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Some angered with event held at forest preserve

Some angered with event held at forest preserve
By Marni Pyke
Daily Herald Staff Writer
Posted Thursday, September 08, 2005

The DuPage County Forest Preserve District distanced itself Wednesday from an event involving one of the most controversial figures in the anti-war movement held on its property.

“We do not support it,

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Not any more they don't. What Americans have long perceived as their fundamental rights and freedoms, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, came to an abrupt end on Friday. They were declared dead by the U.S. Appeals Court for the fourth circuit.

If that is of any interest to you as a citizen of the "land of the free", read more here.

The rulings of clearly corrupt courts don't alter the Constitution which clearly establishes the right of due process, and is still the highest law of the land. Corrupt Federal courts can, and do, routinely bamboozle the public with corrupt rulings which amount to a change in practice rather than the law. The Feds have long used this tactic to get around the constitution, because people are so ignorant of how the system works. If these rulings aren't properly challenged the Feds will act accordingly. Judicial corruption is a major weapon in the Bush/Cheney war against the Constitution.

If citizens' rights and freedoms can be trampled underfoot as they have been in this case, just repeating over and over that it shouldn't happen that way doesn't alter the realities in the least. Ask the victims of Nazi "justice".

Constitutional protections are being ripped to shreds by the court and all you can say is that it's just a "change in practice rather than the law". Somehow I don't feel much comforted.

What the bloody hell does that mean? It sure looks to me like a US court has "trumped" all the supposed rights of one US citizen. I don't think your personal reassurances that he still has them will make him feel much better about the situation he actually faces.

I was at this Peace Rally in Wheaton,it was great.I made many new friends and hope to meet many more on 9-24-05 in Washington.There were about 300 people at this rally.Everyone was very restrained and courteous.Why is it only Peace speech that must be silenced? There were also people there that were in support of the war,They made sure their voices were heard.We must keep speaking truth to power,if we do not as a civilization we will be lost.We MUST keep talking about all the lies of this government!Remember the lie about the b.j.? That was an impeachable offense,when will we get the satisfaction of an impeachment for lies told to kill thousands and thousands of people in this world because of this administration? It is time for more and more truth speech. I'd like to give a great big Thank You to Jenny and Matt,What a wonderful way to show your patriotism.Thank You for the avenue and sorry for the heat! If Cindy Sheehan and the bus tour hadn't come to Wheaton I would have never heard or known about the 3 cyclists from the Bike For Peace Movement.It was very inspiring on many levels.It was also my first Peace rally,which I guess says alot considering I'm 48 yrs. old.It was also my daughters first and I am honored I got to share this with her.Someday there won't be a need for any more rallys because we will put an end to this war and all others in this I pray to the Almighty Lord!

Canada is looking better all the time.

In the end, not even the power elite will be safe. Hitler exterminated his own Brownshirts before he went to work on the Jews, and Stalin exterminated the Bolshevik heros of the Russian Revolution. Once power is unaccountable, it becomes the possession of the most ruthless. Loyal party membership protected neither the Brownshirts nor the Bolsheviks. And it will not protect Bush’s apologists.

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