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Do you readers, know who has all the real power in this nation?

And I'm talking outside the organized political parties that lead their members around by their noses; steer them where they want them to go; get them to vote for the people chosen by elitists at the top echelons of the political party organizations.

I do. You do. We do. All of us out here thoughout this nation have the real power to dictate policies in economics, consumer responses, the workplace, politics, etc. etc..

You know why "we" aren't getting anywhere with the power we have?

Because "we" common citizens are about as organized as a Chinese Fire-drill and follow people we consider our betters and smarter than ourselves like little tail wagging puppies or worse...follow like contented sheep grazing in a pasture that leads to a fleecing shed.

President george w numbnuts said, "Go shopping!" And what did the U S Citizenry do? They went shopping and still are shopping.

The congress, democrats and republicans alike voted on and passed The Patriot Act. I never heard one person say "WHOA! Wait just a darned minute there congress. Let us already patriot citizens read this Act before you force us to live under it."

Have any of us formed even a small citizens group and went to a single local congressman's office to say "Do something about the domestic oil company's gas pump price outrage; tell them that they have to take a few notches up in their profits belts for a change instead of the consumers eating all the bullets."

Has this been done? No it has not...all we do is sit around and bitch and moan a little louder every time the pump prices go up again and again and again; when we could if we would only organize on a national basis stop them ALL dead in their tracks
by buying only one brand of gas for a month, refuse to go to work, refuse to shop for anything but the things absolutely necessary to live, refuse to pay our utility bills, refuse to pay credit card bills...what could they do? Forclose on everyone's home? Fire every worker? Put everybody in jail for refusing to pay their bills and credit card bills etc.?

What do you think would happen if all over this nation no one shopped at Wal Mart for 30 days, or Sears, Target, Lowe's, Home Depot and all the other national retail chain stores and bought gas only from Shamrock/Valero?

What do you think would happen if nobody showed up for work at any of the General Electric manufacturing plants, or G M plants, Ford plants? How about every workplace in the U S A growing cobwebs? Think any of these companies could afford to fire all their employees and find other "TRAINED SKILLED" workers to replaced them?

What do you think would happen if every independent trucker or truck driver period just flat refused to go to work and make deliveries for just one week?

Whom does history dictate as being the most effected by a recession or depression...the businesses or the worker/consumer/family? Every time, at least at first, its the worker/consumer/family that suffer first and ultimately the most because the recession/depression is always generated from the top down; the lowest at the bottom first falling and failing under its effects.

It would be ludicrous to think that every big business could be taken down all together all at once.

But with national organization there could be a purposeful reversal of fortune, every business could be brought to its knees one or a few at a time by national worker walkouts, and consumer/family boycot of their products and services.

Would "we" have to make sacrifices? Damned right "we" would; painful but temporary sacrifices would have to be made by all.

You could count on the "BIG BUSINESSES" being boycotted and losing gigabucks in weekly profits screaming to the government for intervention.

But what could the government do?

Sic the military on the citizenry? I dare say not for two reasons. It would be impractical the nation is too big, and it would be illegal because it's not against any national, state, or local law for not going to work, not shopping or buying gas except at specifically chosen places, then switching from week to week or month to month.

Now the questions in your minds are "would all this really do any good" and "would this break any of the businesses."

The answer to the first is yes, and no to the second question.

The idea is not to break businesses outright, but to temporarily limit their outrageously huge profits long enough to where their stockholders step in and say enough is enough and accept the fact that a temporary reversal of profit fortunes can be made permanent if a company should try to hold out for too long and their products or service are boycotted long enough to where a company of any size would collapse and fail.

"Deprivation of profits." What lovely three words.

The first target companies would naturally have to be the largest oil company corporations that were taught, yes I said taught, how to steal and get away with it. Read Ayn Rand's book, "Atlas Shrugged" among other books that were primers to teach how to buy off politicians that could regulate them and learn how to use every available methond to fob consumers blind and get away with it.

And in a capitalistic republic the only thing that surprises me is that this all didn't happen sooner. It was actually already tried in the Antebellum and failed. Read up on "The Carpetbaggers."

Even bush alluded to it aloud when he said..."We are addicted to oil," when what bush should have been saying "Hey you U S Citizen dummies, you're being held HOSTAGE to oil by the BIG OIL COMPANIES," which in fact we are being held hostage, not to the oil itself, but the unregulated, uncontrolled by any government compliance agency entity, pump price dictates demanded by the oil companies. The congress could, but both the democrats and republicans have proven repeatedly they WILL NOT bring the oil producers under regulation and control and it started in 1973 with the first conjured up fictitious socalled energy/oil crisis. There is more NEW oil being discovered and pumped today than ever before all over the globe. The deep oceans oil pools lying dormant for millions of years haven't even been touched yet because of technology limitations for mining those gigantic pools of oil have not yet been solved.

