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Today Is The Fourth Anniversary Of An Enormous Opportunity


I thought it would be nice to mark today, September 11, 2005, with a short test.

Here's the first question: what is this?

What did you guess? Did you say "That's the last moments of the lives of thousands of people"? Or "That's a hideous act of mass murder"? Or "That's the beginning of a lifetime of suffering for everyone who loved someone who died at the World Trade Center"?

Wrong! The right answer is: that is an ENORMOUS OPPORTUNITY:

...if the collapse of the Soviet Union and 9/11 bookend a major shift in international politics, then this is a period not just of grave danger, but of enormous opportunity. Before the clay is dry again, America and our friends and our allies must move decisively to take advantage of these new opportunities.

—Condoleezza Rice, April 29, 2002

Now here's the second question: what is this?

This question is a little harder. Some people might answer, "That's the grotesque Al Qaeda bombing of a hotel in Mombasa, Kenya in November, 2002." Others might say, "It's the place where terrorists murdered 13 people, including Israeli brothers Noy and Dvir Anter, ages 12 and 13." Or, "That's the place where, CNN reported, 'screaming children covered in blood searched desperately for their parents amid the wreckage.'"

Of course, those are dumb answers. The right answer is: it is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY:

Israeli officials view last week's terrorist attacks against Israeli targets in Kenya, apparently by Al Qaeda or an affiliated group, as reinforcing their argument that Israel and the West are battling a single enemy.

Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, meeting with ministry staff in the aftermath of the Kenya attacks, said that the incidents had presented Israel with a "golden opportunity" to strengthen its strategic ties with the United States and other Western countries.

Now, here's the last question: what is this?

I hope you didn't answer, "That's a young Iraqi girl covered in the blood of her parents, who'd just been killed by U.S. soldiers terrified of car bombers." Or, "Something that every American should be atoning for until the day we die."

Because, again, those answers are stupid! The right answer is, that's a picture of yet another GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY:

Targeting America in Iraq in terms of economy and losses in life is a golden and unique opportunity. Do not waste it only to regret it later.

—Osama bin Laden, December, 2004

Probably my point here is clear. But I will go ahead and spell it out.

For normal people, it's an unmitigated tragedy when their fellow citizens are killed in terrorist attacks or wars. Normal people cry, become afraid, and think of children who now have no parents and parents who now have no children.

For our would-be "leaders," however—in every country—the situation is different. Of course, they pretend to feel the same as normal people. They give teary-eyed speeches about sorrow and suffering.

And yet, behind their tears, there seems to be something else. When they think no one is looking, you glimpse another expression flitting across their face. You think it couldn't be. But—yes, incredibly enough, they're smiling. Because before the bodies are cold, before the mothers have stopped shrieking, our leaders are thinking:


And for them it is. It's an opportunity for them to do whatever they wanted to do before, but couldn't get away with. It's an opportunity for them to smear anyone who criticizes them as disloyal. It's an opportunity for them to become much more powerful than they ever could be in peacetime. Leaders love war. That's why there's so much of it.

It's understandably hard for most people to come to terms with this. It's terrifying to believe your leaders may secretly be, uh, not so sad if you die. But all you have to do is listen to them, and they'll tell you.

Can we change this? Maybe. But the first step in changing reality is facing it, no matter how ugly and frightening it is.

Happy September 11th.

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Nuclear doctrine adds pre-emptive strike
Pentagon revises rules for when to use weapons
Walter Pincus
Washington Post
Sept. 11, 2005 12:00 AM
WASHINGTON - The Pentagon has drafted a revised doctrine for the use of nuclear weapons that envisions commanders requesting presidential approval to pre-empt an attack by a nation or terror group using weapons of mass destruction. The draft also includes the option of using nuclear arms to destroy known enemy stockpiles of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. The document, written by the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs staff but not yet finally approved by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, would update rules and procedures governing use of nuclear weapons to reflect a pre-emption strategy first announced by the Bush White House in December 2002. The strategy was outlined in more detail at the time in classified national security directives. At a White House briefing that year, a spokesman said the United States would "respond with overwhelming force" to the use of weapons of mass destruction against the United States, its forces or allies, and said "all options" would be available to the president. The draft, dated March 15, would provide authoritative guidance for commanders to request presidential approval for using nuclear weapons, and represents the Pentagon's first attempt to revise procedures to reflect the Bush pre-emption doctrine. A previous version, completed in 1995 during the Clinton administration, contains no mention of using nuclear weapons pre-emptively or specifically against WMD threats. Titled "Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations" and written under the direction of Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the draft document is unclassified and available on a Pentagon Web site.
It is expected to be signed within a few weeks by Air Force Lt. Gen. Norton Schwartz, director of the Joint Staff, according to Navy Cmdr. Dawn Cutler, a public-affairs officer in Myers' office. Meanwhile, the draft is going through final coordination with the military services, the combatant commanders, Pentagon legal authorities and Rumsfeld's office, Cutler said in a written statement. A "summary of changes" included in the draft identifies differences from the 1995 doctrine, and says the new document "revises the discussion of nuclear weapons use across the range of military operations."
The first example for potential nuclear weapon use listed in the draft is against an enemy that is using "or intending to use WMD" against U.S. or allied, multinational military forces or civilian populations.,4273,4262511,00.html

The reason? Past terrorist activity by Bin Laden or UNOCAL wanted the pipeline?

And where was the pipeline going? Through Afghanistan, for one

And who did UNOCAL merge with? Why, Chevron of course.

