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Wolf Blitzer Loses Democratic Debate

By David Swanson

That does it. It's time for the Democratic Party to stage its own debate, ask its own questions, and offer the video to networks as a completed package. Allowing CNN to not just air a debate but to ask the questions proved on Thursday night (even more dramatically than in the past) to be a soul sickening disaster.

A serious debate would begin by asking each candidate (including Mike Gravel, who was locked out of the room) what he or she would do if elected president. Thursday's debate in the opening 30 minutes had me longing for even the level of honesty and substance of the MSNBC debate hosted by Keith Olbermann in Soldier Field some months back, at which Olbermann managed the superhuman feat of asking things like "Would you cancel NAFTA?"

On Thursday Wolf Blitzer devoted the first 20 minutes to goading Clinton and Obama into bashing each other over how they have run their campaigns. Edwards was given a token 60 seconds to join the fight. At 8:18 (the debate began at 8:00 p.m. ET) Biden was permitted to add his two cents. At 8:20, Edwards was asked to bash Clinton from another angle. He took the bait, but then turned to the topic of poverty, in open violation of WB's rules. (Blitzer had announced at the start that candidates would not be permitted to stray from the topics of the questions asked.) At 8:23 Dodd got to speak, still on the debate over the debate. At 8:24 Richardson was allowed to add to the same substance-free topic. He introduced himself to the crowd as a way of registering his disastisfaction with being ignored for 24 minutes.

At 8:26, with Kucinich not having had the opportunity to say one word, CNN asked all the candidates to say whether they would support the Democratic nominee no matter what. They all said yes, except for Kucinich, who took the opportunity to say 10 words, receiving huge applause. His words were: "Only if they oppose war as an instrument of policy." A little vaguely worded, but I don't think that vagueness was Kucinich's intention. I think his intention was to contrast his own position with that of most of the other people on the stage. If he is not nominated, he is not going to be able to support the nominee.

Half an hour into this train wreck, no candidate had had an opportunity to speak to their priorities, but we heard a lot about CNN's. At 8:27 CNN asked Obama about immigration. At 8:29 WB dumbed this down and asked all the candidates for opinions on giving drivers' licenses to undocumented people. At 8:32 Kucinich got a chance to say his 11th word. He shifted the topic to NAFTA and took exception to the stupid question, refusing to answer it, winning loud applause.

Then CNN started asking various candidates about education, and for the first time asked Kucinich a non yes/no question. But instead of sticking with education, the topic of the questions before and after Kucinich's, WB asked Kucinich what he disagrees with labor unions on. Kucinich's answer was good, but not inspired. Maybe after 37 minutes, the Congressman had drifted off into daydreaming.

After education, CNN asked every candidate except Kucinich about Pakistan. At the end of this segment, at 8:52, Kucinich said "Hello? Hello?" But CNN refused to ask him a question.

Next CNN turned to Iraq, and this time Kucinich was included. He said that Congress should cut off the funding [big applause]. Then he answered the Pakistan question that CNN had refused to ask him. Blitzer quickly cut him off.

At 8:58, CNN came back to Kucinich on China trade, and he nailed it. And he criticized Edwards for having voted for normal trade relations with China. Edwards dodged the question. And Edwards criticized NAFTA, although he has made clear he will not end it. WB asked Clinton whether NAFTA was a mistake. She answered by talking about Chinese pet food. He asked again, and Clinton said NAFTA did not deliver on what she had hoped it would do. Dodd criticized Clinton and Obama for supporting the Peruvian trade agreement.

At 9:07 CNN's "clean coal" sponsored debate turned to energy questions. By this point, even Obama was criticizing WB for repeatedly framing questions along the lines of "Assuming we can't find a serious solution, what should we do about ...?" Criticism of WB was becoming the easiest way to garner applause. Richardson also rejected WB's frame and shifted the topic to renewable energy. CNN quickly brought the blather back to nonsense and specifically the topic of Hillary Clinton being a woman.

