to the criminal Bush Administration. My opinions of the military were gathered in my four years of service (1966-1970 including one year in Vietnam) and in subsequent life experiences.

The observation of this former E-5 are that officers only get promoted if they play ball and pardon the expression, kiss ass with their superiors. It is a system which completely stifles the individual. While I understand that military disciple requires this to an extent, when the individual is forced to do things against his or her moral code, then it goes too far.

I commend you for your stance on the torture issue. What was your stance with the Bush Administration on the legality of the war? The United Nations Charter (“the supreme law of the land” as stated in the U.S. Constitution) specifically says that Security Council approval must be given before the initiation of the use of force. You were a lawyer, a two star general and the Air Force JAG. What did you do to stop this criminal action before the fact and or protest it after the invasion?

I have my own guilt, born from my participation in the Vietnam experience in which our country’s 30 year involvement resulted in the deaths of an estimated 2-5 million Vietnamese. Of course they are still dying from the effects of Agent Orange. At the ripe age of 20 when I entered the service, I was too intellectually lazy to seek out the truth, accepted what I was told by my elders, both locally and nationally, and blindly marched off to war.

Of course now in my somewhat later years, I am doing what I can to change our criminal government. That in no way though excuses the actions of my youth. Just as I am in the trenches now, your help is needed. I suggest you log onto Veterans For Peace and Vietnam Veterans Against the War

The peace movement needs high ranking former officers to stand with the enlisted men and women. Especially needed is help in pushing for impeachment. There will be no justice in the world without it. I am interested in your opinion on the legal case for impeachment.
Also go to to read and research more on impeachment.

I wish you well in your civilian life. If you choose to waste your efforts on anything other than a peace agenda and holding the Administration accountable for its actions, you are missing the one opportunity to atone for your military career in which our military has participated in illegal wars from Vietnam to Central America to Iraq and probably soon Iran.

Nick Egnatz
Munster, Indiana
Veterans For Peace
Vietnam Veterans Against the War

I know and trust Karen Bradley. This is a story that she has discussed with me many times and expressed such anguish over having to sit on her hands and not yet stand to fight for justice on behalf of Tom Fiscus. She has honored his requests to remain silent until he was ready to fight. I'm glad that the time has now come for him to stand tall against bogus accusations and half truths (if there was that much truth involved). Whistle-blowers are true patriots and proof that there are honest Americans working within the system, and one of our best hopes for real change...rEvolution with the emphasis on the Evolution.
As far as immediate action, Oregon residents can be the most effective. Oregonians need to call, write, email and fax their legislators and request that a formal congressional inquiry be started on this matter on behalf of their fellow Oregonian. Also, Oregon press would be shirking their duty to America if they continue to ignore the story. The National Press has an excuse to ignore it if local press is afraid to do the story. Grassroots pressure on press and legislators. Speak up Oregon!
Congressional Switchboard (202)224-3121.
In Peace and Solidarity,
Lori Perdue

From Fiscus' website:

"As you know, at this time official Pentagon spokesmen had given
completely false assurances to the contrary. The political appointees were described as being in a
"state of rage," and were described as having taken a decision to figure out who "had gone to
McCain and Graham and turned them." A decision had been taken that this person, once identified,
would "not merely be dismissed" but would be "totally humiliated and destroyed"


" It subsequently has become completely clear to me that you were the individual who was identified
and targeted by political operatives in the OSD in June 2004."

A lot of people are reluctant to believe a Shadow Government fully operates in this country, and then you get to peek into the shadows and see for yourself. Why aren't there more whistleblowers? Probably a 1/3 are bribed for their silence. Another 1/3 are threatened for anything but their silence. The remaining 1/3 are kept in the dark (compartmentalized) about their valuable "1st-person insights". "Divide and Conquer" against the truth coming out... the Rovian signature of the 4th Reich right here in our homeland operating out of the classified compartments of the DOD!

This is why we need a 100% ethical Executive, Commander in Chief in the White House... Nothing but Fearless Pursuit of Truth will prevail!

Tom is a hero, and I hope Congress takes his sworn testimony before the next War Crime is pulled from the sleeve of PNAC Inc.,.


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