And who's opportunity was it to be on a past board of directors for Chevron?
You guessed it, Condoleeza Rice

And who has been both US Ambassador to Afghanistan and Iraq?
Zalmay Khalilzad (he's also in PNAC)

And who did Zalmay Khalilzad used to consult?
That's right, UNOCAL !

And most importantly, who are our Troops based in Afghanistan dying for ?
America or UNOCAL?
You already know the TRUTH.

Great job connecting the dots for folks!!! Good links!!

I always like the throw in the Opium/Heroin market of Afghanistan as well. When you are a fascist corporate syndicate, you have your "public side" and your "slime world" side.

After all, all those "mobsters" that were created during the 2nd phase of the Eugenics movement, The Eighteenth Amendment, otherwise known as "1920s Prohibition" all went "legit" later on, right? Of course, they brought their Machiavellian/Mafia tactics into the corporate board rooms with them. And markets are markets, money is money, this is "just business", and you play to WIN!!! After all, these rich folks get what they want, or else, right???

"I know a man, he's a powerful man
He's got the people in his power
In the palm of his hand.
He started at the bottom and he worked his way up
Now he's never going to stop
Until he reaches the top.
It's the same old story, it's the same old dream,
It's power man, power man, and all that it can bring."
- Powerman by The Kinks


Go to websites about9/11 and see what everyone is talking about. It's not just opportunities - it's much more. Brad Blog has interesting information too and books by David Griffin. Think about what you see....question your realities.

Go to websites about9/11 and see what everyone is talking about. It's not just opportunities - it's much more. Brad Blog has interesting information too and books by David Griffin. Think about what you see....question your realities.

What is this?

No, not terrified people fleeing for their lives from a devatating tsunami. It's another WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY with GREAT DIVIDENDS.

The tsunami was a wonderful opportunity to show not just the U.S. government, but the heart of the American people, and I think it has paid great dividends for us.

—Condoleezza Rice, in her confirmation hearing, January, 2005

Does anyone have any current information on Philip Berg and W. Rodriguez? The last information directly available from Berg's blog or website was from Madrid, Spain on May 30, 2005, in the middle of a 26 day speaking tour of Europe.

Seems like a long time not to hear anything - I just hope they're OK.

There are two "theater type's" of nuclear weapon's in use today.
The first, and most powerful.
SLBM'S (submarine launched balistic missles) and land (silo) based missle's.. Then still, there are two sub-catigories. These are strategic, intrmediate and long range, mulitiple indipendent reentry vehicle's meanning multiple war head capacity) Smaller yeild warhead's, but one missle carrying 7 warheads. Usually detonated at around a 7000 ft altitude. Used against population centers. For reference, a city the size of chicago could be targeted to receive two mirv,s with 14 detonations spaced apart for maximum destructive ability.(this is an approximation)
The second sub-catigory is larger, higher yeild ,single warhead, ground strike, for use against harden targets, like burried command facilities, to name just one target. Being higher yield, ground detonation, the result is more localized destruction, but more down wind fall out with a longer half life.

The second catigory is theater type, or battle field nuclear weapons. These are small yeild weapons consistant with the size used against Japan. There are a varity of conventional delivery methods. Cruise missile's are the favored. They can be dispatched from naval surface craft, from submarines, from B-1B's,B-52's and land platform's. There are also short range artillary delivery systems. Howitzers shooting nuclear arty rounds out to a twenty to 30 mile range.

The target type would dictate whether the detonation is an air burst for a good static over presure blast effect, against population center's or against troop concentrations, or a ground burst for bunker busting.

Take your pick. whats your pleasure? I humbly submit this post strictly as a guide for those who lack any intimate knowledge. I submit there is probably a little plus or minus to the accuracy level to my old knowledge base of this subject. Things do change.**HUMPHREY**

The "next on w's agenda" is down below. Up here at this position, it will hav no mening till the other post is read first. sorry**HUMPHREY**

Visit their website and read their "Statement of Principles". Notice the names at the bottom of that page. You will know most if not all of them. Then go to their "Publications / Reports" page, and read "Rebuilding America's Defenses", written in September 2000 (you'll need a PDF reader). Scroll to page 51 of that report (using the numbers on the actual pages) read the first complete sentence, and ask yourself whether or not there are some very serious questions that Congress should be asking the entire Bush administration.


John Perry

I thought you might like to check out this source. A retired attorney filed a lawsuit against Bush and Cheney in Reno, NA earlier this year. He has a page that explains how we as citizens can get control of our government.




In the meantime go to



Go to



Law suit against the current American administration alleging that the government has exceeded its constitutional authority by implementing a scheme for global dominance called "Project for the New American Century."

This page will soon become

A lawsuit was filed on January 14, 2005, in the U.S. District Court in Reno, Nevada against President Bush and Vice President Cheney. The lawsuit alleges that both defendants have acted outside the scope of their job description in waging a war against Iraq. The complaint alleges that both defendants and others working within the White House and Defense Department have covertly implemented a white paper called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses

I made numerous copies of the PNAC Document two years ago and handed them out to anyone interested. I have emphasized the "page 51" so many times I get dizzy!
It should be all so clear to anyone who "connects the dots" that this government, pointedly this administration has used the attack on 9-11 as an opportunity to implement PNAC.
Make no mistake, and do not misinterpret my comments: Both the Democrats and the Republicans are ultimately to blame for a oppressive, repressive, oftentimes brutal terristic foreign policy for more tha 100 years, and the sonombulent citizenry (of the world) will pay.


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