The second half of the debate included pre-arranged questions from non-CNN employees. The first question came from a 3-tour Iraq veteran and his mother. He said he wanted the troops brought home now and not sent to Iran. She asked what the candidates would do now to prevent an attack on Iran. But CNN only allowed Biden, Clinton, Edwards, and Obama to answer. Clinton talked "carrots and sticks," while the rest of them criticized her vote to name the Quds force "terrorists." But Biden broke from the script in a surprising way.

"If Bush takes the country to war in Iran without an act of Congress," Biden said, "then he should be impeached!" [applause]

Richardson said something useful on the next question: he'd end the occupation by 2010. But Kucinich was not given the opportunity to say he'd end it in 2008.

When WB finally turned to Kucinich, rewording an audience member's question, he said "You were the only one who voted against the PATRIOT Act..."

"That's because I read it," Kucinich interjected to huge applause.

Kucinich nailed the question and turned to the topic of preventing an attack on Iran as well. WB saw what was coming and tried to cut him off, but Kucinich said "Impeach them now!" [huge applause]

Them. He did not say Cheney only.

Kucinich was only permitted to speak that one time during the debate's entire second hour.

A few questions later, Biden got applause for refusing to answer a CNN question and insisting that he would answer the question of the audience member.

Biden also said he had a plan to end the war that could begin the day he becomes president, a promise made by most of the candidates on the stage. If an intelligent moderator were asking the questions at these debates, the fact that the Senate now faces a vote on another $50 billion for the occupation would have come up, and the fact that neither Biden nor Obama nor Clinton nor Dodd is willing to filibuster it would have been brought up. Instead, the entire debate included no mention of Wednesday's vote in the House or the upcoming vote in the Senate. A moderator who loves to catch candidates in even the most trivial contradictions had not one word to say about the topic of funding an occupation they all claim to want to end.

Instead, time was found for an audience member to ask Clinton whether she "prefers diamonds or pearls."

Wolf Blitzer lost this one. The ranks of non-voters probably won.


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support the nominee.

If Kucinich is not nominated I will write him in. I refuse to tow the Democratic line with choices between Clinton and her carrot.

"Regardless, I'll write his name on the ballot but until then, I'll continue to do my best to promote him." says "SandyRN"

That is the essence of voting.

As a voter, you are not party to the competition amoungst the candidates. You are rather a judge of the competition.

You bear a moral obligation to cast your vote for the best candidate in oblivion to the question of who you expect will win.

If you're going to concern yourself with who's going to win, save it for placing a bet; leave it out of ther voting booth!

earlywine and Sandy get, and you?

---The Bikemessenger

I will continue to support and spread the word about Kucinich. I will also write his name in all the way to the end.

CNN is ( has been ) irrelevant. All Power to Indie Media Networks! Join us or get out of the way.

I appreciate being able to get a report on tonight's "debate" as I can't sit and watch any more TV politics and nonsense. Perhaps a national poll should be conducted to expose how the media continues to mislead the American public. We need to hold them accountable, as they are just as guilty as this administration is of wasting time and resources and failing to address the crucial issues that our country is currently facing.
It would take a miracle for Dennis Kucinich to win the Democratic nomination, because most people still don't know who he is. I'm dismayed to hear of how many anti-war activists who won't promote Dennis because "he does not stand a chance". If he does not win, it will only be due to this self-fulfilling prophecy. In that case,we'll have no one else to blame but ourselves and we deserve to get more of the same (with a different name). Regardless, I'll write his name on the ballot but until then, I'll continue to do my best to promote him.

This whole situation is so media driven. If people would wise up and recognize that Kucinich has the support of enough people in spite of the shabby treatment in the media, I think he could win big, judging from the DFA poll done recently.

Blitzer's moderating was a joke, a farce, and utterly pathetic. what happened to permitting a set chunk of time for response and rebuttal? why did the selection which candidate gfot to speak depend on his whim? why did candidates get to speak based purely on the fact that someone mentiobned them? why did clinton get 20 minutes to talk about being a woman, but Biden had to fight at one point to get 30 second by Pakistan? (by audibly saying "Wolf, 30 seconds?")I have never seen a worse, more inept more tepid and ridiculous performance by a moderator. Next time, make sure each candidate gets their chance, and all get equal airtime; not the benefit of the whims of wolf.

