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Cheney's own logic FOR impeachment

By Alan MacDonald

All right, let's be fair and apply Cheney's own logic to Kucinich's issue of whether Cheney should be impeached.

It is well known (in fact there is a book about it) that Cheney was the originator and promoter of the Bush doctrine by which the Iraq war was launched --- "The One Percent Doctrine".

According to Cheney's own logic, the 'one percent doctrine' states
that because the outcome would be so terrible, that if there is only a
'one percent chance' that Iraq might plunge the world into nuclear
war--- then preemptive action is required to prevent such a massive
danger to the people of America.

OK, in the manner of the famous "Dirty Harry" movie line, "ask
yourself, punk" is there a 'one percent chance' that Cheney might
cause the launch of a nuclear war on Iran before Jan '09??

As Cheney himself might say (if he were honest), "Well, have you been
counting, punk?" "I don't remember if I have fired 5 wars or six ---
so do you want to try me?"

The bottom line is clearly that there is at least a 'one percent
chance' that Cheney will cause Americans to be involved in a nuclear
war before Jan '09 --- and thus by Cheney's own logic ACTION to
address that risk to the American people must be taken!!


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