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Holding Bush accountable

Editorial: Holding Bush accountable
The Capital Times (Madison, WI)
An editorial
September 9, 2005

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, appropriate attention is being given to the question of whether President Bush and his aides will be held accountable for his plodding and disengaged response to an enormous natural disaster and the chaos that followed.

But as members of Congress return to Washington next week, they must remain conscious that the immediate disaster is not the only one that demands an accounting from this administration.

U.S. Rep. John Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, understands better than most the necessity of maintaining a dual focus on hurricane-related issues and the lingering questions raised by presidential statements and actions before the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

When he appears Saturday at Fighting Bob Fest in Baraboo, the Michigan Democrat will remind Wisconsinites that it is the job of the legislative branch to examine and - where necessary - punish the misdeeds of the executive branch.

For months, Conyers has led efforts to launch a full investigation of the so-called Downing Street memos - notes from a 2002 meeting between U.S. and British intelligence officials that include a top British intelligence officer's observation that "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy" of invading Iraq by U.S. officials.

In Great Britain and much of the rest of the world, the Downing Street memos, which were revealed earlier this year, have been treated as a smoking gun pointing to the very real prospect that members of the Bush administration deliberately misstated intelligence data. In the United States, however, the issues raised by the memos have been given scant attention by media that defer far too much to the president.

In the face of stonewalling by the White House, Conyers and other members of the House have proposed a resolution demanding disclosure of administration documents relating to issues raised by the memo. The resolution has attracted 65 co-sponsors, including three other Bob Fest speakers: Vermont independent Bernie Sanders and Wisconsin Democrats Tammy Baldwin and Gwen Moore.

Notably, a key Republican, Iowa Rep. Jim Leach, recently signed on as a co-sponsor.

That is as it should be. The task of holding the president accountable must be the work not of one individual or one party, but of the legislative branch that the Founding Fathers established to serve as a check and a balance upon executive excess.

Ultimately, however, one member of the legislative branch - John Conyers - has taken the lead. We are proud to welcome him to Wisconsin.


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Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld should be impeached and then arrested.

ATTENTION CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS. We know you know in your heart that what Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have done with Iraq far exceeds the moral AND legal test for impeachment. You must stand up and say so.

You have a duty to the American people, yourself and humanity to GO TO THE MAT on this and to do it now. Shut down the governments business if that's what you have to do to move this forward and pound it into the American mind. Use whatever guerilla parliamentary procedure is available to you. Say and do nothing else until the GOP agrees to investigate what any sane and just mind considers horrific crimes. No legislation, no issue, no job, nothing you can personally gain or lose is more important OR POTENTIALLY MORE EFFECTIVE POLITICALLY than this. Certainly from a practical and moral standpoint nothing is more important than cutting this cancer from our government. Our safety, perhaps even our very survival depends on it.

Mountains of evidence make clear these people have behaved in ways that make them war criminals and traitors. You must stop them before they take us to war again, before they sell out our national security again. It is your right and your duty to stop them. Only you and your fellow elected congressional Democrats can get this done. This is why the people elected you.

Stand shoulder to shoulder, stand tall, get with your fellow elected Democrats down the hall and start saying what you believe. Say it loud, say it together and say it all the time, and you will drag the media and the American mind along. They have committed impeachable offences, they are destroying our national security and our good name, and they are profiting from it. They must be held to account.

I PROMISE YOU, in the end, not only will you know you've done the right thing, but you'll come out on top POLITICALLY. The American people will come to know traitors and criminals in their midst if you show them often enough what they look like. And in the end they will be grateful. America needs some heroes. Will the Democrats step up?

Senator Rockefeller, if you let Pat Roberts go back on his word to investigate the administrations use of intelligence history will never forgive you. History will hunt you down and punish you to the very same degree as those who have committed these despicable acts. Where are you? What could be more important than ensuring our leaders don’t twist intelligence to make fraudulent cases for war? As a member of the United States Senate you have the power to make sure this goes forward. You will have to put it on the line to be sure, but this is the right thing to do. Senator, we beg you, live up to your name. Stand tall in important ways.

Congressman Rangel, that was a very nice press release regarding all the killing in Iraq and when will stop. Thank you for your words. Since you penned them 80 more young, impressionable (presumably disadvantaged) Americans have died in Iraq. These words need to be spoken however they are no longer enough. Our country needs action.

Congressman Waxman, thank you for all your letters, requests, complaints to the administration and the GOP leadership. You have done far more than most. You have shown you know right from wrong. But you have done little else. They are not listening. They don’t care. Your letters have proven to be entirely inadequate.

And Congressman Conyers... along with Congressman Waxman you have said, written, and requested much from and about this administration. You have said a lot of words that needed to be said.

But it is clear we need different words now. We need words like IMPEACHEMENT and ARREST. Words like TREASON and HIGH CRIMES.

We, the American people, need to hear words like SOLD OUT THE SECURITY OF OUR COUNTRY, OF OUR CHILDREN AND OUR LOVED ONES in order to try and COVER UP THEIR FRAUDLENT CASE FOR WAR. They LIED to bring this nation to war. We need to hear these words from you and your fellow congressional Democrats EVERY DAY.

These are simple concepts. And once you push these words and ideas into the American mind the game will be over. Congressional Republicans will then truly fear for their own jobs. And with good reason. YOU WILL COME OUT ON TOP POLITICALLY. In fact, you have the chance to crush the Republican Party. With this war and the way in which we were driven to it you have the great weight of the truth. That truth has the potential to crush the conservative movement.

You all owe your constituents a course of action that is effective. Time is short. Our rate of decay is exponential. We’re losing entire cities at a time. Impeachment was designed to save the nation from just this kind of leadership. It’s time for you to get out there and convince the American people that the case 1) is a slam dunk and 2) the situation is dire.

It is clear the intransigence of this administration and the GOP leadership knows no bounds. And thus it is clear that NOTHING you will do will have any effect at all, short of standing with your fellow Democrats and doing whatever possible to shut-it-all-down until open, good faith, adequately funded and staffed congressional investigations are underway and these ideas are front and center in our media culture. The cold, hard reality will take care of the rest.

America as we know it depends on your actions in the next weeks and months. History has an especially keen eye on these days. May it hold you in high regard. God speed…

Yes it is up to us to make sure this action is taken, no politician will take this action without both our consent, approval, or forceful pressure.

And it is all the way neccesary. Read the "Resolution of Inquiry" topic pinned to the top of this page to see what you can do, and have to do today.

Doug E.

Craig Roberts article tells the truth. This is a right wing column. Read and thank the right!

against humanity. I believe it is in ICC at the Hague.

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