'"Only if they oppose war as an instrument of policy." A little vaguely worded'

Great play-by-play, David. But there's nothing "vague" about opposing war as an instrument of policy.

To the contrary, a free and just nation engages in war EXCLUSIVELY from a reactionary position; id est, no war is EVER waged, save in response to attack.

As a legitimate government draws it's power from the consent of the governed, it receives delegation of the individual right of self-defense [2nd Amendment; in spirit, at least, if not in wording].

And the only valid policy is free, unrestricted economic and cultural exchange. As the Founding Fathers admonished, no entangling alliances.

If American style "freedom" and "democracy" are such hot stuff, then we ought to be able to sell it to the rest of humanity on the level playing field of discourse and mutually voluntary exchange of material values, i.e., products and services.

Rather than stuffing it down their individual throats by military force; the bush/Cheney neocon approach.

bush/Cheney treason thus virtually bleeds down to the metaphysical level, exposing their true estimation of the validity of American socio-political norms. Freedom doesn't work for them; application of force is the first and only viable option.

Too bad we'll never get to execute them for that; the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis takes presidence.

Ron has gotten it all along.

Good to see Dennis get it too.

---The Bikemessenger

BikeMessenger, you seem to have "gotten it" about Peace and individual liberties, but Ron Paul hasn't gotten squat about them.

First and foremost, he continues to fail to take the best step to restoring either one: filing for impeachment of the Chief Executives (whether by signing onto H.Res 333 or drafting his own, today). And this despite earlier having spoken out in favor of impeachment!

There is a word for this. It is often called "politics as usual" or "political opportunism". It is also properly called exploitation or BEING A FUCKING LIAR!

Which brings us to the SECOND THING WRONG with Ron Paul: HE IS A REPUBLICAN. He was a Libertarian, but switched to Republican - A MOVE IN THE WRONG DIRECTION, any way you slice it. Except, again, for the basest purely practical reasons of advantage and reward. While the Republican Party may not have invented lying, ever since the Eisenhower Administration - that's over 50 years now - they have consistently held First Prize for it, in American Politics. And not just any lies, but the REALLY BIG, HITLERIAN-TYPE LIES:

- Supporting the Troops means Supporting the WAR
(And I'm talking about the Vietnam War, for starters)

- Withdrawal from Vietnam (and now Iraq) means WWIII

- We are for Smaller Government and will get Government Off The Backs of the People
(for "the People" read: Only Rich Corporations - while we run up record federal deficits and the GREATEST GOVERNMENT EXPANSION since WWII!)

- Soviet Union is an Evil Empire
(look in the fucking mirror! Gorbachev was more like Thomas Jefferson than anyone in the entire Republican Party)

- Global Warming is a Myth
(This started all the way back with Ronald Reagan, who said decaying vegetation was causing atmospheric pollution; meanwhile record hurricanes, record heat, record polar melting, record drought and record-setting fires have all been observed)

- We will create a Kinder, Gentler Nation; We believe in The Sanctity of Life
(by cutting social programs, invading Grenada and then Panama, suckering Iraq into a war, and for 50 years secretly engineering an American Holocaust; with dictatorships and death squads all over South/Central America, SouthEast Asia and the Middle East)

- We are Strong of Defense; we Fight for Freedom
(WRONG - you are strong on MILITARY SPENDING, meanwhile you ALLOWED 9/11 TO SUCCEED; deny reproductive freedom for women; deny sexual freedom for gays; deny religious freedom for non-Christians - especially Muslims - and deny intellectual freedom for virtually everyone!)

