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The Consequences of George Bush's Big Lie!



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Photochop at its worst.

We'd LOVE to provide REAL photographs, but the cops, the soldiers, the secret service, the FBI, the SBI, the DEA, the ATF, FEMA, the ROTC, the KKK, the other "Homeland Security", and the "Black Shirt" corporate mercenaries, I mean "securty guards", keep smashing our damn cameras!!! ;-)

The media sure as hell won't put their little slice of "Roman Lifestyle" on the line for something as insignificant as "THE TRUTH."

So, what's a poor boy/girl to do but create ART? And you know how much a Right Man fascist hates an "artist"!!! Entertainers on the payroll is one thing, but Lovers, Artists, and Fools mean ZERO TOLERANCE!!!! (If we impeach Bush can we listen to the Dixie Chicks and Steve Earle again???? Exactly how many "major awards" did Toby "Toadie" Keith end up getting from the Pentagon/DOD???)

"Hey! think the time is right for a palace revolution
But where I live the game to play is compromise solution
Well, then what can a poor boy do
Except to sing for a rock ’n’ roll band
’cause in sleepy london town
There’s no place for a street fighting man
- Street Fighting Man by The Rolling Stones


Mr. Bush has no problem using the deaths of 9/11 to his political advantage, and consistently uses images of the twin towers coming down. However, those who have died for his 'Noble Cause' are hidden away, brushed under the rug as if they didn't exist. The image above maybe be a fictional representation, but waht would 1900 flag draped coffins look like. Someone should fabricated 1900 coffins, get 1900 American flags, and place them in front of the White House on September 24th. I don't think we are going to be able to wake up Mr. Bush, he couldn't even fire Karl Rove for treason, or Michael Brown for utter incompetence. But, we can wake up this country.

The "powers that be" are just getting warmed up. Let's see if we can add 1 + 2 + 3.

Item 1 - Preventive Nuclear Strike Plans:

A new US defense paper, titled "Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations"and dated March 15, 2005, calls for preventive nuclear strikes against state and non-state adversaries in order to deter them from using weapons of mass destruction and urges US troops to "prepare to use nuclear weapons effectively."

Item 2 - The Iran Trap (aka Middle East II):

The trap has three phases -- the collapse of the European intervention leading to a referral of the Iran matter to the Security Council, the inability of the Security Council to agree upon the imposition of economic sanctions against Iran, and the US confronting the Security Council over its alleged inability to protect American national security interests - lead inevitably toward military confrontation.

As with Iraq earlier, the United States has embraced a position which requires Iran to prove the negative (i.e., demonstrate that it does not have a nuclear weapons program) as opposed to the US and the IAEA proving that one does in fact exist.

Item 3 - The Contextual U.S. Military and Domestic Environment:

The AIPAC/PNAC cabal has now witnessed the limits of U.S. ground force deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq. Conventional forces are stretched thin, recrutiment efforts are falling far short of targets, and the peasants at home are increasingly restless about the death toll among the troops.

On the other hand, all efforts that have been tested for restricting citizen rights and quelling opposition on the home front have been relatively successful. An entire city full of the most likely trouble making class has been brought under control using both the military itself and quasi-military contractors. And a court has now upheld the president's unilateral power to imprison U.S. citizens indefinitely without any recourse whatever under normal constitutional guarantees.

Item the last - The Conclusion:

Well, you add it up and decide for yourself.

Personally I have no difficulty foreseeing mushroom clouds rising in the Middle East, accompanied by military law (or something very close) at home, and followed by WW3 as rival nations see no other way to protect their own interests against U.S. aggression in the region.

Have fun writing letters and playing little political games with the Tweedledum and Tweedledee parties while you still can. For myself, I'm just glad that I'm much closer to the end than the beginning of my life on this planet. Sorry about all this, kids!

Preventive Nuclear Strikes
Scott Ritter: The Iran Trap
Blackwater Mercenaries Deploy in New Orleans
The Death of Liberty

RE: Post by Arvy. Couldn't agree with you more. Personally I looking for property in Costa Rica. I don't think the mushroom clouds will reach that far.

This is why this stuff has to stop. In a way, the hurricane was a blessing, in that, it may have derailed the Bush war machine.

I wouldn't count on it. One of the longer-term solutions to America's problems (assuming it survives) has to be a 100% estate tax.