Shut down the biggest five major oil companies through national boycot for one month, and DRIVE ONLY AS A MUST DRIVE OR IN AN EMERGENCY and watch the price at gas and diesel pumps drop like a lead weight; those big five will be begging people to buy their stuff. And then when fuel transport cost goes down so will the retail price of everything else go down or the boycot of all the other type retail store chains continues until they too learn the value of "CITIZEN REFUSAL POWER!!

The beauty of it all is its completely legal...the downside however is that it would take NATIONAL CITIZENS ORGANIZATION to pull of a reversal of fortunes, which I don't think will ever happen as politically divided as it is and as godawful selfish and greedy we have become; not willing to sacrifice a damned thing even if it meant we could whip corporate American into line in less than six months and restore national sanity.

What it boils down to is this. "We" work, live, and consume in this nation and act like that should be our total investment even though the vast majority of U S Citizens get worse off day by day year after year decade after decade while a few in the socalled upper crust 2% get more and more filthy rich.

This nation has taken on the general appearance of being a "FEUDAL STATE" ran by an oligarchy of local feudal lords, with arbitrarily made national parlimentary and king dictates enforced by sheriffs like jolly old England once was, rather than being any form of a modern free citizens republic.

How many of you readers even know that today's U S resident REpublicans are the rebirth of old England's pub owning tax collectors for the king Publicans, and that England was the last outpost of The Roman Empire, an empire who's influence is still alive and here in the United States of America today?

Any and all comments made on this subject, if any comments are made, should be quite interesting.

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The best comment a post can get is no comment at all.

The political party I belong to is the entire body politic of the United States of America and our Constitution that I support without bias that neither states or implies any allegiance with any other socalled organized political party.

Not sure about your non-comment Indy. If I use my experience, I cannot comment on things most dreadful because I am in a sort of shock or disbelief of what I've just read and my commentary would be better sent to my rep or sin. That should reassure folks who do not get comments. Don't know how others work. R.

I stuck my reply in to see if it would draw another reply....casting the waters so to offense intended.

Sometimes truth and facts are awful shocks to the nervous system but need to be said in a public venue.

You said what you read would be better served sent to your rep or sin (luv the sin part) so feel free to copy and paste my post in its entirety and send it to them. I have absolutely nothing to fear from them or anyone else. Shoving something under their noses is the only way anybody in the congress is going to know how the people out here feel, what they think and know. We're not little lost lambs out here, and only if we can't or won't band together will things remain as they are...only if we can and DO band together can any real positive changes be made to begin equalizing things in this nation.

We aren't satisfied with government's and big wig fat cat things as usual, status quo are we? We don't want handouts, leftovers, and bread crumbs dropped in the paths of the 2% of our society while they are driven to the bank in chauffeured limousines do we? That isn't why we work and toil all our lives is it; to be looked upon and treated as second rate subservient citizens beneath "THEIR" dignity; subject to "THEIR" every beck and call. We WERE taught to be hard workers and achievers for ourselves and our children were we not?

So its about damned time we acted like hard worker/achievers, band together and get our just, equal share parts of the American Dreams back.

Revolution, the peaceful reversal of fortune type I mentioned in the post, or any type of revolution that should come, has been forced upon us. Or, we can accept our lot, tuck our tails in, continue do nothing, admit defeat, and let "THEM" and their children and their children's chldren run over us and our children and their children's children in perpetuity. And if this should be what the citizens of the United States want...then I want no part of it and will be happy that I am at the nearer end of life, rather than in the beginning of life in a nation and world where the children will know nothing more than to wipe up the messes and pay all the bills left to them by their oligarchic ruling class masters.

People appear to have thrown up their hands and say "we are powerless," because the government and corporate private sector propaganda machines have repeatedly told the U S Citizenry they are powerless and need "BIG BROTHERS" to protect them from everything from themselves to the mean ole terrorist hiding under our porches...that is they will protect us poor babes in the woods as long as we citizens obey the big brothers every command and not make waves for them. "Go shopping!" and the people went shopping, brainwashed into obeying, just like the people that followed an insane religious trail to Guyana and drank cyanide laced Koolaid when they were ordered to drink by Jim Jones.

You know....what I find even more shocking RainMadeline, is to have the knowledge that some of the least informed people in this nation are the pompous assed hot air blowers we elect to public office...either they're uniformed, or they are liars, or in self denial.

Please feel free to make any comment of any type with your own thoughts and formed opinions...that's why I put the post in there.

The political party I belong to is the entire body politic of the United States of America and our Constitution that I support without bias that neither states or implies any allegiance with any other socalled organized political party.

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