And THIS IS THE FUCKING PARTY FOR WHICH RON PAUL ABANDONED THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY, IN ORDER TO JOIN! Pure political strategy - pure Machiavellian bullshit. Just like this latest announcement that he's raised a "record amount of campaign money in one day"! Just what kind of fucking assholes is he trying to appeal to, anyway?

I got excited when I heard Ron Paul talk about impeachment - but that was months ago and he hasn't done dick. Talk is fucking cheap - and his fifteen minutes of talking are up.

If Ron Paul wants to do the right thing he can defect again, and become Dennis Kucinich' Vice Presidential running mate. Certainly Kucinich has already shown far more leadership on all the important matters than Paul, hands down.

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

In response to:


- Supporting the Troops means Supporting the WAR
(And I'm talking about the Vietnam War, for starters)"
- Withdrawal from Vietnam (and now Iraq) means WWIII

--Wait a minute, who started the Vietnam War? Be honest with yourself. It was not Republicans. Republicans campaigned in 1968 to withdraw from Vietnam, they won in a landslide, they immediately began troop reductions, the antiwar public turned on them only because they felt the US was not withdrawing fast enough for them. Look up history and stop spouting the lies, mister.

- We are for Smaller Government and will get Government Off The Backs of the People
(for "the People" read: Only Rich Corporations - while we run up record federal deficits and the GREATEST GOVERNMENT EXPANSION since WWII!)

--Like we all trust Democrats to be for smaller government. You are the spouter of Hitlerian lies, look in the mirror yourself. Oh, and the "Rich Corporations" all seem to be run by liberal Democrats with social agendas, not by everyday people.

- Soviet Union is an Evil Empire
(look in the fucking mirror! Gorbachev was more like Thomas Jefferson than anyone in the entire Republican Party)

--No, the Soviet Union is a dead Empire. Maybe you pine for it, because the Soviet Constitution does not give citizens the right to defend or protect themselves with the right to keep and bear arms. Sounds like you can hardly live, day after day, with the Constitution of the US that you falsely pretend to love.

- Global Warming is a Myth
(This started all the way back with Ronald Reagan, who said decaying vegetation was causing atmospheric pollution; meanwhile record hurricanes, record heat, record polar melting, record drought and record-setting fires have all been observed)

--Like I said, look at the "Rich Corporations" run by liberal Democrats with social agendas, and that is who is warming the globe. The Democrats have done a better job lately of paying lip service to this very real problem, but that's not saying much...

- We will create a Kinder, Gentler Nation; We believe in The Sanctity of Life
(by cutting social programs, invading Grenada and then Panama, suckering Iraq into a war, and for 50 years secretly engineering an American Holocaust; with dictatorships and death squads all over South/Central America, SouthEast Asia and the Middle East)

--I agree invading Grenada, Panama and Iraq was evil and wrong, just like Clinton bombing Yugoslavia, Sudan, and Haiti was evil and wrong. What is the "American Holocaust"? The last one was 1861-1865, if there were to be another, I can't say whether I mistrust Republicans or Democrats more to be the ones "secretly engineering" it, more likely that any nefarious parties who seriously wanted this, would masquerade themselves by infiltrating BOTH major parties...

- We are Strong of Defense; we Fight for Freedom
(WRONG - you are strong on MILITARY SPENDING, meanwhile you ALLOWED 9/11 TO SUCCEED; deny reproductive freedom for women; deny sexual freedom for gays; deny religious freedom for non-Christians - especially Muslims - and deny intellectual freedom for virtually everyone!)

--gays? LOL That is where you really over-play your hand, my friend... It is Democrats promotion of homosexuality, that is totally 100% responsible for the current G.O.P. nightmare regime we are in now. The lesson, every four years, is starkly, breathtakingly simple, but you won't accept it: AMERICAN VOTERS JUST DO NOT TRUST HOMOSEXUALS TO BE RUNNING THIS COUNTRY. You have learned nothing from this and are doomed to repeat your failure, and for exactly the same reason.

Now here is a much more historically accurate list of what we "owe" the Democratic party for...