There was a time when being rich and powerful in America required considerable intelligence and industry to get there in the first place. You might be greedy, unscrupulous, even "evil". But at least you had to be smart enough to see the bigger picture beyond the end of your own nose, if only to be able to profit therefrom.

Not any more. Much of America's "elite" class now derives its wealth and position through inheritance. In consequence, it is clearly showing some of the traits of European "nobility" toward the end of its reign. One must have to go back to some of the inbred imbeciles at the end of long lines of European royal dynasties to find a more clueless, self-deluded figurehead in charge of a national government than George W Bush.

Government just waits for people to die. A bizarre tax structure.

Just a way of saying that we need somehow to put an end to the inheritance of "elite" power without merit.

In about eighty years, the government would own the entire country. Does the name "Soviet Union" ring a bell?

Yeah, I remember them. I'm almost starting to miss their counterbalance in a unipolar world.


Another one down: Mike Brown resigns from FEMA

MSNBC: Mike Brown Resigns

Michael Brown has permanently resigned, and Bush* approvals continue to fall!!!


Force Bush to Resign immediately people, everyone hates him and hes become a casualty to the republicans. Then we only have to deal with Cheney/Hastert. Force him to resign, think about it: We can't impeach him immediately and it will take a while to convict him. We can't go after him either for at least 4 months until washington is cleaned up. Just pressure him to do the right thing and resign....

To save face, I believe Bush would resign. Cheney will never do anything like that but we can boot Bush out of there, and start shaming the R's!!!!

Example of letter you can write: (

"Bush, I don't think you're Hitler or Maria Antoinette.

I think you are just simply a severely misguided man living in his own world. I think that while you have been worse than Nixon, you aren't as evil as Nixon and you have alot of problems.

I think you are a very naive man who tries to please everybody, including your rich friends and ends up doing alot of evil things in the process. I'm sorry George, I just don't think you're cut out for this job.

The one thing you were supposed to be good at, protecting us, has fallen apart. You've been listening to greedy millionaires and not the common man, that's why everyone hates you now. You have too much callous disregard for the disenfranchised, like they're not even part of your world. I believe it was your mother's fault. Whatever the case, to save the humiliation please do the right thing.

Resign immediately from office and go spend time with your family. The Iraq war is a disaster, and the War Criminals like Rumsfeld are going to keep making it worse as your approval ratings and everything else just collapse. We can deal with the criminals, and we won't have to impeach you.

You can get a better plea bargain and not have to spend all that prison time, or go to the ICC like Rumsfeld will have to. All you have to do is give up, and throw in the towel. Show you're a better man than these sick extremist bastards. Resign.

And hey, maybe one day we'll give you an honorary plaque for doing the first good thing you've ever done: Resigning. Remember, america understands.

We just know what's best. When someone is psychologically unfit, or dangerous, its best for them to go away.

That's what happened to Mike Brown, and you're next. Resign and none of us will begin to impeach you. And maybe there's a special prize out there, maybe we'll finally see ariel sharon and saddam hang!

An american"

Doug E.

Sorry cannot agree with your post. To just let him resign is not the way to go.

As Americans we need to show the world that we care about this country and are willing to impeach any president that does not want to play by the rules. These are the rules that are good for ALL Americans, not just the rich. Every time we get a repub in office we see tax breaks for the rich with the stupid "trickle down theory." It has never worked. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and all the spin in the world is not going to change that fact.

And to accomplish impeachment we must throw the repubs out in 2006.

They will still happen and he can still be prosecuted, I'm saying the best route to go force him to resign.

That way his callousness, nor his ignorance won't harm the country any longer. He's been abusing his rights as an employee, america is his boss.

We need to make sure he's fired right away. Impeachments will take too long. And then after all that we've got to kick haster's ass out on high crimes, and begin the trials, its a bloody, ugly process. It will take a while to get washington back together and prosecute the cabal, so let Bush turn in his resignation instead right away.

Doug E.

Visit their website and read their "Statement of Principles". Notice the names at the bottom of that page. You will know most if not all of them. Then go to their "Publications / Reports" page, and read "Rebuilding America's Defenses", written in September 2000 (you'll need a PDF reader). Scroll to page 51 of that report (using the numbers on the actual pages) read the first complete sentence, and ask yourself whether or not there are some very serious questions that Congress should be asking the entire Bush administration.


John Perry

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