1) Slavery

2) Republicans passed the first Civil Rights for blacks under Grant, but Democrats came back and introduced Jim Crow laws and the Ku Klux Klan

4) As Jim Crow laws became increasingly untenable in the 20th century, Republicans ended segregation with military force at Little Rock, but Democrats put on a new face and introduced a new form of slavery, welfare dependence, riots against LBJ's hypocritical policies in every ghetto, yes, every ghetto

5) Vietnam, again, cute of you to pin this on Republicans, but some of us are paying attention

6) In the 1990s Democrats came up with a real winner, which is why they are now known as "the Gay Party" or "the party of gays"... heh!

Grab me the smelling salts too...Matty makes COMPLETE FUCKING COMMON SENSE!

ok, maybe not "totally agree" , there is his sanitized version of abortion-on-demand verbiage such as " reproductive freedom " , but that's for another day on another topic's forum ;)

If it tastes a little funny, that's because I just pulled it out of my...

Also Yank, I know you are secretly yet completely and hopelessly in love with me. Now you don't have to worry about admitting that, either! LOL

Seriously though, thank you for agreeing with "complete fucking common sense".

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

were actually just professing they were 'in like' , I guess I should take that as a compliment ? EWWWW!

peace, yankhandenuf :o)

(Yep, you're a hottie - I just know you are.) LOL


-Matty in Florida


Just a few points I disagree with on your post.

1. RP was a Republican his entire career until the 1988 election and he switched to the Libertarian party for that election and that election alone. He was a Republican before the election and was immediately after. He did not switch because of "pure political strategy - pure Machiavellian bullshit."

2. In regards to Vietnam, it was a Democrat (LBJ) not a Republican that got us into that war and both parties share a great deal of the blame for what a debacle that war was.

3. RP believes the acts of Bush/Cheney are worth investigating for impeachment, which is supposed to be done in committee. After the investigation then it would be time to take action on impeachment.

4. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are on the same side on the war issue. These two have done more than any other candidate to bring the abuses of Bush/Cheney to light and both advocate the end of this senseless war. I do not think it was right of you to attack RP solely because of his party, especially when him and Kucinich hold each other in high regard.

I am a Republican and a RP supporter but it will take both parties working together to end the war. I respect and appreciate what you guys are doing with Kucinich on the Democrat side and if you can think of some way to work together on this I'm all for it.

Kucinich doesn't have a chance. Most people only see two partys- Republican and dems. Someday it'll be diferent, but not in `08.
Ron paul was smart to run as a republican. He might have a shot now. And you are wrong about that supporting the troops is the same as supporting the war. You should know that better than anyone? You did say semper fi at the end of your opinion, so hopefully you are a marine and not just using that.

That was quite a rant, that... really didn't make any sense.

Calling Ron Paul a liar is foolish. Check his principles against his voting record.

I kindof understand where you were going with all the rants about what Republicans stand for, and that Ron "defected" to this party. But he doesn't stand for any single one of those bullet points, and votes against them. We could go through this issue by issue if you want, but it's easier to check his voting record.

Why leave the Liberarian party for the Republicans? Easy, so he has a chance at getting in the debates and being heard.

My favorite part about Paul is that is principles are not for sale to lobbyists, much like Kucinich.

I agree that he should sign on to H.Res333. And I think Paul / Kucinich would kick ass.

This debate was painful. WTF was up with the question about "Do you support NAFTA? It was really sad to watch WB squirm around with such bland questions, but i did enjoy watching the candidates rip on him for being a shmuck.

As they do all primary debates. And a joint Republican/Democratic Panel runs the general election debates. These debates are worthless because the parties are involved. In 1988 the League of Women Voters, who ran the televised debates to that point, withdrew from running the debates with this press release:

"The League of Women Voters is withdrawing sponsorship of the presidential debates ... because the demands of the two campaign organizations would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter. It has become clear to us that the candidates' organizations aim to add debates to their list of campaign-trail charades devoid of substance, spontaneity and answers to tough questions. The League has no intention of becoming an accessory to the hoodwinking of the American public."

The two parties presented the 1988 debates and have done so every election cycle since. The commission has been headed since its inception by former chairs of the Republican and Democratic parties.

Full detail here:

We have the world run by a media circus and a few crooks! Last night’s “debate” was a debacle! Issues included diamonds or pearls, and the last on covered UFO’s and Halloween costumes? Please, grow up, get a grip and let’s address some real issues there are enough of them to go around.

My outrage is not so much at a pathetic little man we call our president (although I must admit I found his recent reference to World War III abhorrent! -and maybe just a few other things). It is not at the ridiculous money race for the person who will fill his shoes. It is however at the American public in general for being so passive and seemingly content with the senseless death of fellow humans, the greed that drives it, the dishonesty that surrounds it all. It is at the media in general who so irresponsibly drive this insanity. This media was a disgrace at the last two democratic “debates”.

It is about our buying in to this reign of terror and cult of fear. and what we are doing to our planet and the people trying to survive on it; our giving control to these power mongers.

When I say I am against the war it does not in any way mean I don’t support our troops. My heart aches for those men and women (so many just children themselves) caught in this war machine. I have talked with many who are serving or have served. Some really believe in what they are doing. Others see it very differently now that they are there. In either case I totally respect and support those who are the pawns in this stinking game. It is the ones orchestrating and profiting from this mess that I have no respect for. What lessons we are teaching generations to come!

I see bumper stickers talking about patriotism. It makes me nauseous. It is so much more that waving a flag. How can I love, support and defend a country that has become immoral and perpetrates egregious harm and seems to have no remorse? While I am truly grateful for what the US affords me personally I also see a bigger picture. I see the atrocities committed in the name of what, democracy? Our brand of democracy? I see our super power status flaunted and our “public” mute while the media creates a circus for our entertainment! Why? Are we so beaten that we have become like sheep to the slaughter? Where is our righteous indignation? Have we just become so desensitized to the brutality, lies, greed and power tripping that we are numb to it?

OK it seems we all agree on Kucinich. Now what are you doing to get him out there? Got buttons, caps, T-shirts, and bumper stickers? Written letters to your editor? Carried placards at protests?
The only way to get the result we want is to make our selves heard. Very very loudly. Get busy, get in their faces, get loud. Make up flyers and hand them out. Ask your neighbors and friends, do you know him? As Dennis himself has said, Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Make sure he will be on your states ballot. Write him in if he's not. We have time to make a difference, lets do it.

"...get in their faces, get loud."

That will totally work (end sarcasm), but how about we get informed and rational and start engaging people at every opportunity?

"And I'll know my song well before I start singing."

--Bob Dylan, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

In Virginia and a number of other states, Kucinich may not be put on the primary ballot because of restrictive ballot laws. In VA we need to have 400 valid sigs in each district by Dec. 1 if I am not mistaken. We are using the Unity 08 petition which lists all of the democratic candidates on the same petition. These forms need to be notarized by petition taker and submitted to the dem party pronto. If you are not already helping in VA or your own state, please see set aside some time to do it. Write in if we have to, but I'd prefer him on the ballot. No one really deserves to be on there more, imho. Rules apply. Read the fine script. Make sure signers fill out correctly or sig invalidated. Make sure signer is from district for the correct petition. Is a pain, but until fairer voting laws exist, we have to do it their way. Don't forget that Nader was kept off ballot in 18 states by same. He has a lawsuit against the dems right now for systematic derailing of his petition drive.
Will be collecting sigs for Greens here as well. Open access to the presidency is one my goals. Impeachment another most important goal. Thanks.

Thanks for writing this, I thought I was taking crazy pills when Wolf insisted on up/down answers for the dumbest questions I've ever heard.

Kucinich was great last night. He always has the greatest comments. I'm glad he's running again; if not only for his stance but also his unique insights.

The "diamonds or pearls" question was appalling. It almost seemed as if that final note was a quick pat on the back from the CNN king makers.

This is a shame. We need to take back our culture for the media giants. The debates should be lead by the parties, free of corporate influence. Any media outlet wishing to run the debates should not be allowed to sell advertising, or otherwise profit from the debate.

It is NOT entertainment. It is the serious business of the state.

I can't help but wonder if there was a concerted effort by CNN to actually punish Kucinich for his impeachment efforts. Watching that debate was like punching myself in the face. Knowing fully well that he has, within recent days, brought articles of impeachment against the vice president - which in a sane world would be major news - they completely silenced him. This was particularly infuriating when the question of how preempt war with Iran was brought up, due to the fact that Kucinich brought the articles to preempt war with Iran, and Blitzer not only ignored him, but tried to cut him off when he brought it up later! I wanted to screem.

You endured the whole debate and gave us a good report. I know I would have broken the TV before it was half over. WB is a complete ass----. I was so happy to hear that Dennis will only support a candidate who rejects war as an instrument of policy. I would love to see him run as a third party candidate. I will work for him. To hell with the Democratic Party. They are proving themselves to be absolutely worthless. Nancy Pelosi is horrible. Dennis is the man of the hour. It would be nice if the Dems would take him, but the big boys want Hillary. They plan to ram her down our throats. We're supposed to democratically elect her -- just like we did baby Bush.

I apologize for my less than articulate and angry response.
I spent 15 years as a news editor including 10 years with
CNN. It was bad then and has gone way past the point of absurdity. It is now dangerous and destructive to have the MSM taken seriously by anybody when it comes to the propaganda and black-out
on common-sense (thanks Matty) and reality itself. We could have hearings into the next century and still not cover the CRIMES of this
government. Kucinich is a the calm voice of reason in the eye of
a political debacle that is far more destructive to property, freedom,
and life than even Katrina was. Thanks David for the transcripts.
I enjoyed the responses from Kucinich more than anything in a long time and it was good to hear the audience got it too!
Wolf Blitzer should not be on the air and CNN and all the other
so-called news outlets owe each and every American and Iraqi an apology for the criminal negligence they call reporting. Strong words?
I have not begun to express my contempt for the MSM. Thank you fellow
ADS people and all those who "get it" for making the effort to stop
the madness and give us some hope for America.


I watched every minute of it. This was NOT a debate. A debate has rules. Issues are debated between candidates. Each candidate is heard from. There are rebuttals. The rules of debate are enforced by a moderator. The people observing the debate learn how the candidates stand on particular issues and they can observe how the candidates respond & conduct themselves when challenged. ...... This 'debate' is yet another example of corporate America (which owns ALL of the major U.S. media) thumbing its nose at the American public as they continue to ride the Bush-Reich wave of no ethics and 'above-the-law' arrogance. The TRUE losers in this 'debate' are the people of America. We've already been turned-off by politics. In years gone by, we wouldn't miss a presidential party debate, but now, sadly, people aren't watching. ... and they won't. Corporate America wins again! It pays off for them ... it will cost them less, next time, to 'elect' the candidate of their choice. .... and before too long, there won't be a need for elections. And yet, we have many, many Americans - young and old - who are voicing their opinions & marching in the streets, but their voices are contained by the corporate-owned media. Hundreds of thousands march for peace, but the media reports nearly nothing which leads to a feeling of isolation & helplessness by others. Kucinich is the voice of the people, but he is simply 'dismissed' by the media; he is not even given the courtesy of debate. He is ignored. The ignoring of Dennis Kucinich is the ignoring of the voices, hearts, and souls of the American people. I fear he is our last chance to at least have our voices heard.

I think that it is time to stop watching TV and read newspapers and their interpretations and misinformations, and instead look at legislators records and vote smart. It is also time that people start participating in this democracy (while it is still here!), and CALL (as by using the phone!) their representatives EACH time they have a QUESTION or OBJECTION. Maybe representatives would start thinking then that it actually does matter what they do, and that their connection with constituents does not end the day after the elections. Finding their phones is literary 3 click away. Just type your zip code, and choose a representative to 'harass'.

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